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Planetside 2

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Nobody cares x2, but PS2's Anniversary Stream dropped some really neat stuff!


Most importantly, PS2 is being ported to DX11 and devs are hopeful that it will increase performance considerably! According to their alpha tests it's a 20% increase in frames, but depending how things go it may be even better. The test server may be getting the first "beta" run of DX11 come December at earliest - though it may be a few months until it reaches Live. 


They've also announced Black Ops as a playable faction, and that is currently on the test server in its first iteration! You play as tobors, and the Black Ops faction is sort of an auto-balance. The lowest population faction will get Black Ops players in an effort to even out population and make fights more even without compromising PS2's sandbox gameplay. This feature is slated to be  only for Members unfortunately but for testing purposes it's on the test server for everyone.


Get hype! Or not.

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20 minutes ago, Medic said:

I really like the idea of Black Ops players. Dunno if I could get back into Planetside 2 though.

This is a snip of the Black Ops reveal if you wanna see more of it. It seems interesting.

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