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Took the VP9 out last week to try out a few defensive loads @ 10 Yards. One box on target (25 rounds, many "defense" loadings in pistol calibers are often far over priced, and sold in 25 round boxes instead of the proper 50. :()


I have other, more "scary" looking guns, too. :)





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On 8/26/2016 at 10:24 PM, A 1970 Corvette said:

I just had an unexpected windfall of cash - somewhere around $600.


I'm debating if I should get a CZ75 or not. I can't really think of any other things I'd spend money on other than the occasional draft of Magic and food.


Yes, yes you should get one (of some flavor)


This is an SP-01, of course.


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7 hours ago, Kraszu said:

Neat Jaybee,  any long arms?


Define "long"

This one is pretty short.



And this one is really long.





This one has "issues" :(



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31 minutes ago, A 1970 Corvette said:

I've never seen wood handguards with those kinds of stocks on an AK before.


They're just Bulgarian take-offs... I've got fixed portion, too, but the rear is a folding Magpul Zhukov stock. It's somewhat of a mutt, but thanks to Obama its worth more than my AR, as its a converted Saiga 7.62. The rear sight is a Tech Sights peep. It has a special dust cover, and the rear sight portion replaces the rear part of the recoil spring guide which locks into the rear trunnion. Taking the cover off is a little more of a hassle, but not a big deal so long as you've got a bullet handy. I like the feel of the wood handguard, and also shoved the heat shield from a set of KVAR AKM handguards inside for a little better function, too. It does not have the proper AK-100 series FSB or gas block because I never tracked down the proper parts, because at the time I converted it it wasn't worth it in my opinion... It's sporting a bolt-on handguard retainer for the same reason, as you have to press off both the gas block and FSB in order to affix the proper AKM retainer.


I also kept the Saiga specific mechanical bolt hold open (its that curious metal tab right in front of the grip), because its handy. It's a straight pain in the dick to get back together if you ever pull the FCG out, though. The best method I've found to get it back together involves dental floss, haha. :biggrin:

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1 hour ago, Doopliss2008 said:

FOID got approved


Feels Good Man.

Welcome brother.


Are you gonna buy anything now that you have it, or did you get it for a further down the road purchase?

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Nah it's fine, you just gotta have a controlled drop when you drop your Sig. Totally fine.


Speaking of meme-related news, apparently my birthday AR is a 300BLK rifle. And will be coming in the next week or so.


I'm gonna have to get a .223 upper, I'm too poorfag for this.

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1 hour ago, Kraszu said:

>gonna get a cheap AR

>300 memeout


I guess you are getting memed on and gonna get just regular BCM.

My dad fired a 300BLK at the range and then immediately bought one for me when I specifically asked for a "cheap semiauto, most likely an AR" which was heavily implied to be 5.56.


Such is life.

Edited by A 1970 Corvette

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