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Benchmark your rig.

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Post bench scores. I upgraded my GPU, I need to do some dickwaving with my midrange at best rig.


RealBench, room temp 27C


Tomb Rider, 1080p, TressFX on


Star Swarm Stress Test, Extreme preset

== Results ================================================
Test Duration:            360 Seconds
Total Frames:            14565

Average FPS:            40.45
Average Unit Count:        4112
Maximum Unit Count:        5430
Average Batches/MS:        813.39
Maximum Batches/MS:        2226.53
Average Batch Count:        20992
Maximum Batch Count:        77194

GRID Autosport, 1080p, Ultra preset



Firestrike as soon as I can download it. OC soon, cooling in mail.

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realbench keeps saying ti doesn't have write access in the directory and i have no idea how to grant it access


running as administrator doesn't change anything

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I'm still not sure if Speccy's just fucking around or not because sometimes it'll go down to 60 without me doing anything before going back to 100. I last checked the temps a few months ago and it was doing the same thing, even gave it a thorough dusting and nothing changed. Either way it doesn't matter since it's getting honorably discharged soon anyway.

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