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  1. TF2 general

    It took me a few deaths to realise that the SC doesn't block huntsman arrows for some reason.
  2. TF2 general

    Tf2 update
  3. switch (codestate) { default: if (codestate.neverMindISpokeTooSoon()) goto falseAlarm; tantrum(); break; case(errorFree): falseAlarm: doNotTrantrum(); break; } while(a) { while(b) { while(c) { if (condition) goto breakout; } } } breakout: //Something or another; ??
  4. Oh man. I forgot about that for so long.
  5. Wallpapers based on TF2 achievement icons! [1920x1080]

    How come the bullet can curve but not the rocket?
  6. It's the little drop-down under the "banner" that selects the gamemode. It's a tiny little bar, i'll admit. Changes colour if you mouse over it.
  7. SPUFPowered 2017 Secret Santa!

    I feel bad for whoever got me because I literally can't think of anything I want. So... surprise me with something I might not want and let's see how it goes..?
  8. TF2 general

    Wasn't finished tho q.q
  9. SPUFPowered 2017 Secret Santa!

    I would do it but I have 0 clue what people would want. and I don't want to be that guy...
  10. The Official Random Image Thread!! SPUF style

    Hush, don't let them know.
  11. Net Neutrality guff

    America continues to try and set poor examples, the prequel.
  12. TF2 general

    Australium FaN.