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  1. im going to leave bye
  2. New TF2 Update Idea: The Better Matchmaking Update!

    Idols are the highest of monster girls
  3. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

    Mirai Akari is relevant because she was the first.
  4. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

  5. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

    PUBG memegirl
  6. Anime General Discussion

  7. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

    ∠( 'ω')/おはよ〜っ!
  8. What song are you listening to RIGHT now?

    The Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class made me want to learn sweep picking because of the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle sweep solo. And then I listened to Dethklok outside of the show and realized that it's really just pretty boring and not very interesting. that being said its probably because death metal is boring and not very interesting and doom metal is the best metal and only old metal genre that has never gained mass commercial success while also being the most creative field of metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. New TF2 Update Idea: The Better Matchmaking Update!

    here is a cute succubus from the hit metroidvania platformer called rabi-ribi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. New TF2 Update Idea: The Better Matchmaking Update!

    what the fuck did you just say to me i'll fucking kill you you fucking bitch i don't care what the fuck you say this is a motherfucking free country you fucking commie i'll send the helicopters right now go back to your country the right wing death squad known formally as ICE is coming for you and your kind
  11. Anime General Discussion

    its not
  12. New TF2 Update Idea: The Better Matchmaking Update!

    the new one isnt cute
  13. New TF2 Update Idea: The Better Matchmaking Update!

    i liked that part of konosuba she was one of the best characters
  14. its part of the new move to make this forum more obscure. if you're unable to browse the forums without the main page, then you're not 1337 enough