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Paero whines about music

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I'm gonna move all music related shit I post here so I don't clutter other places, and so you guys have an easy place to keep up to date on my very important opinions on which music you should and shouldn't like.


im gonna be mad now.

this guy is dumb, fucking #1 shitter. It really annoys me this video is titled "The Worlds Hardest Working DJ" and the first thing they mention is his shit outside music. Steve Aoki is one of the biggest DJs in the world right now and anyone with any even slight knowledge of the dance scene knows how much of a fucking clown he is. His live sets and shit filled with EPIC FUNNY GAGS LIKE THROWING CAKE AT PPL XD, his tracks are lazy and fit right into the electro house/big room formula and it really fucking pisses me off that this guy is the face of DJs nowadays.


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it isnt talented people that get recognized usually, its whatever is the largest appealing to the largest mass group possible

​yeah, I'm not gonna say there's NOTHING good about him. I mean, he produces predictable, same-y tracks that appeal to the mainstream mainstage "lets doo MOLLY XD" EDM fanbase (read: Americans 8^)) and in that aspect he knows what he's doing. Plus he does do a LOT of live performances. Its just everything he does is based on gimmicks, and is only ever average at best.


Plus I'm just generally super mad that he was one of the people that pushed Headhunterz into producing Big Room, who since his move to Big Room has also only produced mediocre tracks.

See: this track


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First quality post here lads. A bit of background.

Faitless were/are a house/trance act, who got really popular in the mid 90's to early 2000's from their tracks having a pretty fucking unique sound to them. I'm almost certain some of you will have heard their track 'Insomnia' or their track 'We Come 1'. And if you've not heard either of those then you'll probably recognize the Tiesto Remix/Monster Mix which is one of the things that pushed the original track to such acclaim.

Well after ceasing production in 2011, they reformed in February this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary. As a part of this they commissioned a whole load of artists to do remixes of their older tracks as part of a compilation album called Faithless 2.0.

One such remix was (again) of their track Insomnia, which they commissioned Avicii of all people to remix. Pretty much the remix is shite. His remix completely wrecks what was good about the original track, relying on the original melody and the vocals and instead giving it this weird ass funk sound to it. Admittedly its a completely different sound to his usual "CHUCK SOME REAL FUCKIN INSPIRATIONAL AND UPLIFTING VOCALS AND A NOICE FUCKIN MELODY IN THERE" stuff that you see on Hey Brother, Wake Me Up and Waiting for Love.

At the same time Armin van Buuren remixed We Come 1 (which hasn't received an official release yet, but can be heard on the latest episode of A State of Trace). It doesn't trump the original by any means, but its still a good remix. I'm not usually a fan of the progressive trance type sound, but I can dig it.

Hell maybe I just don't like Avicii because he always acts so up himself (eg: cancelling tour dates in order to 'grow up') or maybe I'm just sick of him because of how widespread a few of his other tracks became, but he really doesn't seem like the sorta person who DESERVED to remix Insomnia, especially when both Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk are doing remixes on the album as well.

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Dance music that (usually) sits at around 140 beats per minute, almost always has uplifting melodies and often features female vocals. The original mixes (so not remixes or radio edits) are usually pretty long, sitting at 6-10 minutes so that the track can have lengthy buildups, and can bring in different sounds slowly. It has the name 'Trance' because the way its produced in that drawn out fashion, can quite literally put you into a trance (I know it sounds cringey as fuck and really up itself but hey w/e mayng)

You can see pretty much all of this stuff in the track 'The Great Divide' by Velvetine. It's a track that has a lot of buildup, breaks and is pretty damn long. All that stuff culminates at the main climax of the track which happens 5 minutes into the song. It's something you would never see in any other genre, and it's what makes Trance so unique. When it's done well it's fucking amazing.

(PS: If you hadn't guessed this is my favorite Trance track ever, I fucking love everything about it)


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Hardstyle2000 released  what people voted as the best 2000 Hardstyle tracks of all time.


I didn't actually vote in this because I had no idea it was going on, but here are some general thoughts:

#1 - Headhunterz, Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers – Tonight: Extremely surprised that Showtek - FTS didn't get the #1 spot, it gets it in almost every other poll and it's certainly what I would have voted for, that being said this is definitely one of the greatest tracks ever, and totally deserved a high spot (mostly because it was produced in 1 night by the 4 biggest Hardstyle producers of all time).


#2 - B-Front & Frontliner – Magic: I have no clue why this is at the #2 spot though. I fucking love Frontliner and this track is probably one of the earliest examples of the Raw Hardstyle sound you're going to find, but apart from that I don't think there's anything special about it.


#3 - Showtek - FTS:  Not surprised at all, that this is on here.


#4 - Brennan Heart ft. John Mendelsohn – Imaginary: Yeah, that's about where I would place this track too. Easily the most famous Euphoric Hardstyle track of all time, and deservedly so.


#5 - Wasted Penguinz – Melancholia: Wouldn't have placed this anywhere near the top, imo. It's good but it's certainly not the 5th best Hardstyle track ever.


#6 - Headhunterz – Scrap Attack (Defqon.1 2009 Anthem):I would have stuck this track at #2. It's just fucking great and is everything that a Defqon 1 anthem needs to be.


#7 - Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Lose My Mind: This and Imaginary are the two big hitters for the Euphoric sound, I woulda placed it in the Top 10 for sure, but not as high as Imaginary
#8 - Atmozfears ft. David Spekter – Release: This one really throws me off. It's a fucking great track for sure but I have no clue how a 2015 release managed to get its way in here, don't really  feel like it has the prestige that the other tracks do. Maybe in a few years time people will look back and say it's as good as Imaginary, but for now I kinda feel like that it's just hype that got it into the top 10.


#9 - D-Block and S-te-Fan - Music Made Addict: This one I agree with, probably the best DBSTF track ever.


#10 - Headhunterz - The Sacrifice: Yeah, not much to say about this. It's classic Headhunterz so there's barely a thing with it, and is one of the tracks that really put him on the map as the greatest Hardstyle producer of all time.


From about #12 onwards it swiftly goes from being 'I voted for these tracks because they're the quintessential Hardstyle tracks' and turns more into peoples personal opinions. I'm happy Ran-D ft. Skits Vicious - No Guts, No Glory (Defqon.1 Anthem 2015) is where it is, it's probably my favorite Defqon 1 Anthem since Scrap Attack in 2009, and is probably my favorite track of this year.

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