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Doodles on my mediocre drawing tablet

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15 hours ago, LordAIDS Monkey said:

But where's all the Holly Jolly Christmas drawings?!

I didn't see them on your Christmas list.


Nah, but for real, I thought about it, but decided I'd rather put that time towards things other than the obligatory Christmas drawing. I might do a quick one.

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The first drawing of the new year! Longleaf pines. Really stylized thing. Feat. Cardinal:



And I made a fun alternate version of Lord Valor, the original being up at the top of the page:



Maybe he's imbued with some sort of ancient power or something.



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Something's got her all flustered!



If only everyone would just do as she demands.


Originally I had planned on this to just be a really short simple bit of animation, but it quickly turned into +2 hours. Getting her risen skirt right caused me ENDLESS fuckin grief, you have no idea. It looks really simple just looking at it, right? If only. I'm STILL a little unhappy with how it looks, but it suffices. I just could NOT get it to work as it should.

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S A S S Y Hannah render (with "party dress" alts):







Sure can sense the sass in that smile. You may notice that I referred to her as "Hannah" and not "bitchy girl". That is because I have hence christened her as Hannah. She's a rich bitch and to her your impoverished public educated opinion doesn't matter unless your net worth is over 1 million.


EDIT: I knew something was a bit off! I forgot her slight curvature! Look again, if you did before. Looks much more proper now.

Edited by TheOnlyGuyEver

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