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Medic's Non-Daily SPUF Writings

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The Phoviverse is basically a stupid fictional universe with a bunch of non-human species. The stories are convoluted, the characters are bat shit insane, the locations are poorly fleshed out and Death has massive tits.


I've been wondering when to post this. I put off posting this last year because 1. I was mostly in a bad mood, and 2. a lot of my current story arcs were all kinda... deep? It was either tantrums between the three main deities, somewhat boring political banter or all the stupid deranged magic stuff that a certain someone was working on.


But now it's the new year and I've tied up most of the loose ends from 2017 and started with some much more down to earth story arcs, featuring nicer characters and shit that's easier to understand. The Happy Cold follows Psiksi, a former super-soldier sort of guy starting a new job as a gladiator fighter, while Gath and Retvik's Mini Adventure is basically me doing something I should have done for the couple ages ago. I also hope to flesh out some more species and locations in the near future.


It's worth mentioning that almost every story occurs on or around the day it was written, unless specified otherwise. So if you really wanted to, you could start on page 40 of my Stories section and read everything in chronological order from there. I wouldn't recommend it though.

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