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  2. warning for any of the 2.5 people who would be worried about spufurb spoilers: I heavily lifted the pose and really closely copied the hands from another picture which is why I'm not gonna put it anywhere else but this was p much totally me otherwise, I feel pretty satisfied face is garbo, tho
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  4. Anime General Discussion

    You know, I'm surprised we haven't gotten a Lupin IV yet. I mean with the number of years that have passed you could even have a Lupin V, really.
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  6. Got a Scottish man staying at my place so the topic's not been brought up.
  7. tfw redhead on St. Patrick's Day
  8. Last week
  9. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

    What the hell there's multiple virtual yukkuri channels: It might not be apparent from the thumbnails, since the format is identical in all of these videos, but those are all from different channels.
  10. Warframe

    you get 2, they could do a slightly different one for each year these pop up, but it's DE so I wouldn't expect that from them anyway
  11. Warframe

    Yeah the scarf alert is fixed. I did it but didn't check to see if you got two. They added it alongside the dojo decoration update last night.
  12. TF2 general

    Bit late from me, but winners are up. Very pleased with all the results.
  13. the Mad Max video game with eurobeat puts terrible images in my head
    "My name is Max-kun, and this is my first day at Australian Wasteland High School!"

    1. Kraszu




  14. Warframe

    No and yeah. They just removed being able to buy more than one syandana since they changed how arcanes work. You still can get more syandanas by other means, like events and twitch drops. Some people got like 20 or so syandanas from when they were testing twitch drops.
  15. Warframe

    Did they fix scarf alert already, can you even have 2?
  16. Warframe

    Free Excalibur skin and Dex weapons right now. Worth getting even if you already have them.
  17. TF2 general

    Icecream Mann is amazing. Emergency and Chicken Strike in the Comedy section were fun as well. Extraction in the Action section is super nice as well.
  18. I would have also accepted an oil spill.
  19. that's the image I wanted to reply to Cube with.
  20. TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    Just bring some plastic can holders. Problem solved.
  21. TF2 general

    Good thing is, almost all of my favourites are in. Bad news is, three of them are in the same category. Why.
  22. TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I'm a weird old man and I still buy everything available in a physical format on CD.
  23. TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Apparently you can end people rightly in for Honor now though. All three people who play that game are probably thrilled.
  24. No, he can command sharks to take the nose-hits for him.
  25. Can I just hit him on the nose, like with sharks?
  26. Do you have a plan for dealing with Aquaman?
  27. TF2 general

    I didn't watch any of them Saxxies, but I do know one thing! If The Icecream Mann doesn't win, I'll be thoroughly upset!
  28. Meanwhile, I am now registered for a scuba course! Step 1 in my plan to conquer the ocean is complete
  29. TF2 general

    http://www.sourcefilmmaker.com/saxxyawards2017/ Nominees are up, if y'all didn't see. Shame the training video didn't get it. Also "Toy Fortress" is a fuckin carbon copy of last year's "Food Fortress" which won a Saxxy.
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