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TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

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3 hours ago, Doopliss2008 said:

From my mechanics experience,  good chunk of the wiring is dead, cooling system is dead, new lines and shit for AC system, maybe some physical engine damage too.


no idea if there is body damage/driveline issues.



I'm shocked that that amount of damage isn't an outright total. In my experience any front-end collisions that touch the engine fuck up a car past the point of no return. A hit that high might mean frame/axles were spared like you suggested, though, so maybe that's why no total.


At any rate, glad you're okay. Solid construction, those, uh... I can't even tell what manufacturer it is, sheesh. Solid construction nonetheless. Sounds like you're in a decently defensible spot, too, so that always helps.

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7 hours ago, Medic said:

I'd say he had a good life, but he spent a large chunk of it completely immobile. Didn't believe in an afterlife either.

Considering they gave him 2 years to live back when he was 21, I'd say he got a pretty good run. He probably would have lived far past the 100s if he didnt had that sickness.

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