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Another year of anime has passed us by and it wouldn't be right if we didn't do a bit of reflection of the year 2018! 
Here's the template for our trusty chart!





I didn't watch very much anime this year, at least not a lot of stuff that aired in 2018. I'm not really why but I felt especially apathetic towards anime these past 12 months. It's not that I've grown to dislike the medium or anything, I just didn't quite have the drive that I feel I've had in previous years and this resulted in a lot of shows I was had initially been wanting to give a try getting completely skipped over and a lot of shows I started watching getting dropped, not necessarily because I disliked them (though a few of them were definitely subpar), but because my motivation to watch was at an all-time low. A moment of silence for the fallen shows of 2018

- Darling in the Franxx
- Mahou Tsukai no Yome
- Overlord II
- Overlord III
- Violet Evergarden
- Takagi-san
- Steins;Gate 0
- Megalo Box

- Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory

- Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
- FLCL: Progressive/Alternative
- Goblin Slayer
- Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
- SSSS. Gridman

These were all shows I wanted to watch, give a try or even started watching but didn't end up finishing. RIP.

Anyway, let's initiate blogging!

My definite anime of the year was 'Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho' or 'A Place Further than the Universe' in English. The show had flown completely under my radar because frankly the premise seemed a bit odd and I had assumed it was just be your typical moe-moe-kyun SoL with some weird gimmick. The gimmick in this case being that the main cast of girls wanted to travel to Antarctica. I eventually decided to give it a watch because a few friends were interested in watching it, namely Huff and Silent and what followed was one of the most fun, heartwarming, meaningful and at times sad and melancholic anime I've ever seen. SoraYori is not your typical moe show, at all. It's a fully fleshed out story with a clear red thread all the way through it. It doesn't drag on with meaningless filler and has a clear beginning and ending. It's cast of characters are all people with their own circumstances and emotions rather than just cardboard anime stereotypes and the climax of SoraYori is actually really emotional, much to my surprise. Without going deep into spoiler territory I whole-heartedly recommend Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, it is one of the few anime I've rated a full 10/10 in the past couple of years.

With that out of the way, I'll briefly summarize a few of the shows I watched and enjoyed this year, though not all of these will be anime that aired in 2018!

Pop Team Epic was a wild ride. I ultimately did enjoy it, though not all of the skits hit their mark, but that's OK. I'd recommend watching it just because of how fucking zaney it is. Boku no Hero Academia continued its golden streak with a third season that delivered as well as I could have hoped for. I'm pretty sure I've been droning on about this show for the past three years so I'll keep it short. The fights are great, the characters are great, the soundtrack is great, the animation is great. Still one of the best shounen anime currently on the market. The ONLY complaint I have about Boku no Hero Academia is that unfortunately its villains don't get the development they deserve in order to really captivate me. Yuru Camp was a very cozy watch. You could tell it was made with the intention of sparking interest in outdoor camping for people in Japan but it didn't go overboard with the infomercial bullshit unlike certain other shows (cough Dagashi Kashi) and overall was just a really cute and warm and comfy little show. Perfect to wind down after a long and stressful day. I can also recommend watching it in bed and falling asleep to it. It's very nice.

Because I have some kind of Stockholm Syndrome I continue to consume Sword Art Online anime as they're released. I've watched all of them, even though I didn't particularly care for the series. Don't ask me why. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online was different though, because this anime was a pure spin-off and did not involve any of the characters from the mainline SAO story, outside of them being casually mentioned in conversation once or twice. Initially I was really happy with how this anime was turning out, because it seemed they were gonna skip over all the stupid 'if you die in game, you die in real life!' bullshit that made the original SAO so fucking tedious to watch. Instead it seemed they were embracing the idea of these characters simply playing a VR MMORPG and that was honestly quite refreshing. UNFORTUNATELY they crawl back to that tired trope about halfway into the anime and somehow it's even dumber this time. The show was still a fun watch overall but the contrived drama that started halfway through definitely cost it some marks. Hanebado! is a sports anime centered around Badminton. A friend asked me on a whim if I wanted to watch it, because both of us have enjoyed sports anime together in the past and neither of us knew what we were getting into. Overall, Hanebado! was... alright. The show has some real fucking nice animation, especially during the Badminton matches but unfortunately the stakes of the show didn't quite match the tone and most of the characters got sidelined to make room for a story arc between mother and daughter that was... Well it was kind of stupid. It had a Danish girl in it though, which came as a surprise to me because Denmark never fucking appears in any kind of media, let alone anime. Overall I'd only recommend it if you really like sports anime or if you really like badminton. Finally we had Zombieland Saga, which was another anime I hadn't intended to watch but decided to join a group of friends in watching. The first three episodes were really, really good. They made some great comedy playing on the zombie gimmick and there were some genuinely great moments and I was laughing my ass off. Unfortunately the show took the direction I had hoped it wouldn't and started becoming more about interpersonal drama between the characters and a lot of the standard tropes that come up in idol anime. It wasn't bad or anything, I just thought it got kind of boring in the second half.


Fate/Extra: Last Encore was a thorough disappointment. I'm a massive fan of the Fate franchise and have consumed most of what there is to consume surrounding it, be it visual novel, anime or video games. It was hard to follow, even for someone like me who's actually played Fate/Extra and I can't imagine anyone unfamiliar with the game/franchise understanding anything of whats going on in this anime. I didn't quite know what to expect going into the anime adaptation of Junji Ito's horror manga work: Ito Junji Collection. I really like Junji Ito's stuff but it didn't translate into animated format unfortunately.

As for anime I watched this year that didn't air in 2018, there were a few. I watched the entirety of Haikyu!, a shounen sports anime about Volleyball. It was fucking great and everything I hope for in my sports anime. I watched Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokyou or 'Girls' Last Tour' in English. It was a really entertaining and slightly bizarre/surreal watch that overall I enjoyed a lot. Had it aired in 2018 it would've definitely made the list somewhere. I finally got around to watching the new Devilman anime, which really surprised me at how interesting and different it was. It pains me to say that it falls apart at the end though. It might be true to the original manga but that didn't make it any less abrupt and poorly executed, which is a real shame because it was super neat up until that last episode. I also watched 'Senjou no Valkyria', which is the anime adaptation of the video game 'Valkyria Chronicles'. I've played and enjoyed the first Valkyria Chronicles video game and the anime does not live up to the game at all. The plot is all jumbled up and fan favourite characters are killed off with no fanfare left right and center. One could argue that it's a better representation of what a war might be like with all the death and destruction, but it completely fails to capture the spirit of the game it's adapting and thus falls completely flat. Would not recommend. Finally I watched Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya (or 'Prillya' in short). This is a spin-off from the mainline Fate series set in an alternate universe where one of the characters from the original Fate story, namely Illyasviel von Einzbern, ends up as a magical girl. This is show is infamous for it's aggressive fanservice of characters that are underaged and in general has a certain notoriety to it. I'll admit right now that I'm completely unfazed by most fanservice in anime. Sure I think some of it is pretty distasteful but if whatever story is surrounding it is good enough, I can deal with it. That's exactly the case with Prillya because behind the relatively uninteresting Slice of Life aspects and the frankly unsavoury fanservice lies a really decent story with some really cool fight scenes that explores a lot of characters from the Fateverse that didn't quite get the attention they deserved in the mainline anime. It's not something I would recommend if you are new to anime as a medium or if you're not a devoted fan of the Fate franchise, but I was genuinely surprised at how good the show was when it got serious.

And that's it! That's been my anime year of 2018 in review. If you made it through my blog, good job! Thanks for reading!


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I might do this, but only as a "best of what I watched." That would include three shows form 2018 I think?


Patlabor anime of the year though.

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fuck yeah! another year, another oversized image! I went easy on memes this year since I actually took it halfway seriously.






Here's what I watched in 2018:


New Stuff:

Yuru Camp

Mitsuboshi Colors

Pop Team Epic

A Place Further than the Universe


Hisone to Masotan

Cells at Work


Jojo Part 5

Zombieland Saga



Wotaku nio Koi wa Muzukashii

Asobi Asobase


Grand Magus' Bride (might pick back up sometime??)




Clannad Afterstory



K-On! Movie

Sword of the Stranger

Prison School

Girls' Last Tour

Non Non Biyori Repeat

Konosuba OVAs

Cowboy Bebop

Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip OVAs

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

MMO Junkie


Like a few other people here, Sora Yori aka Yorimoi is my AOTY. I think I gushed about this earlier in the year in Anime General, but I'll still ride off of Wulff's reviews. It's an anime original, appeared out of the fucking blue to cinch it as the first airing show of the year, and blew me away. The characters all feel real and are relatable on different levels and their problems feel like yours. You laugh, cry, and learn to grow up alongside these girls. I can see faults and aspects of myself in each of them, so that's probably partly why I love the drama and emotional focus given to them, but they're complex enough that everyone should be able to connect. Speaking of emotions, episode 11, holy shit. One of the biggest emotional payoffs I've received from an anime besides maybe Your Name. But yeah, the music is  incredible and the animation and art are very good as well. Great show, one of my favorite anime of all time. 10/10.


As stated, I think Winter was the strongest season in 2018, a fantastic year in itself. I watched Yorimoi,  Yuru Camp, Pop Team Epic, and... Mitsuboshi colors. It's mostly strong because Yorimoi was killer, Yuru Camp was pretty great (probably my 3rd place for new shows), and Pop Team Epic had some good shit. I think all that needs to be said about Yuru Camp has been said. Comfy and good, the atmosphere is god tier and the fake season 2 announcement was the most hurt I've been this year! The other two shows need a little more said about them.


Pop Team Epic was a fucking meme juggernaut earlier this year, and has some momentum left there even if I don't see it as much lately. I like the comics and bkub's art and sense of humor remain very unique. The thing is just that the experience of the first episode was way too fucking good and couldn't prop up the rest of the show. The confusion of the episode replaying itself twice with different VAs and slightly different jokes, the male voices in general, the insane art twists, the fakeout Girldrop OP, the FUCKING fidget spinner (those were a thing this year????? 2018 was long). I was laughing my socks off and couldn't wait for more, but unfortunately while still mostly funny, the rest of the show just didn't hold up for me. A bunch of the half-episode skits fell flat for me, likely because I didn't get the pop culture references, and there was nothing as crazy as the first episode afterwards. I liked it, but the only part of the show to really impress me after that was the Hellshake Yano segment, which was some good as hell animation. Let's Pop Together was good too tho.


I don't want to give Mitsuboshi Colors much of my time. I know I'm gonna catch hell from someone here for this but I fucking hated this! Only watched it to see what pair of glasses pops was going to wear next and it was fun to shoot the shit with Silent and Facade while we watched. I was interested because it was by the same studio that produced Non Non Biyori but nah this show blows. The backgrounds have that cute watercolor photo filter effect tho. Oh, and the OP was cute! Points for that.


I watched three shows in Spring: BNHA season 3, Aggretsuko, and Hisone to Masotan aka Dragon Pilot.


Dragon Pilot is the standout, and my second favorite anime of the year, as well as another all-time favorite. Another show that came out of nowhere, I found this one by seeing the ED as wella s "haha dragon vore anime anime sure was a mistake wasn't it my fellow funnymen :^)" on tumblr. Thankfully, it is a very good show! It has some issues, namely in pacing and certain characters being underutilized, but it's very unique and was an exciting journey through a setup I'd never have dreamed of. Please give this a watch! The characters, especially the protagonist Hisone (who is literally me) are really endearing and I think the modern military setting is woefully unexplored. Good show!! I want a second season!


BNHA S3 was good, all that needs to be said. I remember becoming kind of disillusioned when I tried watching this live back earlier in the year because the first 2-3 episodes of the season are weak as hell. Thankfully the rest wasn't weak at all. Except for the All for One fight. Echoing my past self and Wulff above, the villains are the weakest part of this show. Also Ragdoll deserved better :(


Aggretsuko was nice and cathartic, but being a retail bitch instead of an office drone didn't allow me to connect fully. Still a good watch, looking forward to s2 and I need to watch the special. Liked how realistic the whole crush thing was at the end.


I watched Cells at Work during the summertime. It was simple and I enjoyed my time with it, but in the end it was cute edutainment, nothing spectacular. I liked seeing the designs of all the different cells and a show starring Kana Hanezawa always has my vote. What the FUCK do basophils do????


In winter I watched Zombieland Saga and Jojo part 5. Zombieland Saga was another show I watched because of tumblr, drawing me in with screencaps and gifs of the show as it sputtered terminally ill-sounding coughs. I thought it was going to be another low quality meme anime but wow, it was really good! Like Wulff said, the last half was a little less exciting since the first half was genius with its slapstick and trope subversion, but I've never watched an idol anime before so I enjoyed the played straight stuff. Interested in the future of the series, Tae is a great character and props to the studio for getting Kotono Mitsuishi to growl and groan like an idiot for a full season. Tae's one of the best characters of 2018. Also Lily was handled well is is top tier as well, my only complaint being that her hair decoration is fucking dumb.


Jojo is Jojo. Don't like it as much as parts two or four yet, like it more than parts one and three so far. There's potential here and I'm excited to see where the bullshit takes us. I like the gang so far and the setting is comfy and unique for anime. The torture dance was unexpected and one of the coolest pieces of animation this year.


Wow, that was a short review of all the new anime I watched!


...I'm gonna do short reviews of the older stuff I watched tomorrow. For now you can have that little taste of the top three older shows I watched up there.


Like I said earlier, Hisone is a great character and a large part of why I loved Dragon Pilot as much as I did. Rin's a good girl with a good sense of humor, the Pops are fucking insane, and Retsuko is nice and realistic. Giorno had potential to get an HM too but he didn't do enough yet. 

Hinata's the best girl!! In a show full of best girls what the fuck!!? In a year full of amazing girls?????!?!?!? I love her and she is perfect and Yuka Iguchi is a goddess. 

As much as I was criticizing Pop Team Epic earlier, it has my favorite OP this year. The song is a bop, the visuals and references perfectly match the show's style, and the mixed media art was slick as fuck. Good stuff. Shiny Days is pure distilled joy and the ZLS OP is stylish and really well done, esp. the horror movie shots.

Dragon Pilot's ED was the trigger for me watching the show. It's a cover of "Au Temps de la Rentrée", a 60's pop number by France Gall, sung by the voice actresses of the main cast and set to shots of them doing silly dances. It's really good, please watch it! In an extremely close second is yorimoi's ED "Koko Kara, Koko Kara" by Saya. It has my favorite song of the show in it (rivaling Sora wo Miagete), is drop-dead gorgeous, and is the best example of the show using little doodles supposedly drawn by the girls to spice up promo material. Give it a look!

Like I said earlier, my top 3 shows this year were shows that came out of nowhere and didn't betray their true natures at first glance. Yorimoi looked like a regular-ass CGDCT slice of life, ZLS looked like a meme idol show, and I didn't know what to think about Dragon Pilot. All big and good surprises.

Jojo's ED fucking sucks, that's all I need to say. After Part 4's great song choice and cool visuals, Part 5's is garbage. Where is Gangster's Paradise? I already leveled my issues with Colors and PTE.

Ok the girl there is a character from Yorimoi who does something very mean. But if there's ever a season 2 I'm sure she'll get development to make the pain less. The yellow Colors is fucking shit and the type of child character I hate. I disliked the blue one too but not as much. Red was the only bearable one. Good thing I watched Non Non Biyori Repeat so I got my helping of the best child character in fiction, Renge Miyauchi.

Like my chart says, Chiaki isn't a bad girl at all. But she's in a show of REALLY good girls all around her so she loses out a lot by comparison. As Shimarin said as well, I don't much like her.

Dogs were good. I'm sure Alex will show me up with how many I forgot by putting like seven more on his chart tomorrow.

Kotaro was fucking great and Mamoru Miyano's performance was incredible. Didn't see his twist coming, hope to see it expanded upon. The exec girls are a nice spot of hope in Retsuko's bleak life. Wait fuck I forgot a character for this category! Nao Kaizaki from Dragon Pilot got kind of cucked in the story, shares Kumiko Oumae's VA, and was a bro after a while so a belated HM to her. Here's a gif of her dancing!



Stay tuned till tomorrow when I gush about Clannad and Cowboy Bebop!


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2018 was a weak year if you ask me, a fucking Sword Art anime got the year. But comparing it to the year that had Houseki no Kuni is kind of unfair.


GGO is AotY because it was fun and kept its energy up throughout. I know another one brought up the "die in game = die in world" trope as a weak point but I think that in this case it kind of works, since Pito was imposing it on herself because she's fucking mental but I dunno. I love that the show goes out of its way multiple times to say "This isn't SAO, you know" both literally and figuratively. It's just a good show about some MMO and shooting shenanigans.


3-Star Colors wins because it was funny and cute. I remember people complaining about the art quality but these are probably the same people that think SHAFT looks good so I just brushed them off. The comedy didn't run dry for me and it reminded me at times when I was a retarded kid that did retarded things. Koizumi-san made me hungry and I liked the character designs so it gets second place.


Hinamatsuri was a bit of a surprise for me, I mainly picked it up because I thought it would be a yakuza dude having to deal with a dumbass kid and I was half right. There was also a lot more to it than that and it was all good. The comedy and little character moments were balanced well and the artstyle was cool and a little different. Really should check out the manga.


Dropkick on My Devil was another comedy series where a supernatural existence is a cute girl and has horrible misfortunes inflicted on herself daily. I think that it used all of its characters well and the art style I really enjoyed. All of the designs are top notch as well. I think it's an underrated one for sure. Kanrinin-san gets second place because I wish I was Shiina.


I'm honestly not sure if I got the order right on Fall. Butayarou was interesting but looking back I'm not sure what to think about it. I guess it overall kept my interest throughout but something is telling me it doesn't deserve aots. I guess the "each girl gets an arc" flow kinda was rough in hindsight, but I dunno how else they would handle the show or pacing without it. I'm not really sure what it is that made it lose aots spot, but I went with my gut on this one. The art style was top notch though, something about the eyes and hair was very appealing to me. Anima Yell was a slice of life show centered around cheerleading. It's about what you'd expect. I enjoyed pretty much all the characters and their escapades as they learned how to chair, and despite the strange voice recording quality with its horrendous amounts of echo it was a fun show.


Best/Worst is kind of a misnomer. Spring wins because it the most fun show in it. Summer was just a fucking barren wasteland barring the two shows I liked in it. Honestly, all of the seasons were pretty bad in their own right.


MC: LLen was a fun character to watch grow in GGO. She started as some noob and then once she got hooked into the MMO scene she totally started no-lifing it. I can identify with such a character. Nitta almost wins MC of the Year (it's honestly about equal) for somehow managing to balance being a yakuza leader, expensive pottery collector, and adoptive single father to a psychic autist girl at the same time. He comes across as a guy always in over his head, but competent enough to usually manage to un-fuck most situations. He was a guy you wanted to see succeed.


Girl: There were a lot as I am a guy that likes cute anime girls a lot, but something about Futaba really sticks out to me. I liked her arc a lot, especially since I thought at the start she would just be "scientist LARPer that dumps plot hooks" for the entire series. I dunno what really to say that isn't a spoiler. Her design is just perfect. 

Yuru Camp sister is like if Rider wasn't a heroic spirit and instead was some girl in college with a retarded sister. Definitely the best part of yurucyan other than maybe the moms.





ED: Uzamaid's ED was catchy and the girls working out was cute. I dunno what else to say.

2nd Place: Butayarou's ED changed for each arc, and though it initially struck me as "the type of person that unironically uses the word comfy"-core I have to admit that it was fitting for the series and enjoyable even for someone like me. I hate clapping in music though. If they struck that from the song it might have won first place.


Surprise: Ask me if I would have put a SAO title as aoty three years ago and I probably would have said- Okay I wouldn't have outright said no, but I'd say "I'd be surprised if I did" and this was a surprise so hey, that works out yeah

Takunomi surprised me on a technical level. The art quality was SO high for a short that for the first few episodes I was just rubbing my eyes and wondering if I was watching a short that was a commercial for various beers. Honestly a cute short. All the character designs are great, and it's a short so the alcoholism doesn't reach depressing levels.


Disappointment: I wanted a show about girls learning how to fish in a sci-fi space station. Then out of fucking nowhere they're talking about using a phone app to summon gods to fight in the space gladatorial arena against kaijuu fish. What the fuck.

Akanesasu Shoujo was a disappointment because it kinda just ran out of gas halfway through and I lost most of my interest. The intrigue and world-hopping seemed fun, but it had a really good episode (first half of french girl's arc) then the resolution for that arc in the next episode was just garbo and I didn't want to see any more. Other than some cool visual things, I've heard that I didn't miss much from dropping it.


Faggot: In the literal sense, he was gayer than a fruit loop. I liked his design and most of his gags in his show were funny though. I'm not sure if he had the faculties to be considered a functional human being though.

Second place: You could extend this to all the fags who never shut up about the rape in goblin slayer as well


Worst Girl: I didn't watch Shaft Extra but I hate Nero and literally any of the other Extra MCs would have been better for an anime  DAE UMU GUYS???! PADORU PADORU XD

Egg gets the slot because she legit looks retarded on pretty much all of her head-on shots. It's hard to make an anime girl ugly but they did it.


Overall: Nothing with that much substance came out this year. The stuff I liked was more for a mindless fun kind.


Other shows not mentioned this year:

PPTPK was okay, fun for the hype around it, but I would definitely never watch it again other than specific clips. The manga works better because you can flip through the jokes that don't land. Nothing really to say about it desu

Killing Bites was the perfect blend of dumb and fun. S2 when?


I honestly couldn't tell you if I watched any legacy anime at all this year. I've got a few things downloaded, but I've never really had the time to watch them. I might have an aggressive cut for this current season and watch some old stuff instead.


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9 hours ago, Moby said:
  Reveal hidden contents



I'm biased, fight me. PopTeam was also great. Hope Mob and One PunchMan season 2 come soon.

Bruh Mob is airing right now and from what I’ve seen so far it’s very good 


also FUCK I forgot to include Yuru Camp’s ED as an honorable mention, that one is very good

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I can never do charts for these because I will often just not watch any shows from a season for no particular reason.


New stuff:

Pop Team Epic

Cells at Work

Steins;Gate 0

Aggressive Retsuko


Old Stuff: Kemono Friends


Houseki no Kuni

Amagi Brilliant Park

Yuki Yuuna part 2 or something?


Movies: Gochiusa Dear My Sister
Kimi no Na Wa


Dropped: Yuru Camp


Pop Team Epic:Technically I didn't finish Pop Team Epic as I never watched past episode 10 but a lot of it just didn't feel like it was worth watching. When going into it I really liked some of the meta stuff they talked about such as "becoming the top anime of the season" and whatnot and was hoping they'd explode that more instead of doing skits that felt like they went on too long half the time. I'm also not a huge voice actor person so I didn't really care if muh favorite seiyuu was doing a particular episode. Male voices > female voices.


Steins;Gate 0: I've never read the VNs so I didn't have that to compare the anime too, and I also didn't watch it during its airing season (instead binge watching episodes 1-12 right before episode 13 aired). It really helps that I'm a big fan of the characters that I was allowed to overlook some arcs being drawn on for way too many episodes causing potential plot points that were interesting to be one-off things that never show up again. Honestly I just wished they did the pacing better, which I feel was really weak. Regardless, I personally enjoyed this one a lot.


Cells at Work: Ban all platelets. I kinda wish the episodes weren't all standalone besides the last two. The characters were very hit or miss for me - I dislike the ara ara type that the cleaver blood ladies were but I enjoyed the Killer T and basophil, even if he did nothing. Was really looking forward to gas mask guy but the "twist" disappointed me, which should be obvious if you've seen the show and are reading this. ban the platelets


Aggressive Retsuko: Originally put this on as it was something to do during a period where we weren't sure what to do but I was strangely pulled in and I wanted to finish it. Haven't seen the special yet but it wouldn't feel the same because I wouldn't be on vacation.


Yuru Camp: I'm not sure if I got pushed away because so many people were touting it as the best thing ever, but I gave this show about 5 or 6 episodes before I ended up dropping it. It was probably because I don't like Nadeshiko's archetype of "annoying in-your face airhead". I love me big bwaakas like Yui Hirasawa and stuff but people like Nadeshiko or Chitanda from Hyouka really push me away.


The only OP that I downloaded from this season was Pop Team Epic. Definitely a great song and the extended version is great too.



yuki yuna: At the very beginning of the year I was dragged along into watching Yuki Yuuna part waashio by someone you probably know but I just did not like anything outside of the slice of life innocent parts. Once it got to be "sacrifice and bloody unfair time" I didn't want to continue. Meh overall with one or two shining moments.


furenzu: I also watched Kemono Friends season 1 a bit later, and it was really enjoyable. I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do about season 2 but I'm giving Kemurikusa a chance. Cute and likable characters, except the penguins. Episode 11 would've been completely different had I watched it while it was airing.


Baccano: Up next would be Baccano! - a show I promised a friend I would watch for a year (or two) before eventually being bored enough one day that we binged watched it. English dub was definitely the correct choice and overall it was excellent. Rockin soundtrack too. I felt the OVAs were a bit weak however, but they were still nice.


Land of the Lustrous: Amazing visuals paired with varied and entertaining characters. Even if not much is shared at times, you really feel for the troubles that they all undergo. I'd really love to read past what happened in the show but I don't know if my heart can take seeing what would happen in the future plus I'm a big slacker (shhhh). Really reminded me of Breath of the Wild and the positive memories I have of that game.


Amagi Brilliant Park: Corv always gave this show crap so I never gave it a try despite wanting to and I ended up liking it a lot. I don't have a ton to say about it besides :clap:.



Gochuumon wa usagi desudesu ka: literally and figuratively just an elongated episode. I barely remember it and only really watched it because I've stuck with everything else Gochiusa so far.


Kimi no na Wa: I watched this one on January 1st of this year, so I technically didn't watch it in 2018, but I'm going to count it since this thread didn't exist. The visuals really stunned me and it was able to hit me emotionally leaving me with a very good impression of it. Makes me want to watch more independent anime films because I've never seen the "classics" like Spirited Away and such.



Will I watch more than four seasonal shows this year?!? Hopefully, but I've got an entire year to figure that out. I know I've got Monogatari in the next two months, Non Non Biyori Vacation in probably three months, as well as the Psycho Pass movies later on. My figure collection has grown two-fold since last year - I just hope that doesn't keep up.

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I was gonna say that there wasn't much overlap but reviewing it I spose there is.


I originally tried out ZLS but a little bit below halfway through I kinda had a feeling that they'd just keep doing idol show stuff (the little things they changed because of the premise of zombies wasn't enough for me tbh) which inevitably meant dumb drama (easily the worst part of any idol show) so I dropped it. I don't really feel like I was missing much and a lot of people's discussion on it kinda confirmed that with me. Plus pretty much all of the girls annoyed me other than Saki. I felt like I was really watching it just for the parts where the producer was introducing what was going to happen next episode.


I did watch Retsuko but apparently it is a part of 2018, so I can amend this to the thing I guess. I had a mild interest in it just because the art style was super cyute, and decided to watch it on a whim. The first episode was pretty out there but for some reason I kept watching and then it kind of clicked. I also didn't know it had anything to do about metal until I had actually watched it which was a nice plus. I guess this is the closest thing to a metal girl anime we've got. Retsuko might be candidate for MC of the Year and Fenneko probably deserves a spot for girl of the year in there.


I Lost My Colors In Another World or better known as the actual title Irozuku Sekai something something is a show that I'm still watching technically but it's from another season. Kind of out of my element because rather than being a comedy centered around an autistic girl it's a drama centered around an a(u/r)tistic girl. Not sure if I'll ever finish it. But it gets a mention for almost making it in the list of shows I watched.


Yurucyandelta was okay. I was really blown away by the animation quality in the first episode but I enjoyed the solo camping more than the group camping. The chat bubble thing that did with texting conversations was cute and it kinda gave a neat way to look into how the characters talked and it's definitely one of the things that stuck out to me even months after watching it. I enjoyed pretty much all of the supporting characters more than the main characters though. Except for the short haired grill. She was pretty cute.


I can't really think of anything else. +huff for SSR but immediately -huff for dissing the Colors

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thoughts + reviews now



Yeah sorry guys, I don't know what you were thinking when you all slept on Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai (I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear), which is literally a show about a POV male protagonist asking a bunch of girls to look at him like trash and show him their pantsu. This was, unequivocally, my anime of the year, watched drunkenly on discord one night as we had nothing better to do. I never finished it, because it was still airing, but that scene with the nun? Wonderful. Bravo.


Really though last year was pretty special to me because it was the year I finally, actually went to Japan for real. Aside from being filmed for a primetime TV spot about foreigners (and showing myself up by fucking up the part where I was supposed to pray at a shrine), avoiding two natural disasters in the space of a week, and having my skin melted off because I forgot to put on sunscreen, we actually spent a lot of time in Akihabara, and honestly just the atmosphere there was one of my favourite parts of going. It's surreal, seeing all of the stuff you enjoy quietly on your computer or at the rare convention, all laid out in front of you (like here, with the aforementioned anime of the year). Also the abundance porn was cool. 


I didn't mention films in the chart but I did watch the Hero Academia film in December, in a tiny but extremely comfy cinema in London, and as a pre-requisite to this I needed to actually finish season 3 first. Scheduling and procrastination meant that we hadn't organised to watch it until about a week before the air date, so Phoenix and I basically just sat down one weekend and binge watched the whole thing. And I can say with certainty that I am glad I did this, because it would have been TORTURE to have to wait weekly/triweekly to keep up with this fucking masterpiece. There were so many insane moments in this season, culminating in the All Might fight that Detroit Smashed this series right into my top 3 of all time. Holy FUCK that was good. I'd echo the words of Tobias and Ben about the villains not getting enough attention (love Twice btw)...but fuck, the heroes themselves are all such good characters that I don't even mind. There isn't a single kid in 1A that I would be disappointed to see suddenly take the spotlight mid-episode, and the show consistently expands a background cast and makes me fall in love with them. It's pure magic is what it is. Expect this to go 4 for 4 next year.
Oh and the film was good. It's testament to the pacing of the show that the ultra-kino film ending was STILL overshadowed by the All Might moment.




First off, it's a shame we picked up Girl's Last Tour late because damn that show is good, and it might have been on top here had it been released one season later. Post-apocalyptic? Ehhhh. Post-POST-apocalyptic? Now you're talking. I adored the atmosphere of this show and how weird it got by the end, it was definitely not what I was expecting but the feeling of discovery and wonder the girls' exploration gave me was very special. Also the OP and ED probably would have won too.

Yuru Camp was the king of winter for me. Yeah, SoraYori was objectively better, but it really says something to me that I was super excited for each Yuru Camp session and was legitimately heartbroken when it ended. It hurt. I think what stood out to me was how much I identified with Rin, she's an excellently portrayed introvert character and it was nice to see her character arc was "making great friends" and not "becoming outgoing to the extreme". It felt like every element of this show - the great voice acting, the soundtrack, the cute visuals, and the fantastic scenery shots - were created and refined to give off that true feeling of Max Comfy that is, in all honesty, just as important to me when watching anime as anything else.

My thoughts on Sora Yori are covered very well between Tobias and Ben, stellar characters and writing that made everything feel so real. I adore being punched hard in the gut emotionally by anime and Sora Yori is a perfect example of a setup and payoff that are executed with surgical precision and caused internal bleeding in my case. 

PTE was shit, it started off with a first episode with some great ideas and then just stopped being funny to me. It's a shame because I love bkub's comic and sense of humour but I don't feel like it translated well to the animated format. Like any comedy there were a couple of parts that got me later on but they were definitely in the minority.

Mitsuboshi Colors wasn't SHIT but a ton of the humour fell completely flat with me apart from a couple of standout moments. I did like how I could recognize parts of Ueno when I went there later in the year. 


I dropped a LOT of shows in winter. Violet Evergarden was delicious Kyoani eye candy and the MC was cute but that's about it. Takagi-san got old really fast and I didn't like the character designs at all.



Yeah yeah hero academius all mighty do the texas punch very good

But uh...Hisone to Masotan! Show I watched with Benjamin for the same funny vore joke reasons, and here is yet another show with a unique art style that grew on me immediately and culminated in some absolutely beautiful shots in the ending sequence. Aside from this ending I wasn't too enthralled with the story but the weirdo MC and her friends definitely made it a joy to watch. If you like big fucking dragons then watch this.


Uma Musume, as the hundredth joke anime we watched in the offchance it would be ridiculously good, was not good at all, and besides having a cute MC (I think there's a theme here) it was extremely unengaging and honestly when I heard "oh you have to perform a song like an idol when you win the race!!" I checked out immediately. The fact that they were named after real race horses was funny though.



I've been thinking about Tonegawa and how funny it is a lot while writing this post in my head. Of all the pure comedies I've watched in recent memory, this is the standout where the vast majority of the episodes and jokes hit their mark perfectly, for me at least. To set the stage, this is a Fukumoto endeavor, and if you've watched Kaiji (which I'd also really recommend) then you're in a good spot. Basically Kaiji is about this idiot gambling addict who constantly finds himself in darker and darker scenarios where he essentially gambles his life to dig himself out of the debt hell he's created for himself. What made Kaiji funny are the abstract, animated metaphors for each situation and the overenthusiastic narrator, but to be fair they fit the mood of the show. They DO NOT fit the mood of Tonegawa, sitting at the front of a boardroom and managing his lackeys, and this is what makes this show so fucking funny. Then you have his boss, Hyodo, a senile old man with infinite money, strange tastes and no respect for his underlings, who's every moment on screen and Tonegawa's desperate attempts to suck up to are just funny as shit. I love this show, still haven't finished it and the latter episodes have admittedly been more hit and miss (with one big hit in the most left-field parody I have ever seen) but I would highly, HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you've watched Kaiji.

Cells at Work was nothing special, nothing too offensive. I was hoping for a more Osmosis Jones style show that showed the person who's body we were inside but nope. Also it tended to explain the same shit every episode. It was nice to shoot the shit about, and it was humourous to see David Productions' artstyle in something other than Jojo, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Isekai Maou was an isekai show, Asobi Asobase looked terrible and didn't have the humour to make it work, and Iya no Opantsu was a timeless masterpiece.



I watched two shows in fall, and both of them were good.

I briefly reviewed Zombieland in another thread but it was a really nice surprise and genuinely funny and was the 101st joke anime we watched, this one was actually great. Again, I enjoyed both the slapstick start and drama-driven end, and the transition between the two. A lot of the characters were really nice, and Okabe's seiyuu's performance was god tier.

On 1/14/2019 at 10:46 PM, Huff said:


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her hair decoration is fucking dumb


shut the fuck up


Jojo is shaping up to be pretty good, but a little below what I've come to expect from part 5. Super excited for some of the later stands and Diavolo. The Italian backdrops are the standouts for the show, and look absolutely amazing.




Tonegawa is my MC of the year because it's hilarious to me how they've humanised this complete asshole from Kaiji to a relatable manager guy who you genuinely feel sorry for. Learning that the 15 identical men in black who he oversees all have real names that he needs to memorise and seeing him overcome that sort of bullshit makes him the real hero here.
Izuku had some great development this year, though. Hisone is a very unique and special protag and I love her, and Sakura flitting between a genki idol group leader and a desponded pessimist was entertaining.


Pretty solid competition in the girls this year but nothing compared to Megumin, Akko or Nene, I'm afraid. But Nadeshiko's got pink hair and that dumb, cute, open mouth smile that pierces my heart so FINE you win. 
Honorable mention to Inuko because she ticks a lot of boxes with the fang, eyebrows and oneesan body, and then ticks the biggest possible box with the fuwafuwa Yui voice. It's hard to pick a zombie but Sakura, Lily and Tae are the frontrunners for that position. Red Blood Cell is cute and Uraraka had some great moments this year that knocked that dumb invisible girl outta the top spot for BNHA.
...I couldn't tell that Narancia was male when reading the manga. I was legitimately happy because it was the first cute girl main character I'd seen araki draw. Going by Hideri's spot in this category last year, this isn't really a problem any more.


SHINY DAYS ATARASHII KAZE yeah it's a straight Jackson 5 rip but it sounds and looks wonderful. Big smile on my face every time an episode started with this.
BNHA OP5, Make my story, is one of my favourites so far. It's cheesy and sounds really nostalgic to me for some reason. Really dig the chords changes in the chorus.
Pop Team Epic's was very impressive visually and did not disappoint as a damn catchy song either.
But honestly the good OPs seemed really sparse this year, coming from someone who normally puts like 20 things in these categories.


Hisone to Masotan's ED is just great. Those silly dances are what got me interested in the show in the first place. Look at the big girl go!
Sora Yori's piano and guitar closing off each episode were just pure magic. So good.


Tonegawa gets another slot here just for this joke. I don't even want to spoil it further than the image I put, but it was an entire episode of Facade and I just yelling WHAT?? at each other while things got stranger and stranger.
Sakura getting hit by the truck, and also my getting hit by the metaphorical trucks of the laptop discovery and the hellshake yano sequence.


Yeah I was so hype for PTE, sat down with like 6 of my boys on discord and were treated to the same episode twice. And things just got less and less interesting over the coming weeks. If it was a full 20 episodes, or even if it was a 5 minute short each week, I would not have minded, but it felt like we were being trolled by being shown the same thing twice with different VAs. I'm aware that's the joke and kind of the point of the show. Doesn't make it funny.
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu. "How Not to Summon a Demon Lord". Honestly I watched this because the title sums of the backstory of my favourite dnd character, and also because I'd heard it was "Konosuba 2!", "An actually funny isekai parody!" but no it was not. It was ecchi shit with no substance. Peace.
Fighting Gold was set to be the greatest Jojo OP of all time, with Coda on the vocals and the guys who did NGE's OP at the helm. And I was like, man, better than Bloody Stream? Better than GREAT DAYS? And it was not, it was like my least favourite so far, but was still pretty good, which is testament to how good the others are. Even Chase. The ED was less disappointing becuase I wasn't expecting anything but come on. It could have been Gangster's Paradise. I'm probably just going to have to start playing that at the end of every episode.


Fuck you Ebitani, you shithead, and fuck that guy in Cells at Work for almost having a really great joke with a funny payoff and instead just disappearing completely.


I didn't dislike any girls this year, but something about that pony girl in BNHA rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sure she'll turn out great though.

Tatsumi was funny as shit and had that 'constant asshole with a heart of gold' trope going on that I love, and he was a necromancer. How cool is that.
Giving 2nd place to my boy Aoyama here for finally getting a moment to do something cool and heroic after 3 seasons of basically just being a little shit.


Dogs were fuckin' sparse man. Chikuwa, you did it, even if there was very little competition this year.





So yeah all in all. It wasn't great this year. But there were a lot of shows that I missed and want to watch or want to give another shot. I'll be perusing your guys' thoughts about these or you could give them to me directly if you think they're worth looking at:

Overlord s2/3
Steins Gate 0
Liz to Aoi Tori
High score girl
NNB vacation
Release the Spyce
Anima Yell
Honda-san (library skeleton)



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I also should add that I didnt watch Cells at Work, but I did read both mangas (Normal and Black).


I liked it, but it looks like generic shounen stuff.

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1 minute ago, Moby said:

I liked it, but it looks like generic shounen stuff.

It was kinda meh because it didn't go full shounen but it also didn't go full anything else. Like there were the little slice of life parts in the start,  some kind of romance plot, straight up shounen fighting, then the drama parts near the end, but it didn't really do any of them particularly well. But it was overall still enjoyable, but I feel like almost everyone wanted something different when they got into it and nobody got exactly what they envisioned.

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