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    > Find out what Homestuck is.> Discuss.
  2. Skye


    First things first. Right, moving on to business. Surprised we don't already have a thread for POKEHMANZ. We need to show us them. What's your favourite Pokemon? Favourite generation? Favourite Gym Leader? Most annoying tactic? Most time you've spent cycling up and down a single stretch of land just to hatch an egg and only to find that it's the wrong nature so you have to do all that shit again? The answer, of course, is Sableye, R/B/Y, Maylene, using Shedinja and WAY TOO ****ING MUCH. Oh yeah, if you have friend codes or whatever, go and share them for trades and battles and such. I also do a Nuzlocke Challenge story for Fire Red here. I feel cheap advertising it though, so here you found it in the super special awesome secret white text. Lucky you.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Remind me never to talk about balance ever again.
  4. Skye

    Anime General Discussion

    Guess what I just got caught up to! Spoiler I need another break.
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    Game Grumps

    Aaaargh, was coming here to post that. Yeah, it's a channel for non-gaming shenanigans or editing-related nonsense. Right now, it's got stuff like the Grumps eating Harry Potter's Every-Flavour Beans and a huge-ass editing tutorial by Barry (which I'm drinking in every second of.) Spoiler Danny's reaction to the beans are priceless.
  6. Skye

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Blizzard has never been good with balance. Like how the nerfed Murky to the point where he's completely useless. If I believed what other people told me all the time, nobody is good with balance. When you think about it, I can't think of a single developer that's praised for their balance skills. And I feel Murky is the exception to the rule, when a majority of the game - the beta of the game - feels more balanced than a finished Valve product at this point...
  7. Skye

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Blizzard made a blog post about how they balance for Heroes of the Storm. Thought it was an interesting read.
  8. Skye

    Anime General Discussion

    Watched Medabots, since I missed it during my childhood. It has very much aged, but I liked it - the core concept and the charm to the whole thing. I think a reboot could be amazing, with modern-day animation and superior voice acting (since back in those days it was all very 4Kids style) and it could incorporate more modern-day elements (like the Internet, illegal robotics, etc.)
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    Linkara made a video on how to transfer Pokemon from Gen 2 to Gen 3 as legitimately as possible (as in minimal use of external tools - still needs ROMs, I believe.) It's Patreon-only, but it's an interesting watch for those who wanted their Gold and Silver bros in the modern day. I'm sure there's other guides available online, too. EDIT: Ah, he's popped it up for everyone to see.
  10. Skye

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Please don't play School of Dragons. Please don't.
  11. Skye

    Skye's Reviews

    Skye invites you to be his guest as he tells you the tale of Belle's Quest - for who could ever love an Englishman?
  12. Skye

    Skye's Reviews

    For the sake of not blathering on about it in other topics and becoming a walking billboard for myself, here's a thread for where I can show off video reviews I make about those video games the kids are playing nowadays. The pilot episode, Secret of the Magic Crystals, was well-received so I'm continuing to make content, since I enjoy making these anyway. If you like, you can follow me on Facebook, for updates when a new video is out, and Twitter, for the same but with my usual ramblings added in for good measure. Special thanks to Silent for the use of Cityswing as theme music. I always thought it was a lovely chiptune when I heard, and it's cool that he's cool about being so cool. I wish I was that cool. With all that out of the way, here's episode one. Or two. Does a pilot episode count? Well, either way, here's Boogerman.
  13. AVGN started a decade ago. Time to feel old. :(

  14. Skye

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I'd be excited to see Zim again as a comic book series. I don't think it's the amazing perfection that most people remember it as, but in today's market, it'd be strong with its, you know, "quirkiness." It could push the envelope more than it could with early-2000s syndicated television shackling it, since with comics, there's usually less restrictions (by comparison, at least.)
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    Teaser for a new map. I like it. Has that sort of Hydro aesthetic I liked, but with a bit more colour to it (rather than lots of red rock.) Of note, March 6 to March 8 is also the date assigned for PAX East. Coincidence?
  16. Skye

    Anime General Discussion

    Tried FMA again, this time the Brotherhood one. Quite better in most regards, though it made me have to take a break by episode 4 - the one with the Sewing-Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker, and his daughter and dog. Spoiler I really liked his daughter, Nina, for being quite adorable in every way, and for being a realistic depiction of a young child. Happy, energetic, and just all around pleasant. And then I saw the chimera and the pieces starting together. It was quite disturbing for me, and it was hard to focus when I wanted to do many awful things to Mr. Tucker. In case it was unclear, hurting children is my "button". Bonus points for hurting an animal, too. I got pretty enraged for a moment. The ending with both of them being murdered was also quite horrific. "Daddy..." Ouch. Wasn't ready for a trip down dark and gritty lane so fast. And I have no doubts that this wasn't even a taste of how morbid things might get. Still, from an objective standpoint, very well-told macabre story there.
  17. Skye

    Dota General

    So it appears that the whole deal with this event - the event that is causing the DOTA network to, once again, collapse in on itself and fold like a piece of paper - is you upgrade the Year Beast with points. Points that you can buy. This is paying for power, it's just undeniable. I am getting very uncomfortable with Valve's decisions recently. Almost all items are now unmarketable and/or have some three month "lock" on them before you can trade or market them, the events are being linked with cosmetic bundles where you have to spend at least twenty dollars to get the full enjoyment of it, organisation is awful with events being "randomly" at ten minute intervals (so if you ever need to work or study or basically have a life, you're going to miss them), reports are getting more and more sparse with the penalty now ruining one of my favorite game modes, the quality threshold for cosmetics has been in sharp decline for a while and tournament bundles / Perfect World continue to get a free pass with low-poly awfulness, aaaaaand nerfs to Axe. I mean, wow, I'm Captain Cynical right now, but I'm getting less and less enthusiastic about DOTA now. If it wasn't for how tight and great the gameplay was, and how amazing it was as an e-sport, I'd probably just play Heroes of the Storm more often (which uses hero rotation, something I dislike, and has basically no art style, but at least it's upfront about its paywalls instead of hiding them deviously.) What a rant. Bah. I just hate seeing things I like start sinking.
  18. Skye

    Dota Scoreshot thread

    WE EVOLVE, BEYOND THE PLAYER WE WERE A MINUTE BEFORE LITTLE BY LITTLE, WE ADVANCE A BIT FURTHER WITH EACH GAME THAT'S HOW A BLACK HOLE WORKS (Slowly advancing up the Enigma ranks. I will break the top 100. My Black Hole will consume the heavens.)
  19. Skye

    Dota General

    Nothing like a new event for me to go FULL TILT. D:
  20. Skye

    Dota General

    Update's live. The wolves are at your door.
  21. Skye

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Abathur is so much fun, it's unreal. I feel like the fucking king of the battleground.
  22. Skye

    We Media Now: TF2 Edition

    It's all I ever wanted and more.
  23. Skye

    ITT the year is 2010

    I wonder if we should make a thread five years from now about the shit we say about this year. Still though, Tangled, right? Disney will never top that. Ever.
  24. Skye

    Dota General

    Summing it up for those who need a quick version: Winter Wyvern. Ranged Intelligence support hero. Can temporarily become flying and gain huge attack range to slow and burn enemies from afar, can hit and slow several enemies at once with ice shards, can temporarily encase an ally in ice to block physical damage and heal them, and can curse an enemy hero to be attacked by other enemy heroes for a short time. Voiced by Alyx / Legion Commander. Looks cool. (Get it?) Frost Avalanche arcana for Crystal Maiden. Main feature is that an adorable little icewolf pup follows Crystal Maiden. It's fucking cute. For the heartless, it can be toggled on and off. Other than that, it has the usual Arcana affair; custom spell effects, animations, ambient effects, icons, and an icewolf pup emoticon. Can be pre-ordered for 20% off. Year Beast Brawl event is mentioned - buying the arcana gets you points for it - but not detailed. New Bloom map is back. Lanterns are now added. Mercurial's Call, the alternate Spectre voice, is out. It makes her intelligible, yet retains this very creepy filter. Very spooky, actually. I like it. Item drops are reworked. Single items drop frequently, while sets and treasures are still rare. No change to the marketing restrictions. I'm still not happy with it, but it's a step in the right direction. Items can be recycled into a prediction token. Predict games correctly for a free treasure, and incorrectly for shards towards making another token. New cosmetics. Three sets teased, for Vengeful Spirit, Axe, and Keeper of the Light. Also a courier I can't really describe. Small draconic skeletonesque... thing. New effigy material, Jade. Bonus points if you make an Earth Spirit statue with it. Harmonies of New Bloom music pack. Excellent stuff. Loading screen by Danidem, resembling traditional Chinese artwork. Looks amazing. WeLoveFine New Bloom merchandise added. I would love the Techies shirt, if their postage fees weren't so enormous. Phantom Lancer now in Captain's Mode. Juggernaut nerfed with less agility gain and higher early-game manacosts. Axe nerfed with Berserker's Call ending if he dies and higher threshold for Culling Blade. Vengeful Spirit nerfed with Wave of Terror lasting a shorter time. Bugfixes.