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    You ever just remember an old forum you used to frequent exists and check it out, only to probably forget about it the next day and not look at it again for another three years?
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    This is still a fuckin bop
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    I wanna play Minecraft but like when I first played it and didn't know anything. I want Creepers to be scary again.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    If I had to guess it would be at the point that game companies started to care way too much with the image of their games and how the community reflects on that. The oldest game I can remember is League of Legends, where you can troll and be a complete asshole as long you dont insult anyone, if you do then they will send your ass to the shadow realm. A player is being a dick in a regular game = whatever, mute him and carry on. A player is being a dick in a game like Overwatch or LoL = OH MY GOD that could cost us new players! Here is a system that anyone can abuse to report people for something as little as swearing for slamming their toes on the table.
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    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

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    Had a back-and-forth conversation with a friend today that went like this: "Bop it..." "...Bump it..." "...Trumpet..." "...Crumpet..." "...Bop it..." "...Stop it."
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    I have this exact feeling about once each month
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    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    Permanent can regenerate, can't blow up your own guys to ramp, literally unplayable.
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    my mind jumped to the macro Fox/Falco guy
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I swear whenever someone mentions Isaac for smash, I think of the Binding of, not the Golden Sun Isaac.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I loved the higher difficulties on Metal Gear Rising.... except for Revengeance on Armstrong. Specifically the second part of the battle where it's a hopeless fight until Blade Wolf bails you out. I believe the cutscene to get past it is triggered either by Raiden getting hit after a relatively short timer, or by a much longer timer elapsing. However, on Revengeance Armstrong will one hit kill you with every single attack (in this section of the fight), so your only choice is to just run down the longer timer. And this amounts mainly to running away repeatedly and hoping that you don't accidentally back yourself into a corner that you can't get out of. It's pretty lame, and a shame for what is otherwise an amazing experience.
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    Worst form of bullshit difficulty is the HP sponge boss.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    As I've gotten older I've realized how little I like hard-for-the-sake-of-hard games. I mean, I never really liked stuff like Super Meat Boy, but in general I would push myself into playing the hardest modes because I figured people would think I wasn't trying hard enough. But there came a point where I just said "wait, I'm playing this game to have dumb escapist fun. Why am I frustrating myself over and over just to say I did it?" and I let myself play average-level difficulty. I understand the fun derived from challenge, don't get me wrong, but there are times where I just want to be a god amongst men. Also, in games like Civilization, the computer always cheats and that's not actual challenge. I still play smash handicapped with all 9s bots though.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    You can call someone toxic if they're agitated from you doing something wrong. It's become a defense mechanism that you can pull out if someone criticizes/critiques your gameplay. "tharja_bunny129 stop trying to be rambo" "Why do you have to be so toxic man? It's just a game."
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm guessing that it became more popular terminology due to two reasons: First, it initially looks like it is less of an insult than "asshole." Often it's used as though someone toxic is literally poisonous and as such shouldn't be allowed to interact with anyone ever, whereas you might tolerate an asshole, so really it isn't any less of an insult. But at first glance it doesn't sound as bad, so you can get away with using it in more contexts. The second reason is related to this, in that it's a lot more vague what "toxic" means when compared to asshole. Someone could theoretically be toxic while not being unpleasant or being a mean person, due to creating a bad environment inadvertently or something. An asshole has to be a bit more active. Thus you can use "toxic" in many situations where you wouldn't get away with "asshole." At this point it's just been used so much that many people use it as a default without thinking about it.
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    Sounds like not much has changed in CS/IT programs since I got my degree.
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    Today I learned how to load my Mosin without fighting interruptor. Did I mention even mention I bought a Mosin recently?
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    I feel like at the start of every semester for the past two years I've had the same annoyed fits of "why the fuck are these classes required for my degree" I remember deciding against going to UNLV because I'd have to take general computer science classes and they're not really quite in the same field of IT that I care about, so I decided to go to NSC because they offered a Bachelor's degree that was an extension of my existing Computer Informations Technology Associate's degree. What a fool I was. The problem that has arisen is that NSC is run by a bunch of retards who don't know what IT actually is and most likely just offered the cooperative degree so they could net more people. NSC's degree path offers fucking nothing at all related to IT, or even general computer science/programming classes. The only "core" classes that are part of my degree and also related to IT aren't even offered at NSC at all, they're STILL at CSN, and I finished them two years ago. But I have the capstone class for a business bachelor's degree this year, and a fucking project management class slated for some wacko certification that I had no interest or want to know about. I sure have those. If I had known it would be this fucking stupid I'd have taken the UNLV CompSci classes. At least I have a mild interest in programming and I can handle math classes, but if you told me that the NSC degree would make me take several classes on fucking high-level corporate project management software I'd have burned my application. The only reason I'm still at this con artist convention is that I need six credits to graduate after this semester and I don't want to wash out like all my brothers did at least once. At least I'm taking their scholarship money and spending it on guns and PS2 subscriptions. Fuck them.
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    Glideslope, khaganate, snaphance, transi. Not sure how obscure some of them are but autocorrect all thinks they're wrong so that's something at least.
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    Frammistat, kamelaukion, noscible, obarmate, perantique
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    A 1970 Corvette


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    The dream may be dead but at least there's Artifact: The Dota 2 Card Game.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    where's my spuf videos slacks