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    Haven't been around as much lately, posting-wise. I've still been lurking pretty regularly, but I've been busy with other stuff. For the last year or so I've been working as a freelance writer for all sorts of people, and really wanted to start writing fiction. So I wanted to post what I've been working on for the last month and a half for everyone's enjoyment: Orphans It's a web serial/novel I plan to update once a week, maybe twice going into the future. It's got martial arts, and stuff! Check it out, leave a like, comment, and subscribe or something like that. Tell me what I'm doing wrong and how my story killed your dog, I can take it as much as I tend to dish it out, you won't hurt me (too bad).
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    I had to generate a 16-team tournament for a business eSports class, and I named all the teams after SPUFers! https://challonge.com/2h6nvw58 (Don't blame me for how you placed, blame my nickel.)
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    Ownership of the Funko Pickle Rick figure is considered justification for homicide in all first world nations.
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    Nicole sounds like a discount Bob Page.
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    A 1970 Corvette

    Anime General Discussion

    You have FIVE (5) seconds to explain why you aren't watching Kemurikusa right NOW
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    fucking sold EDIT: Just gonna drop my thoughts from my first impressions as some chucklefuck with full-time employment as a sifu/whatever the hell my dojang's equivalent is 1: Good idea using Kung Fu, namely five animals as your martial arts base - There's a lot of diversity in those combined arts which allows for a lot of freedom of explanation - Although I personally found it difficult to read my way through the initial combat scene. Maybe run it through with a friend while trying to keep a straight face. 2: The concept of some esoteric psychonaut-fu that lacks the usage of Qi automatically puts you in my good graces and tactfully covers the Qi energy field bullshit side of martial arts rather well 3: I have taught six-year-olds. The fact they managed to sit entirely silent for what in writing sounds like several hours is what most would consider a miracle. I need to learn this style of disciplinary action that hopefully doesn't involve a bamboo stick.
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    Raison d'être

    The IT thread.

    The exact same thing happened to me last month when I was building my new PC, it would keep restarting without ever reaching the BIOS. PM'd you the fix. Turns out the motherboard power connector wasn't in fully. I'd check and reinsert those. If that doesn't work then I'd still be fairly sure it would be a PSU or maybe a motherboard issue.
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    The IT thread.

    Does it have a system speaker? These things can save your life sometimes. If you have one, plug it in and check the beep code. I have diagnosed burned out memory controller on a CPU last time that way. If it fails, I'd go for usual drill of pulling stuff out and plugging it to a computer you know works for certain, one thing at the time.
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    I mentioned in another thread that I have coworkers who argue which is the best/easiest East Asian language (from the big three of Chinese (specifically Mandarin), Japanese and Korean). I decided to make an honest attempt at each language to try to get an objective opinion on this. Now I can't say this for 100% certain since I've spent about 50 times more effort learning it than the other two, but I'm pretty sure that Japanese is by far the easiest. Korean may be easier in theory to learn the writing system for (though there's so many vowels/consonants which are just barely different from each other that I'm not convinced even of that), but the politeness system is a nightmare. Mandarin has the problem of being a tonal language, too few conjugations to easily figure out how to say things, and the fact that you have to learn hundreds of Chinese characters just to get started. In contrast Japanese has a reasonable number of conjugations, only two major politeness levels to worry about for 95% of interactions, and if you learn Hiragana (which should take about as much time as learning Hangul) you can ease your way into the Kanji. But then again I'm a huge weeb so this may not be entirely unbiased.
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    "I'm going to try learning Korean. I hope it doesn't have as many conjugations as Latin does!" >mfw
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    Anime General Discussion

    There are more frames in this fan video than in all of Kemono Friends season 2:
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    An old acquaintance of mine recently put out a demo of a game that him and his buddies have been working on, Vibrant Venture. I decided to speedrun the demo: Maybe would've been 41 if I didn't stub my toe at the end and cut one of the high jumps in the cave a bit closer. Overall, the movement is very fun and fluid (though I did have some suggestions for him), and all the speed tricks (mostly bouncing off of things during a longjump) feel and look really cool. The game seems like it'll be really fun to run. The demo's on Gamejolt if you wanna check it out for yourself; it's a pay-what-you-want, but you can get it for no price at all by hitting the "no thanks, take me to the download": https://gamejolt.com/games/vibrantventure/397907
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    apex legends

    I take back what I said about Fortnite. Tetris 99 is unironically the most skill-indexed battle royale right now.