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    mesa on reg spuf tobi/ace! on steam. hi. you guys seemed cool so i jumped on the bandwagon.
  2. Sorry, but you're incorrect about a few things. I'm not that type of a person to just advertise and leave. I'm a lurker. I simply don't post in things that I have no interest in. Also, a friend mentioned this to me. How is metal going down? The metal:key ratio has been pretty much the same. People have pretty much ALWAYS been idling. According to your logic, keys should've rised a few months after the Uber/F2P Update. What about market and the premium gift? Yes, they had a influence, but nothing to make keys to spike. Currently, keys should be 3-3.66 instead of 5 refined+. If you don't believe me, you can look it up yourself.
  3. Yes, trading/economy thread. It's also somewhat long so if you aren't into that type of stuff, leave now. If you haven't heard of me by now, then you've either been living under a rock or I'm not as popular as I thought. This trade should give you a gist of what I'm trying to do. My plan is to bring keys below 5 refined or whatever they are now. How? Price manipulation. Yes, I know it's wrong, but we can either wait for keys to drop down or have Valve do something. Currently, a couple of my trusted friends and a few others are selling and buying keys for 2.33+. We're attempting to hit 50 trades before April 27th. Why 50 trades and why before that date? Backpack.tf requires at least 50 successful trades for keys too change in price. April 27th is the day we'll "strike". Selling keys for 2.33-3 refined and buying them for the same price. Then we'll come to backpack.tf and start a suggestion to change the price. By the time we do so, we'll have enough valid proof to change key prices. It's unlikely that we will fail if things go according to my plan. So, what happens next? If Backpack.tf does reject our suggestion, then they're hypocrites. Not following their own rules. A few of my friends have a Vendetta against Backpack.tf and plan to prove that they're corrupted. I have nothing against them, but they've asked me to create a new spreadsheet in response. Yes, both spreadsheets seemed like good things in the beginning, but they eventually crumbled down. So why am I making one? Some people can't think for themselves and value prices on their own. However, this spreadsheet won't bother with unusuals for obvious reasons. But what about metal? Metal hasn't really changed. People have always been idling. Yes, there is a effect on keys, but nothing major. This is the Key Rebellion. If you have any questions or you just wanna call me stupid for coming up with this, ask in the thread. If there was something I didn't account for, tell me. tl;dr read the entire thread you dope.