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    TF2 general

    No damn update page though.
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    In the more general theme of this thread, if you want some random and bizarre Japan youtube videos, here's a few: This one is some dumb personality test and really not that weird (other then the Payday thumbnail) but it's funny to me because Eilene is essentially narrating it: And after browsing through like 100 japanese videos (on a fresh browser) to get the above videos, what is the top recommendation that youtube gives me? Conclusion: Youtube algorithm can't distinguish Poles from Weebs.
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    Heya there, my SPUFFriend! Remember back during my last post, where I cheated you out of a new Scream Fortress Idea by re-hashing an oldie from dead-SPUF? Well, I don’t. But I do remember that I promised that I’d bring some new and original TF2 Halloween content your way, so that’s what I’m here to do today! I’m gonna jump right into it, so get cozy in your little chair as I’ve got a lotta stuff to cover! (But a little less stuff than usual because no one actually reads this stuff, right?) tl:dr version: The mercs confront a surfing vampire that has sent the moon on a crash curse with the Earth. Yikes! Looks like the planet is in grave danger thanks to Rad Vlad’s carelessness! How are the mercenaries gonna be able to stop him? Glad you asked! So, the update will be split into 3 Days, much like past updates such as Love and War, each bringing all sorts of fun stuff! And UNLIKE Love and War, you’ll actually get to face off against the menacing monster on the last day! Three days remain! Day 1 will bring the stuff that no one cares about, such as hats and crates! The new hats will include all sorts of fun beach gear, as well as all sorts of spooky, community-made Halloween costumes for Pyro and nobody else. In the crates you can expect find one good (and rare) item, along with multiple low-tier trash hats, so you’ll have to spend lotsa money to get what you’re looking for. (Probably some kind of animal companion that'll become the most expensive item in the game.) Day 2 will bring other exciting goodies. We can expect to see a lot of new taunts based on the update, including an all-class taunt where your merc hops on a surfboard and is propelled around by a small wave. Whee! There'd also be a new taunt, Dancylvania, where the mercs to an awfully spooky dance. And maybe if we’re lucky, Day 2 will bring a few new weapons. Like a wooden stake for Spy. Day 3 will be the BIG day of the update, and the final showdown against the gnarly vampire himself! The new map, titled Vlad’s Castle, will be a control point map that takes place in Rad Vlad’s seaside home. The BLU mercenaries have discovered that in order to stop the moon from colliding with Earth, they must capture all the control points in the castle in order to turn off Rad Vlad’s moon machine! But that’s not gonna be very easy at all, because the RED Team will play the role of Rad Vlad’s surfer friends who also want in on the waves! A special look inside the all new map, Rad Vlad's Flooding Castle! But this control point map will be like no other! For you see, each time the BLU team captures a point, the water level will rise, causing Vlad’s Castle to flood bit by bit! This all new rising water mechanic will open up all sorts of new routes as the match progresses! The control points would be spread out across the multiple floors and rooms of Vlad's cool gothic castle, and would become accessible as water levels rise. But you must watch out for swarms of bats and other creepy creatures that may lurk within the walls of the castle, as they're always ready to pounce on you! And beware, for once the second-to-last point is captured, Rad Vlad will take matters into his own hands and will materialize from a swarm of bats! That’s right, Rad Vlad will be making an appearance as the boss character of this update, what a surprise! Rad Vlad will attack both teams, and can be defeated like a normal boss. However, the final control point can still be captured even when Rad Vlad has spawned. But he’s still a major threat for everybody! He’d have many attacks at his disposal, such as charging you down on his coffin surfboard, sending massive waves your way, turning into a horde of bats, and tossing around highly dangerous and explosive BOMBS! "Tonight I vill surf on a wave of blood! Ah-haha!" -Rad Vlad Once Vlad is defeated, he won’t respawn again for the rest of the match, so the last control point can be captured (or defended) with ease, which will hopefully put an end to this train-wreck of a map! If BLU wins, the moon is returned back into space where it belongs, but if RED wins, the moon collides with Earth, killing everybody. Also upon Vlad's defeat, you will be rewarded with some kind of achievement, and an all new surfer hat based off Rad Vlad’s! But that’s not the only new achievement that’ll come with this update. As always, Valve will end up deciding to make an achievement where you have to win on the map 666 times. Have fun grinding to get that one, friends! So, I guess that all wraps up this year’s spine-chilling Halloween Update Idea. While it’d be quite nice to get something this big and scary for Scream Fortress this year, we better not get our hopes too high. Because as we all know, TF2 is dead... and that is quite fitting for this spooky season! So expect nothing this year. Anywho, I’ll see you all next time when I bring back yet another classic from Old-SPUF that I’m sure none of you will remember! But until then, this is LordAIDS Monkey, signing out!
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    A Hat in Time has to easily be the coziest game I've ever played. Sitting my ass down in my comfiest clothing while it rains outside playing this game is a real treat.
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    I'm a-ok with cute and fluffy beast women. And shark women. And dragon women.
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    Applying that method to "nasty nasty juice" first gives you a bunch of vine compilation videos then some family youtubers then one of the family youtuber's gaming channel where it stayed for about 50 videos then finally to Clash of Clans which turned into Minecraft music videos. #100:
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    Kind of annoyed that it came back so early to be honest. Would have been fun to see the world burn.
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    To me, that sounds less like an issue of technology not improving and more of issues endemic in the video game industry. That is, "DO THINGS ASAP I DON'T CARE IF THERE'S BUGS WE HAVE A DEADLINE TO HIT" and just the unfortunate fact that most retro game developers are novices relative to the people that actually developed the retro games they're inspired by. It would be great if more developers took advantage of the technological advantages that we have access to now, but nowadays those new advantages are mostly things under the hood, that only nerds like us give a shit about. It doesn't sell copies to Joe Schmoe that doesn't give a shit. Technological advancement is entirely possible, it would just require a financial incentive on the part of developers, which would require the average person to be more computer literate.
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    As long as it's female and there's nothing fucked up about it - hey I'll consider it.
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    Had a good birthday spent at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park. Saw every single species of crocodilian on the planet (except for 2/3 of the proposed species of African Dwarf Crocodile because whether or not it is warranted to split the species into three separate ones is still pending, as well as one of the now TWO species of Slender-Snouted Crocodile, as just as recent as two days ago it was finally and officially decided that the species actually consists of the West African Slender-Snouted Crocodile and the Central African Slender-Snouted Crocodile) Couldn't have asked for more.
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    Is this some warframe thing? It seems like usually when people talk about something here and I don't know what the hell is going on it's some warframe thing.
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    Where has 2018 gone in general?
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    TF2 general

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    Christmas light aesthetic is the best; it’s so comfy.
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    Now comes the time of the year I like the most - when we have a bunch of lights up on our porch at night for Halloween and soon, Christmas. Very nostalgic and warm-feeling.
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    5 weeks ago I lost 30,000 Google+ accounts in the blink of an eye... and the world just fuckin' watched.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    You've better have played 1 and 3 on DMD difficulty, or else you aren't truly ready
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    I'm only upgrading to Windows 10 when I build a new PC. I don't feel like there's any real benefit to upgrading my current PC, plus the shock of the transition might kill the old girl. The only real reason I'd even use 10 is DirectX 12 (which doesn't even matter with my current PC and probably won't matter for a while anyway) and the fact that it's still getting updates. Overall I feel like I'm downgrading but what can you do? I remember I was really early getting 7 since I got a new laptop (Inspiron 1545... could barely run TF2 but it did and that's why I'm here today so it gets a salute from me ;_;7) and it was really neat since I had only used Macs and school computers I couldn't do anything with before. Good times, 7 was what all products should strive to be. Probably the best thing about it, to me, was it felt modern, but it wasn't trying too hard to be modern like a lot of software today.
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    Anime General Discussion

    Who cares when you got Jojo 5 and Goblin Slayer
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    probably late on this but whatever it's gold