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    Hearing someone switching between proficient English and proficient Japanese is so surreal. I'm condition to expect one to be butchered.
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    Firefox Jake spilled coffee all over the servers and disabled all my (and a shitload of other people's) add-ons. Saw an ad on Youtube just now. An ad - can you believe it? These are the end times.
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    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Circa first Scooby-Doo movie, if I remember. Then we got gems like two Smurfs, Yogi Bear, a second Scooby-Doo, Woodpecker, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield and that Fairly Odd Parents movie that ends with Timmy fucking dying.
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    I chose on the basis of unlocks that stick to the core of the class while still creating new and interesting facets of play. Scout: -Soda Popper, Bonk, Sandman Soldier: -Direct Hit, Gunboats, Market Gardener Pyro: -Backburner, Detonator Axtinguisher Demoman: -Loose Cannon, Sticky Jumper, Ullapool Caber Heavy: -Brass Beast, Dalokohs Bar, Fists of Steel Engineer: -Frontier Justice, Wrangler, Gunslinger Medic: -Crusader's Crossbow, Kritzkrieg, Amputator Sniper: -Sydney Sleeper, Jarate, Bushwacka Spy: -Diamondback, Your Eternal Reward, Dead Ringer (Red Tape Recorder too if we're allowed)
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    I chose this way: Unlocks should enable new play styles. Didn't consider balance at all; presumably if we only had one set of unlocks they'd be better balanced. Scout: Force-A-Nature/Bonk!/Boston Basher Soldier: Beggar's Bazooka/Buff Banner/Gunboats Pyro: Thruster/Flare Gun/Axestinguisher Demoman: Sticky Jumper/Splendid Screen/Eyelander Heavy: Honestly I dunno. Sandvich is kind of essential for the class, but it would work better as a stock replacement. Engineer: Rescue Ranger/Widowmaker/Gunslinger Medic: Crossbow/Kritzkrieg/Quickfix Sniper: Huntsman/Razorback/Jarate Spy: Enforcer/Dead Ringer/Eternal Reward
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    No, he self-imposed those rules. I wouldn't have cared anyway though.