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Pixeljam Studios is making Dino Run 2. Read if that interests you.

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For anyone familiar with Dino Run, you don't need an explanation of what it is. But for anyone who isn't, let me explain with a history lesson.




In 2008, a small indie game group named Pixeljam Studios (currently numbering at 6 people. Half of them full time, half of them part time), founded by Miles Tilmann and Rich Grillotti, released their flash game Dino Run. It was wildly popular (I was able to ask Miles the approximate number of plays across the internet, and he said it was definitely at least 100 million), and while certainly not the first "runner" game to exist, definitely helped popularize the genre There are even knock-off Dino Runs you can find on the app store. It's by far their biggest hit, but was never monetized beyond the mobile version and the updated "DX" version that released a few years ago on Steam. In addition to Dino Run, Pixeljam also has quite a few other games of their own on Steam. Although "Bonbon" and "Rex: Another Island" which both released last month, they did not create themselves; rather they published those two. They also created 8 games for Adult Swim games which you may recognize if you don't recognize Dino Run, and you can find towards the bottom of their website. Pixeljam totals at over 20 games created and released over their 10+ years of making games! Pixeljam has actually existed since 1998, but didn't make games until about 2006.




With the history lesson out the way, let's talk about Dino Run 2. Pixeljam is asking for a grand goal of $75,000 to make the game, and it's planned to be their biggest project ever. Currently, you can donate directly through the sort of "campaign HQ" main website, or support them through their new Patreon. They will be releasing a Kickstarter campaign in January as well (rather than right now, since it's harder to get noticed during the holidays), with an alleged base goal of 10K-20K, and several stretch goals. Any and all money donated directly through the main site, Patreon, or the future Kickstarter, gets added to the grand total visible on the main site. I myself am gonna be making a big boy donation of $100 this week.




If you too want to throw the hardworking boys at Pixeljam a few bucks, whether out of pure philanthropy or because you're familiar with their games, you can find the relevant sites here:


Main site: https://www.pixeljam.com/dinorun/


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pixeljam


(Kickstarter will be linked when created)

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