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*BANG BANG BANG* FBI OPEN UP!(the rainbow six siege thread)

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Solo queuing is shit. Queuing with people is slightly less so.  
Also gives me a chance to find out if anyone else actually plays this tactical waifu hunter game so we can destroy some fucks at Casual.

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1 hour ago, Moby said:

Is this like Counter Strike but you have to pay/grind for each weapon/class?

Sorta like counter strike but with less Russians and better combat
Camping and holding angles is the way of life and the games can get pretty intense especially when it's down to the wire
if you buy the normal version you get all the stock operators and then there's like 20 operators you can grind for if you're interested in their unique gimmicks
but honestly all the stock ops are really good and really they're all you theoretically need, with maybe the exception of Mira
All the guns that come with each class are free tho which makes things easier and replay time on operators last longer
The only real downsides are the sharp learning curve and the club-penguin-esque chat rules that can get you banned for saying mean words

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