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9 hours ago, DualJay said:

tlj spoilers


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the scene where kylo smashes his helmet is literally my favorite scene in all of star wars, and i would have liked the movie because of kylo if rose hadn't ruined it for me


That's the thing. The Kylo being all Sith-y smashing stuff is really cool. Really letting the rage flow.



Also I didn't like Rose either, she just seemed like filler, as was the entirety of the Finn story arc. What annoys me more though was that Finn SHOULD have gone out in a blaze of glory. The whole stupid story between them was that Finn was a coward and in his crowning moment of change and hope, Rose goes all hypocritical and stops him from saving the day.


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On 1/10/2018 at 1:13 PM, Gyokuyoutama said:

Now we can look forward to the Han Solo film.


It's pretty optimistic of you to think there's any reason for anyone to look forward to that.


TLJ something:


The entire sequence on Snoke's ship post-Hyperspace scene is everything that is wrong with TLJ, and that's very impressive.


You follow up the breathtaking effect a scene prior with the Raddus cutting a path through the ship, and the entire Snoke throne room sequence, with dues ex BB-8 piloting a half-functional walker with some horribly conspicuous CGI, Captain Product Pusher being somehow even more absolutely worthless than the first time, and the new baggage getting all sappy while the whole thing happens (though it's impressive I remember her being in that scene at all, seeing as I don't think she did anything, and if she did I totally forgot it).


I like Rose's actor though.



11 hours ago, Gyokuyoutama said:

Place your bets on whether that Star Wars Kinect song will play in the Han Solo movie.


Reported for the bad juju you just brought into this thread.

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