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I just looked at my phone and realised that if I posted this a few minutes earlier it would be 20:17, so I'm sorry for missing that opportunity. Otherwise I'm a little earlier this year, wanted to finish some great shows from the fall season such as Blend S. Ben pestered me to do this again since he is excited to share, so here I am, with another big jpeg. 


How did we like 2017? Can a year without any Jojo (except for an OVA that I think came out in september?) really be worth looking into? Can any girls be considered 'cute' nowadays when you're probably just going to find out way too late that they have a penis? Most importantly, can anything even come close to Kemono Friends?



Chart Template



So this was my original draft for the chart, but after realising, through some severe cognitive dissonance, that my friends and I watched Your Name a full year after its release, I have had to edit the chart slightly. See below.





Super Hero Academia 2 baby, I don't know how they do it, I don't know exactly what it is but this god damn fucking show, jesus. All the heroes are great, the pacing managed to survive a tournament arc without too much issue, and it looks and sounds consistently incredible. Just that feeling, man, watching these kids do their hero work experience and rooting for them all the way. Yeah, really can't say that much about why I like it other than that it resonates with my unlike nothing else this year.


Saying that, there are some reasons why 2017 feels like a very important year for me in terms of anime. I started watching stuff regularly about 5 years ago, one of the first shows being Bakemonogatari with Wulff. So it feels weird to say that, after 5 years, we've both come full circle and actually finished all of the airing material for the series. Feels like saying goodbye to something. So when I say I was looking forward to watching the third Kizu movie, it was more that I was apprehensive. And in the end it delivered everything I had wanted and more. Managing that climactic final fight scene while keeping the mood so consistent with the rest of the series just felt like it was impossible even as I was seeing and hearing it. Really beautiful. 


Starting off with Winter, I watched a relative fuckload of shows. Some of them I dropped, like Youjo Senki and Akiba's Trip, but I'm glad I stuck with Demi-chan, it actually turned out very cute and pushed itself a little further than I expected with how the characters developed and their powers were detailed. Kemono Friends was something I was watching ironically, I will admit, but it was pleasant enough to make me stick around until the end, which was unexpected and nice. Kobayashi was good but I found myself only really caring about Tohru and Kobayashi herself, and their relationship.
Mother fucking Konosuba, still consistent and hilarious. Gabriel Dropout managed to carry its fairly simple premise of ironically aligned characters through a full cour, and took me back to Yuru Yuri, again, one of the very first shows I watched. So much colour and cuteness, Dogakobo are truly gods of character design.
LWA is Harry Potter but he swaps genders and loses half his braincells. But I love those books, so that's absolutely fine. It nailed that feeling of whimsy and, to my surprise, did its best to carry the quality of the OVAs into a 24 episode season. I love Trigger and this went even above KLK for me. Lovely.


So I watched one thing to the end in Spring at it was BNHA2. I started Re:Creators with a couple of friends but despite finding it OK never felt any drive to pick it up and finish it myself. Same with Eromanga, it was cute enough to look into, and I liked Oreimo, but again, I didn't feel up to it.


I think I watched a season of Teekyuu in Summer? It's like a fever dream, and they all blend together, but I think the alien was still in it, and fuck the alien. It was probably okay. Aho Girl can fuck right off. Kakegurui was good. I mean, it looked good, and it was pretty interesting, but it didn't really do much for me. I think I was expecting Kaiji and it didn't live up to it.
But New Game 2 was incredible. Like, we've gotten past all of these character introductions and suddenly shit starts going down. Watching Aoba's relationship with Yagami throughout this one is magical, the way she is working next to her literal character design idol and facing the reality that she is so far ahead of her in terms of skill, stuff like that. That and the Nene arc made this show really special. Love it.
And then we have Owari Season 2. I felt very similar to how I did watching Kizu watching this, and from the reunion at the start, Koyomi's time spent with his gf and the graduation at the end, it really, really hit home that this was the end. Fortunately it isn't and they're animating even more. Hell yes.


Winter I got to a lot of stuff late, like right now, so I still haven't watched season 2 of Sunshine. I did watch season one finally, and that was better than I expected, so I'll put it there and assume that season 2 is as good. Himouto was as bad as I remember, but the character development feels even worse, and I think everyone in the show is related? Alright. Blend S aside from the meme value was also just fine, I wish they had spent more time with the whole opposite characters dynamic rather than throwing new characters in haphazardly. I even liked the romance part of it to a degree, but it felt cluttered and unfocused. I think if you split up the kooky maid cafe part and the clueless romance part it would be much better, but I'm not sure how that would work.
Osomatsu delivers again. Great first episode, still kind of hit and miss with the skits but the hits are very solid. Not looking forward to any more Iyami episodes that might come up in the second cour.


Akko is still perfect, Araragi is still his same fucked up self (shout out to the first part of the first episode of owari s2) and Kazuma is still Kazuma. Gabriel is a good relatable girl but she is nothing before Nene, who is a great vidya tester and a wonderful programmer. I am so proud of her and wanted to give her a chance over Megumin, who was kinda sparse in season 2, unfortunately.
I like anime openings a lot, look, there's ten of them. And they're all so damn vibrant and nice to look at! And I swear it took me a while before I settled on Konosuba's being the best of them, for real. They doubled down on the idea of telling a story in the opening, and it works so well, the animation and its kinda shittiness really makes the visual comedy impact that much more. The dumb dance, the facial expressions of Darkness hitting the thing and Kazuma falling are all spot on. This is an OP where I saw it for the first time and I was just like...damn. Guess this season's going to be just as good, huh.
Gabriel Dropout's, on the other hand, is very weak visually but is probably my favourite in terms of the song. I love character OPs and this one really takes it that much further. Gabriel's singing tone is just as bored and disinterested as she is, Raphiel forgets the lyrics halfway through and fakes them, and Satania starts the last chorus early. This isn't noticeable in the short episode opening but as far as character OPs go, this one feels as if the characters are absolutely the ones doing the singing.
The Monogatari series is the king of character OPs, and with a new one every arc, it's amazing that they all maintain that level of quality that I worship Shaft for. All of Owari's OPs are great, but as Ben said, Hachikuji's are top tier, and terminal terminal is no exception. Hearing that little 'shitsurei kamimashita' put a big smile on my face.
Kobayashi's looks great! Full of energy and colour and it's bouncy and very fun, same with Blend S, despite being a big meme.
LWA's first opening if full of that whimsical feeling that I was watching it for. I feel like it was lost in the second OP but that's fair enough, the tone of the show had changed a little and it was good that the OP reflected that.
Osomatsu's openings are all funky and have a lot going on in them, and I felt like season 2's first was the best example of that. SO much colour.
Oh and BNHA's first opening was WOAH OH OHHHH OH


On the other hand, endings felt like they didnt have that much attention, which is a shame, because like last year, I love endings that are comfy and the perfect wind down after a good episode. Konosuba's song was better, I felt, but the visuals were mostly just stills of the characters. Kobayashi's was just as fun as the opening, but I just ADORED the second BNHA ending and how it took me completely by surprise with how cool it was. Seeing the characters in this alternate fantasy universe was awesome. They should make a spinoff about that.

Kizu's fucking ending though!!!! Was so not prepared for that. Same with Kemono Friends', to a lesser extent, I did not think anything important was going to happen and then whoops Kaban might be dead. But what the FUCK was going on with the second Gabriel OVA. Where did that come from????? I can't even say if that was a good surprise, it was just so strange to me that they'd go in that direction.


Let me level with you if you've read this far. Let's get right down to it. Look at my display picture: that's Hirasawa Yui, a character who SOME consider to be a bit on the thick (dumb) side, despite her perfect grades and astonishing speed in learning to play an instrument. Characters in anime who are played for laughs because they speak/act a little irrationally, or are endearing because they don't understand things right away, are the ones who are usually cheerful and pleasant, and Yui is no exception. Akko's attitude and determination, despite her mental illness, to become a witch, is admirable. Ignorance truly is bliss.
So when I see they're making a show LITERALLY CALLED 'FOOLISH GIRL' and it is about a dumbass twintail qt, and my friends are like 'hey Alex you'll like this', I'm like, yes, there is a god, this is my show! Finally!
Imagine how I feel when I find the show so unfunny I can't sit through more than one episode. Am I here just to suffer? There is a god out there. And he is cruel beyond my imagination.


I wasn't ready for the funny dog policeman. The Blend S dog and the GabDrop one were both good too.


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This just makes me miss SPUF.


I check back to this thread to see if this derail has further devolved, only to realize that there aren't enough active posters to keep the momentum going.  (And worse, that most of the posters who are active are smart enough to realize what is going down).


Say what you will be about the old days, but there was something immensely satisfying about being able to generate pages of derailed posts by few choice words.


EDIT: And sorry silent, I apparently haven't watched anything that came out past January so I can't really participate in the thread legitimately.

Edited by Gyokuyoutama

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Ok so I'm not as disciplined as the others, so I'm doing what I did last year-my chart includes everything I watched this year, new and old. And I feel like I watched a pretty good amount of anime! It's my second year of really watching a lot of anime and it was rly good. We just finished watching Steins;Gate literally 7 minutes ago, so I think I am ready to post. 


Here is the chart, open in a new tab to view best! I made it too big just like last year. I have a section for best seasonal stuff that was actually new, and then I bisected the year for everything else. The other superlatives are just everything mashed up. I hope u enjoy!




Here is what I watched during the year of 2017 in order!


Monogatari Second Season

BNHA Season 1

Konosuba Season 1

Kill la Kill

Non Non Biyori


Rewatched Hibike! Euphonium season 1 and 2

Konosuba 2


Gunsmith Cats

Little Witch Academia

Teekyuu 9

Your Name

Mob Psycho 100


Lucky Star

Eve no Jikan

Owarimonogatari 2nd season

Kizumonogatari 1-3

Shinsekai Yori

BNHA Season 2



Here are my thoughts!



I do not have the modicum of self-control that Alex up there has. Your Name was the best anime I watched this year and all others. It was just... really fucking good and I'm a sucker for love stories. Say it's overrated and I won't fight you or write an essay because I'm not that kind of person. Kizu was a masterpiece and as Alex said, it was a perfect slice of everything that makes Monogatari great.


Man actually everything except for KLK were things I watched with friends and I think Alex summed things up well for Monogatari so I'm just gonna go on to old anime. 


Konosuba was a really fun show. The first couple of episodes didn't grip me if I remember correctly, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. The later parts of season 1 were really fun, but S2 just blew it out of the water and I blew several gaskets. BNHA is fun shonen and I really love the characters. During the first season I remember smiling from ear to ear and just asking Tobias if he had time for another, I just wanted to keep watching. Season 2 just kept delivering. The only problem I really have with the show is that I find the villains absolutely devoid of interest. Hopefully All for One fixes that in the next seasons. Non Non Biyori was really damn comfy and since we're gonna be watching Clannad next, I know I'm going to need to watch some Repeat to tend to the wounds. Lucky Star was pretty great and still has the grooviest OP, but I found myself losing interest about 75% into each episode, but Lucky Channel and the EDs always brought me back. Mob Psycho 100 was really great, I liked it more than OPM actually. Every character was endearing and engrossing, and I loved the experimental animation and rougher style. Gunsmith Cats was a fun 80's action movie and the detail put into Chicago and the guns was great.


Two of the shows we watched deserve recognition I think: Jikan no Eve (Time of Eve) and Shinsekai Yori (From the New World).


I have Eve as my surprise of the season because of how I discovered it by chance and how much I enjoyed a show I would otherwise have never heard about. It was referenced to in The Talos Principle by an Easter egg, a game that shares many themes with Eve- the philosophical issues with AI sentience, human rights, and what exactly makes a human experience. The quality left a certain something to be desired, but the world felt... real? The slight melancholy of the situation felt real somehow, which added an underlying aura of tragedy to the show. Found it really hard to wait for the next viewing session for some reason. Good show.


Shinsekai Yori was a show that Alex told me directly that he thought I'd like for the world, its mechanics, and how the story revolves around them. And he was right! While the animation quality was probably the lowest of anything I'd watched this year (barring Teekyu maybe?), the system and rules that society followed in Shinsekai Yori were great- there was a concrete way things worked, and the plot lied in how the characters could overcome these problems by discovering ways around these limitations. When the big reveals became clear it turns out both Alex and I were reminded of a certain couple of pieces of fiction which was a fun moment. Also it rly reminded me of The Giver and that book made me really sad in middle school so yeah.


MC of the year was nabbed by Okarin late. Fucking incredible character, I'm happy his suffering is over... right?

Konata was a good girl and the other two continued to deliver. Kizu Araragi was interesting to watch.


I fucking love this frog holy shit. Good character, good person, I love her. Also the rest of the girls.

Shinsekai Yori proceeded to reduce the veracity of my claims that I don't want to kiss old women.


OPs were good! Alex summed up my thoughts on Monogatari's. Owari 2 had the best, but Mob Psycho 100's was the most impressive, even if it's a safe choice. Gunsmith Cats' is really nice, recommended watching. Dreamy Date Drive did really fuckin cool things artwise.


Endings were good but lacking in general. I liked those two artsy ones the most.


I tried watching Tamako Market since I thought the setting would be really fun and would feed my nostalgia of the places I went to in Japan, but the humor and lack of substance didn't do it for me and I had to drop it.


Bonobo culture came out of nowhere?? also the dog was a good boy


Worst folks speak for themselves, but somehow Shining Finger won a little bit of sympathy and I fucking hate Patricia. Other Americans are anatheme to me. Kiroumaru and Tessie were the MVPs for Bro, but Kirou has to take it. Fucking. Legend.


Good year!!!!!


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this took way too long






Oh boy people that aren't me making long blogposts about anime! Guess that means I'll have to step it up.

 I always hate filling out charts like the one above, at least I hate it while I'm in the middle of it, then when I'm done I look at it and think 'Hey, I actually watched all of this last year, cool!' and it feels worth it. Unfortunately I always end up half-way through completing the chart and then I remember that one show I think also deserves a spot somewhere on said chart and I find myself redoing half of it over and again until I suddenly realize that I've been staring at the fucking image for the past hour and then some. 

 2017 was an interesting year of anime for me, mainly because of the same reasons outlined by Silent in his post. The first show he and I sat down and watched together was Bakemonogatari back in 2013 and since then regular anime watching has sort of just been part of our daily lives. I'm glad that we were both ultimately able to keep an interest in the medium, as it was something relatively new for both of us. The average western anime fan stays watching for a period of roughly two years before losing interest and moving on to something else and now Silent and I are closing in on five years of regular viewing. I personally attribute my continued interest in watching anime, at least partially, to Silent. I really like watching anime with friends because it sort of magnifies the experience of watching a good show and patches the experience of watching a really bad show. When you're experiencing something really good, interesting and entertaining with a friend, it's always a good time to discuss it together following a session. When you're experiencing something really bad, uninteresting and boring with a friend, it can be salvaged by just shooting the shit while watching. It has also been fun being there as our little circle of anime-watchers slowly grow over the years, from two people all the way up nine people.

 Thanks for being there!

 With all of that said, I don't think it should come as any surprise to people that my AotY was the Kizumonogatari trilogy. Over a decade in the making and with several release date pushbacks due to delays, finally we got it and it did not disappoint. It was a very different viewing compared to the TV-anime in terms of tone. While it had plenty of comedic beats to diffuse the tension of the story, Kizumonogatari feels a lot more serious or perhaps intense compared to the TV version. This is certainly amplified by the fact that it's animated in a pretty unique way. You can tell it's the same studio that did the TV series and the characters are all recognizable, but the lighting and colour palette are very, very different and lends themselves well to the more 'intense' feeling I described. While the trilogy in its entirety is well-crafted, I have to give a shoutout to the fight between Shinobu and Koyomi in the third movie. That whole scene can only be described as an experience I will not soon forget.

 Turning my attention to the four seasons that comprised the 2017 anime releases, it becomes clear that this year has been pretty good!

 In winter we got the continuation of a show that I very much enjoyed, KonoSuba, which dispelled any doubts I had about whether or not the original season had just been a fluke by Studio Deen. They absolutely nailed all the points that made the first season so enjoyable and I was both pleased and impressed that the second season of KonoSuba ended up being even more hilarious than the first one. The 'Isekai' genre has seen a crazy rise in popularity of the last three years and unfortunately most of it is completely uninspired garbage. KonoSuba takes what has now become a trope and makes fun this uninspired garbage Isekai setting by using well-developed, fun and to an extent hate-able characters interacting with each other as the foundation for a good comedic romp. Of course I can't go on talking about the winter season without mentioning Little Witch Academia, the anticipated TV series from Studio Trigger that enjoyed massive popularity in the west based on the two short-films that came before it. The TV-anime is a direct continuation of the second film and in many ways feels like a throwback to saturday morning cartoons for me. LWA is cute, colourful and fun, making it a great watch when you're looking to unwind after the daily grind. The second half of the TV-anime takes a bit more of a serious turn and actually presents a story that has a villain and a quest that the MC must undertake. The transition from episodic witch antics into a more serious story-telling perspective was a tiny bit jarring to me, but didn't detract from my viewing experience too much. 

 Winter also came with one of the biggest surprises of the year namely Gabriel DropOut. In hindsight I don't know why this show being as enjoyable as it was even came as a surprise to me. I feel like I should know by now that Dogakobo are masters of making slice of life shows entertaining, even for a jaded asshole like myself who has a tendency to dismiss SoL/Moe-centric shows outright. Excellent character design, excellent comedic beats and a great OP made Gabriel DropOut a show I looked forward to watching more of every time we finished a session.

 Spring season was fairly uneventful compared to winter. We were of course blessed with the second season of Boku no Hero Academia and even though it took us a while to get through watching it due to circumstances, it was ultimately an absolutely stellar experience. I like Shounen shows, I like Shounen tropes, I like the idea of the underdog rising to the top and defeating his opposition with the help of his friends, his teachers and a lot of personal growth. I like it when a show lets sidecharacters shine and get development. I like cool fight scenes, I like cool character designs, I like it when the hero is on the edge of losing and then powers up in a really cool way and smashes on through the bad guys. I like it when a show sets up these moments to be as rewarding as possible by having the hero fail time and again before finally letting him win when it really matters. BnHA does all of this and it does it with a GREAT fucking soundtrack to boot.

 Summer came with two anime that I really enjoyed, though I did watch one of them a lot later in the year after it had finished airing. Kakegurui was an anime that I admittedly picked up mostly for its style of animation and character design. I ultimately thought the show was above average in terms of plot and storytelling, but what really elevated the enjoyment for me was the character design. MAPPA made the clearly intentional decision of making the characters as attractive and sexy as possible and would play with juxtaposition in the most intense moments of the show by having these attractive characters show their 'true' faces at the peak of gambling ecstasy. I thought it was very well executed and added a level of enjoyment to an anime that would otherwise not have been too special. We also had New Game!! in the summer... You can tell it's the second season of 'New Game!' by the fact that it has two (2) exclamation marks!! This anime was truly anticipated in our little circle of anime-watchers and practically everyone but me ended up watching it as it aired. I ended up watching it about three months later... And it was good. Very good in fact. Dogakobo (who you'll remember from Gabriel DropOut above) have this uncanny ability to make characters so cute they're almost to die for. I've once heard moe described as a 'boner in your heart' and I think that statement didn't really settle with me until after I finished up New Game!! because that is genuinely how I feel about most of the characters in that show. They're just so totally adorable and I want to hug them. Sometimes I wonder why I'm like this. I feel like I shouldn't be like this. I'm twenty-four years old, I'm currently employed by my government to kill people in case of conflict and yet I find myself sitting in front my laptop with a dumb smile on my face as I watch these small anime girls go through their daily lives of creating video games....

 Finally comes the fall season of 2017 with three shows I watched that I would consider worth talking about. First we have Blend S, which I'm sure everyone recognizes because of it being the literal meme show of the season. It was enjoyable. I wish it had done some things differently, but it was a good watch overall. The OP was super catchy. Second we have Osomatsu-san season 2. It hasn't finished airing yet, but the first half of it came out in fall of 2017 and I watched it. The thing about Osomatsu is that I feel two ways about it. Some of the comedy in that show falls completely flat for me. Some sketches take up half an episode and I'm just not laughing at all. Parts of it is because there is a barrier of entry due to a lot of it being Japanese comedy that references Japanese pop culture that I'm not aware of as a westerner. Another part of it is that humour is subjective, right? But then the other half of the comedy in Osomatsu-san is really genuinely hilarious to me and has me laughing so hard that I feel light-headed. So it's a bit of a weird one for me, but ultimately I think the show is worth watching.

 And last but not least we Net-juu no Susume baby, hellllll yeah! This show flew completely under my fucking radar and the only reason I ended up watching it was because my good friend Marcus (RIP) asked me if I was interested. It turned to be really good! It's a show about a Japanese salary-woman who quits her job after having saved up a boatload of money to live as a NEET for a while and play video games. She loves MMORPGS and that's what she plays. A very basic premise that develops into one of the most heart-warming romances I've seen in a long time. It's cute, it's funny and most importantly THE ROMANCE ACTUALLY FUCKING GOES SOMEWHERE. Sure there are moments where you're teased as a viewer and you sit there exclaiming 'Oh come on, just fucking SAY IT!' but ultimately everyone's feelings do come out into the light and it's really good. I'm not normally a big fan of romance stuff, but the main character is very relatable and the show is only 10 episodes long and easily digestible. If you're ever looking for a feel-good romance show to pick yourself up after a shitty day/week/month/year/life, then I really do recommend Net-juu no Susume... Also fuck the English title for this anime, it doesn't make any fucking sense.

 Wow this sure has been a whole lot of typing and you're doing a whole lot of reading, good job! We're not done yet though.

 My disappointment of the year was without a doubt the remake of Kino's Journey. I fucking loved the original Kino's Journey anime. I thought it was clever and thoughtful and in general just not something you see very much of in anime as a medium. Philosophical undertones, questionable morality and logical absurdities are all present in the original Kino's Journey and it's very interesting to watch the various dilemmas that are presented in the show. So I was fucking READY to watch more Kino in the year of our lord 2017. I never thought we would get any more, but here it was, coming right at us, BOOM! Aaaand it turns out it was mostly just the old anime redone in a new artstyle with a pinch of new content sprinkled in here and there. Such a shame that they couldn't animate any new content really. Also the new artstyle is generic and feels modernized for the sake of it, rather than the people behind it trying to do something interesting and fitting with the setting. Boo.

 I was thinking about going into detail on my favourite characters of the season, along with my favourite OPs and EDs, but I think this is long enough already. I don't think I'll gain much from trying to explain why I personally really enjoyed certain characters or why I preferred certain OPs this year. All I will say though is that this year had a truckload of really great OPs that have all made their way onto my playlist. 

 2017 was a good time, hopefully 2018 will be even better. 



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I have absolutely nothing in common with any of you.







AotY: I raved about this show enough. if there was a book on how to make a show gain Corv's interest it would cite this anime a lot.

Winter: KemoFure competed for AotY but I think that overall HnK slightly edged it out.

Spring: This son of a bitch is punching powetripping student council dykes into falling in love with him, and basically, you are fucking stupid.

Summer: Kuso season. A short won. Enough said.

Fall: SSR is another show that I've wanted to see for a while, thematically. It was almost completely perfect. It looked great, characters were great, the journey was great.

Best Season: I had been slacking this year but Fall got me back in line. Between 12 Taisen, HnK, Inuyashiki, Blend S, it was a fun season.

Summer: Nothing was interesting.

MC: Phos is a great character. Inuyashiki was fun solely for being the purest old man out there.

Girl: This is a dumb category but Serval is what happens if you merged a cat and a ray of sunshine. I don't think it's possible to hate her. Tora gets honorable mention for her random love subplot with Ushi that turned out to be the best thing in that show by far.

OP: I don't really care about OPs that much, but I never skipped HnK's, so that makes it automatically better than every other OP this year.

ED: If I don't care about OPs I really don't care about EDs.

Surprise: KemoFure was a surprise. But it was the most surprise because it exploded at episode 3. Then it kept exploding. For the entirety of the airtime. Tora and Ushi surprised me in Juuni Taisen, an otherwise hilariously bad anime, by being a cute couple of autistic murderers.

Disappointment: Spring had a lot of shows that I watched 8-10 episodes of and never finished. I should clear them out sometime.

Faggot: Fuck this goddamn rabbit. In a show of nonsense asspulls that kill people out of nowhere, this guy had the highest kill count. Fuck him. If it weren't for him, Ushi and Tora might have truly made up.

Worst Girl: This bitch delayed my access to White Camo in PS2 by a whole day. Fuck her. Oh and the other girl is shit too.


I just realized I didn't fill out the overall rating. I'll give it a sugoi/10


Edited by A 1970 Corvette

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3 minutes ago, Huff said:

I actually have some interest in HnK. I saw some of it and the animation actually looks really good and I like Phos' VA. Might give it a go.

Having read the manga and compared to the anime, I daresay that if you aren't the type that screeches at 3DCG (even good 3DCG) the anime's adaption might be better than the manga.

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4 minutes ago, Huff said:

I actually have some interest in HnK.

Same, also really want to watch Girls Last Tour, it looks like it'll have a very neat atmosphere.


10 minutes ago, A 1970 Corvette said:

I have absolutely nothing in common with any of you.

But I love Serval too! Good friend

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3 minutes ago, Silent said:

Same, also really want to watch Girls Last Tour, it looks like it'll have a very neat atmosphere.

It's great. Like, if it weren't for my blatant love of 3DCG and stuff it'd probably be the easy AotY for me. It is definitely worth watching.

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I also somehow forgot that I watched Heaven's Feel Movie 1. Which is strange, considering it was a pretty goddamn big thing when I did it.


If I had a Best Film category it'd go there. Put Medusa in the Best Girl honorabu mention as well.

Edited by A 1970 Corvette

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On 1/21/2018 at 9:27 AM, Wulff said:

The average western anime fan stays watching for a period of roughly two years before losing interest and moving on to something else


I know this is a bit late, but where does this come from?

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14 minutes ago, hugthebed2 said:

I know this is a bit late, but where does this come from?

Seems to be a common thing, it's happened with my friends as well. Maybe there's a more concrete proof but it seems to be true from what I've seen.

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On 1/26/2018 at 9:16 PM, hugthebed2 said:

I know this is a bit late, but where does this come from?


On 1/26/2018 at 9:31 PM, A 1970 Corvette said:

Seems to be a common thing, it's happened with my friends as well. Maybe there's a more concrete proof but it seems to be true from what I've seen.


Unfortunately I don't have the link at hand, but there was a 2013 survey about it that I read. You could argue that it's outdated now, five years later, but I haven't seen any other data on it. I can try digging it up if you'd like.

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