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    Apparently this is a thing

    No, that's just bullshit through and through. Moe has always been a thing, generic or not. Even back in the 90s, where it was perceived prevalent enough (along with the mecha genre, ironically) that people complained about there being too much moe and that the 80s were better. It's been as popular as it's always been, no more and no less. It's rather telling that despite the amount of new series produced within the last six years, the only slice of lifes that are "moe" which can be named with any consistency are K-ON and Lucky Star. You'd be lucky to see people claiming modern anime is primarily cute schoolgirls be able to name even things like Hidamari Sketch, much less a moe slice of life that's currently airing. Can't help it, it's true. Almost all dubs are awful, and the ones that are worth watching should still be watched alongside the original audio. Why the hell would I give up being able to listen to Wakamoto or Sugita in favor of hearing Johnny Yong Bosch in every damn series? Also, streaming is terrible and there's basically no excuse for not just downloading anime off of Nyaa or an equivalent site.