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LordAIDS Grookey

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

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Why hello there SPUFFriends! So, it's been quite a bit since E3 passed, and there wasn't much that really got my attention. Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, was the most interesting thing for me so let's talk about it! During the trailer Nintendo introduced the idea of Echo Fighters (which is just a glorified way of calling someone a clone, right?), and I wanna talk a bit about whom we can expect to have revealed in the coming months! Not only that, but it also might be worth my while to dump a couple of other characters who are definitely gonna be playable in the next game, so without further ado, I present to you good people 20, count 'em 20...! All new characters we can totally expect to see revealed in the next game. I'd say the odds of all 20 making the cut is about a 98% chance, so be prepared as there are definitely gonna be some realie dealie spoilers up ahead. (By spoilers, I mean totally accurate ass-pulls.) And take warning, my friends, for this post contains artwork by yours truly. And before you ask, no, I am not proud of it. So get cozy in your little chair (or wherever you are) and enjoy!


So first let's talk about the Echo Fighters. They seem pretty interesting, I guess. They're clones, but with by using the term "echo" they sound a Hell of a lot more promising! This first list here contains some characters who I think have a real shot at making it into this next game!





Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country)

(Echoing Diddy Kong)

Dixie Kong for Smash Ultimate

Starting off the list of likely Echo Fighters, we have Donkey Kong’s own Dixie Kong! She would, naturally, be an Echo of Diddy Kong because she’s a dumb monkey, just like him! Knowing this, we can expect to see Dixie Kong becoming a top-tier threat with her crazy Hah-Hoo combo game! Dixie Kong has a long history in the Donkey Kong series, and is therefore very worthy of bringing some much needed Donkey Kong love to the series. King K. Rool is also a possibility for a Donkey Kong rep, but he’s totally getting in 100%. So putting him on my list would be a waste of a spot.



Anna (Fire Emblem)

(Echoing Marth)

Anna for Smash Ultimate

I’ve still never gotten around to playing a Fire Emblem game, but it doesn’t take much knowledge to know how great these guys are at finding their way into Smash Bros.. Looking at the evidence, it’s pretty clear we’ll be getting about eleven new Fire Emblem reps, give or take in this next game. The most likely of all, however, is Anna! She’s supposedly made plenty of appearances in Fire Emblem games, and if all goes well, she will make plenty of appearances in future Smash Bros. installments. Like Lucina, she’d be a very uninspired Marth clone, except she’d have a sweet spot on the center of her blade instead of the tip!



Medusa (Kid Icarus)

(Echoing Palutena)

Medusa for Smash Ultimate
One thing I realized in my years of Smash Bros. is that we really need more snakes, because all we have now is Lucas and he’s a total loser, and Solid Snake, but he isn't really a snake. (Yes, I still like snakes!!) It’s clear that Daddy Sakurai is aware of this problem, and thanks to his Kid Icarus bias, the wicked and hideous Medusa seems like a shoe-in for a new Echo Fighter, echoing none other than the previous hottest character, Palutena! She may be an Echo of Palutena, but you can expect to see her leaps and bounds higher than Palutena on the tier list, simply because she is actually capable of fighting, using her snakey hair and stoney stare! Perhaps she could even make use of Palutena’s old custom moves??



Snoopy (The Peanuts)

(Echoing Duck Hunt)

Snoopy for Smash Ultimate

Next up, we have good ol’ Snoopy, Echoing perhaps the most hated character in all of gaming, Duck Hunt! Snoopy will play the role of the dog, while Woodstock will play the role of the duck. As we all know, Snoopy is very beloved character, and has made a few Nintendo appearances such as in Snoopy Tennis, Snoopy Concert, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, and Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular! These gaming hits makes Snoopy a very plausible, if not guaranteed addition! If Snoopy were to become playable, then Duck Hunt’s unique playstyle and development time will certainly not go to waste as it did in Smash 4. No one likes Duck Hunt. But we all like Snoopy, that's for sure!



BB-8 (Star Wars)

(Echoing R.O.B.)

BB-8 for Smash Ultimate

BB-8 is a very special character, and while he doesn’t hold much relevance in Nintendo’s history, BB-8 is the only thing in the new Star Wars movies people can actually agree is good. I mean, just look at him! He’s the cutest little dude I ever laid eyes on! BB-8 is also a good choice for Smash in the fact that he will get the new Star Wars movies some more attention with fans of the character R.O.B., because after the flop that was Han Solo, Star Wars needs all the help it can get… Disney, being the powerhouse it is, is sure to find a way to get BB-8 in Smash Bros as the second advertisement character the franchise has seen! (After Corrin.)



Gru (Despicable Me)

(Echoing Olimar)

Gru for Smash Ultimate

I’ve once said that a Minion was the most likely character for Smash, but with the announcement of Echo Fighters, it became clear to me (and everyone else) that GRU would be a playable character, echoing Olimar! Gru would take the role as Olimar, and would be able to pluck Minions out of the ground and use them for combat! He’d differ a bit from Olimar, however, as he uses his gadgets as a means of attacking rather than Olimar’s wimpy-ass punches and twirls. His Final Smash would be quite similar, as the Minions shall construct a rocket so he can steal the moon! Gru is a totally likely addition, because as I’ve said, Nintendo and Universal are practically best friends now, and we can expect some sweet Nintendo attractions at a Universal Studios near you in the future, as well as some Universal characters in Smash!



Lillie and Nebby (Pokemon)

(Echoing Rosalina and Luma)

Lillie and Nebby for Smash Ultimate

Pokemon Sun and Moon is in real need of some representation, and it would seem that Lillie and Nebby are major players in the story of the game! Lillie may not be a fan of Pokemon battles, but she sure does like to duke it out on the field of Smash Bros.! She would of course take the role of Rosalina, directing her Nebby around as her puppet. I am not at all a fan of Rosalina in terms of character or game design, but I think that this all new Echo Fighter is exactly what I need to become accustomed to Rosalina's playstyle! For her final Smash, Nebby evolves into Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on time of day) who will then vaporize the battlefield with their mighty power!



Sans (Undertale)

(Echoing Ness)

Sans for Smash Ultimate

As we all know, Undertale was pretty big during its glory days, and with a Switch port coming eventually it’s clear as day that somebody from that game will make it into Smash Bros.! And who better to represent the success of Undertale than every kids’ favorite, Sans?! Sans would play as an Echo to Ness, which makes sense because Ness is his true identity! Some of Ness’s magic would be replaced with Skeleton Boney-o Magic, of course, but they’d be basically exactly the same. His final smash would be offering his opponents a great big skele-bear hug, only to DUNK THEM instead.



Putt-Putt (Putt-Putt Series)

(Echoing Bowser Jr.)

Putt-Putt for Smash Ultimate

This is a bit of an oddball choice, but it is my firm belief (also fact) that Putt-Putt and his dog Pep will make a playable appearance! While Putt-Putt never made a real appearance on a Nintendo platform, his friends Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, and Freddi Fish have all made appearances on the Wii! In fact, it’s quite likely we’ll be seeing those three be added as Echo Fighters themselves! (Mario, Fox, and Ridley respectively.) Putt-Putt of course will be the Jr. Clown Car, capable of punching and using wrecking balls (his antenna), while Pep makes use of a hammer to wallop opponents! This Echo Fighter is truly the third-party rep we deserve! He would of course have to receive a redesign so he better fits the animations of the Jr. Clown Car...



Thing 1 and Thing 2 (The Cat in the Hat)

(Echoing Ice Climbers)

Thing One and Two for Smash Ultimate

With these echo reps
you will see something new.
Two things.  Two Fighters.
Thing One and Thing Two!
These Things will not bite you,
they want to have fun.
Then, into Smash Bros.
came Thing Two and Thing One!


These all new fighters will make use of the Ice Climbers’ gimmick, being that they are a wacky tag team. They’ll play just like the Ice Climbers, wielding hammers and smacking ice blocks (fish bowls) your way. However, they come with a unique twist! Things One and Two do the opposite of what you tell them to! So when you try to use a regular Up B / Recovery move, they will do a down aerial instead! They’re a difficult bunch to master, but they’ll be well worth it, as they’ll be top tier for sure!



Next up, we have 10 ALL NEW characters that will probably have playable roles in Smash Ultimate! Sakurai said we shouldn't expect much, but I reckon that he was just trying to lower our expectations so when these characters are revealed, the internet will explode!




Captain Toad (Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker)

Captain Toad for Smash Ultimate

We’ve seen a lot of things in Smash Ultimate, but one thing that HASN’T been spotted was the famed treasure tracker of legend! I know what you’re thinking, Toad got more moves in Peach’s moveset, but Toad isn’t CAPTAIN Toad, now is he? Not to mention that Toad has been a Mario staple since the beginning, making him far more deserving of a Smash slot than, say, Rosalina, Daisy, or Waluigi. Captain Toad has plenty of potential, utilizing the many tools in his pack to annihilate the competition. Despite his inability to jump in his home game, Captain Toad in Smash will bring the hops, because as always, he’s the best.



Viridi (Kid Icarus)

Viridi for Smash Ultimate

The Smash series has plenty of waifus, but there isn’t much to cater to lolifags such as myself! Enter Viridi, who manages to be perfectly legal while at the same time having all the appeal of a child! This isn’t the only reason she’d be in of course, as the combination of a nature based moveset and Sakurai bias is sure to make her a lock for the next game! Her wild variety of attacks would be conjuring up plants and such to do her bidding! Quite interesting, indeed! She could also utilize irritating voice, making her taunts some of the most effective ones in the game for sure. Like Medusa, Viridi could also utilize a couple of Palutena's unused moves. Only due to her smaller stature, a lot of her other moves and hitboxes would need readjustments, making her more unique!



Scout (Team Fortress 2)

Scout for Smash Ultimate

Is it…could it be…TF2’s very own SCOUT!? Why, it is! Now, you may be wondering why Scout would get in over Heavy or Soldier. And the answer to that is quite simple. Scout can double jump, which has always been a Smash Bros. staple! Scout’d have plenty of moveset potential as well, utilizing all of his wacky weapons such as the Force a Nature, the Sandman, and Bonk to combat some of Nintendo’s biggest all-stars! Huhuhu, this is a character I can’t wait to see revealed! For his final smash, he becomes Bonk Boy, which allows him to unleash the ultimate attack! Alts would, of course, allow him to switch between RED and BLU and put on different fan-favorite hats, such as a lime green tossle cap, or a bright pink tossle cap.



Spike (Super Mario Bros.)

Spike for Smash Ultimate

This cute little guy makes it on the  list due to his popularity in recent titles, such as Mario Party and the up and the all new Mario Tennis Aces! With a good balance of speed and power, Spike can easily keep up with the best Smash has to offer. With the ability to spit up a variety of throwable projectiles, he offers a unique zoning game the likes of which this series hasn’t seen! He also isn’t a slouch in close quarters either, capable of wielding large spiky pillars Spike can rack the damage up real quick and KO even quicker! Learn the match-up, 'cause he's gonna become a favorite pick amongst the online crowd for his unrivaled spam game! 



Guzma (Pokemon)

Guzma for Smash Ultimate

Pokemon has always had a new rep added with every Smash game, so it only stands to reason that we’ll be getting a new one this time around too to represent Generation 7. Why Guzma over a popular Pokemon like Decidueye you ask? One: Decidueye is OVERRATED TRASH. Two: Guzma’s the best Pokemon has to offer. With his thuggish brawling combat style, his many Pokemon support options, and the loyal grunts of Team Skull, Guzma has several options to destroy the competition! He’d be able to summon his Pokemon with his special moves, while his standard A attacks would utilize his gangster punches… And if he gets a hold of a Smash Ball…hoo boy, his whole gang’s gonna arrive and mess you up with the ultimate Z-Move!



Kogasa (Touhou Project)

Kogasa for Smash Ultimate

We all know a Touhou character is going to get in with all the new Touhou Switch releases nobody asked for. But with around 200 characters, there’s no telling which one will make it! But I KNOW who’ll make it… It may surprise you, but Kogasa is up and away the most likely, what with her cute design and cute umbrella, both of which are certainly appealing to all audiences! But if she’s not your type, worry not, for alts based on fellow umbrella wielders Yuuka and Yukari exist, as well as some other popular Touhou Picks, such as Minoriko and Parsee! Reimu won’t make it as an alt because she’s way less interesting than all the other characters Touhou has to offer.



Ralph (Wreck-it-Ralph)

Ralph for Smash Ultimate

Here’s a reveal that’s sure to break the Internet! Armed with Sweet Seekers, Cherry Bombs, and his own two fists, Ralph’s got everything he needs to wreck the competition! He can also utilize his best friend, Vanellope Von Shweetz to come to his aid in her kool kandy kart! His reveal trailer will play out something like this…: After another day at the Bad Guy Help Class, Ralph’s good friend Bowser invited him over to play some Smash. While Ralph was ecstatic, his feeble mind couldn’t grasp just what this meant. No longer shall Ralph be held down by his meager arcade game, for he has set his sights higher. Do you know what this means…?



Professor WIllow (Pokemon: GO!)

Professor Willow for Smash Ultimate

With Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! on the horizon, it’s clear that Game Freak intends on milking the everloving shit out of their hit mobile app Pokemon GO! What better way to do so then to squeeze the game’s very own Professor Willow into Smash? While Willow may not have access to conventional Pokemon techniques, he has several Pokeballs that he can throw and curve in a variety of angles for bonus damage! Not only that, once Willow uses his Final Smash, any unfortunate soul caught inside shall be ground up into candy like all those poor Pidgeys. Step aside Ganondorf, there’s a new King of Evil in town!



Godzilla (Godzilla)

Godzilla for Smash Ultimate

With Ridley’s inclusion in Ultimate, one thing is clear: there’s no such thing as ‘too big for Smash!’ So, let’s go with the logical extreme and add film’s biggest star (literally) Godzilla! What Godzilla lacks in speed, he makes up for with pure power! In fact, Godzilla’s mere presence cuts the speed of all fighters, his immense size lagging the game beyond comprehension! With his unique game-breaking abilities, Godzilla’s sure to become a top tier threat, giving plenty of time to react to all of those tryhard speedster characters and destroying them with one mighty blow!



Poochy (Yoshi’s Island)

Poochy for Smash Ultimate

Since the days of Smash’s humble beginnings, people have complained about the lack of representation in their favored franchise. It’s always “Boohoo, Metroid this” or “Wah wah, DK that”, but in the shadows, one has been ignored. That one is none other than Yoshi, who since his original debut in the series remains the only representative for Yoshi’s Island. However, that all changes in Ultimate, with Yoshi’s trusted sidekick Poochy finally joining him in the great battle! Staying faithful to his home series, Poochy is extremely difficult to control, likely getting you killed with his antics. We can all forgive him though, because he’s just so cute. He’d have unique attacks from the Yoshi’s Island series, such as spitting watermelon seeds, fire breath, and turning into a helicopter. Remember…




So that sums up the lists of characters whom I truly believe will make it into the next game. Some may seem a bit unlikely, but as the game promises... EVERYONE'S HERE! Except Waluigi LOL! 

Anywho, normally I save this sort of list stuff for simple status updates, but I felt the need to make this one an actual post so when Putt-Putt's reveal trailer comes out, I can come back here to post, "I TOLD YA' SO!" 


So now's time for a real discussion. Do these characters seem likely? Who do you think will make it into Smash Ultimate? Who do you WANT to appear in Smash Ultimate?

That's all I've got to say for now. Until next time, this is LordAIDS Monkey, signing out!



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1 hour ago, Razputin said:

Wheres my goddamn Goku at Nintendo


Goku won't be playable this time around, but he will make an appearance as an assist trophy (just like Waluigi)! Our anime rep is most likely going to be Cory Baxter Yui from K-On who utilizes all sorts of dangerous guitar beams and her squeaky voice to rock the competition!


20 minutes ago, A 1970 Corvette said:

I'll buy a Switch if the tsundere Medusa gets added.


I'll buy two Switches if Poochy gets added.

Edited by LordAIDS Monkey

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16 hours ago, TheOnlyGuyEver said:

That time of the year again:

Dr. Dolittle seems like he'd be a balancing nightmare, so I don't think he'll make it in. The rest do seem pretty plausible!


16 hours ago, Moby said:

Jokes and memes aside, I would expect someone from Arms.

I'm all for Spring Man getting in, but he's basically de-confirmed as I've heard word that the game's decision making was finalized in 2015, long before Arms's release date in 2017. But he (or some other Arms character) is a shoe-in for DLC! But until then, Medusa and Wreck-it-Ralph will have to do!

Edited by LordAIDS Monkey

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I stood by when you made a poochy reference in thread, but this new avatar is a step too far.


I'll never forget the number of times that bastard left me to die on spikes.

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3 minutes ago, Gyokuyoutama said:

I stood by when you made a poochy reference in thread, but this new avatar is a step too far.


I'll never forget the number of times that bastard left me to die on spikes.


It's okay. You can finally get your long awaited revenge on Poochy as soon December 7, 2018 rolls around.

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1 hour ago, Gyokuyoutama said:

I stood by when you made a poochy reference in thread, but this new avatar is a step too far.


I'll never forget the number of times that bastard left me to die on spikes.

poochy ain't stupid PTSD engaged.

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4 hours ago, Expresate said:

I really like the graph paper. It makes this more professional. 


I know, right?! Just like all the top engineers, I draft all my designs to be of the highest quality! But what if I told you... it gets even more professional?

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Behold! Smash Bros. reveal art for some of the new and upcoming combatants!














Professor WIllow!
















And some love for the anime rep we deserve, let's hear it for Yui!




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4 hours ago, A 1970 Corvette said:

Wait hol up when did Yui get confirmed?????


She's the first and only of the long-awaited anime representatives we're getting. Sorry Goku fans. Of course, this is all just speculation! (But it's totally gonna happen.)

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19 hours ago, A 1970 Corvette said:

I wonder what Yui's moveset is like? It's gotta be unique considering her origins.


Only time will tell... But judging from the totally legit image, we can see that she can utilize amplifiers to create soundwaves that'll rock her opponents! One can only imagine what other wacky stunts she could pull.

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On 6/28/2018 at 1:26 PM, LordAIDS Monkey said:

Check out this exclusive leak.





Oh snap! Could it be the Mad Titan himself? Or is it just another big phony like all those Waluigi reveals?

I maintain that megaman is waluigi in disguise. Blue is close enough to purple. And they both, uh.... errr,, have a face.

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Here I am reviving this dead thread o' mine! Daddy Sakurai has blessed us with five beautiful children! None of them were on my list, (but I totally knew they were getting in anyways...)


Simon seems like a pretty cool dude. I've never played Castlevania, but I know enough to know it's got some sweet tunes, and he's also brought along his DRACULA STAGE BOSS FRIEND!


He also brought along some other loser friend of his who isn't hype in the slightest, to me anyways.


Chrom and Dark Samus were pretty obvious echo fighters. But they're pretty cool I guess.


But none can compare to the FINAL, ULTIMATE REVEAL of our very own, King K. Rool! Do you know what this means?! Finally I can play as a big fat croco-man! By far the best thing to come outta this direct. Except for maaaybe the return of Fountain of Dreams.


Anywho, I'm still waiting with fingers crossed for my Poochy reveal.


Edited by LordAIDS Monkey

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