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  1. I did play some MvM with Captain Blades recently. he got a Professional Killstreak Fabricator for the Sticky Bomb launcher and I realised that Mann Up mode is a massive scam.
  2. Medic

    What do you look for in a game?

    I genuinely don't know any more. I suppose these days it's a jump-in-and-out feeling, the ability to leave whenever I want and a sheer amount of casual play.
  3. Medic

    Happy Jump Day!

    Tis that day again. Well, the traditional Wednesday Jump Day thing.
  4. Sometimes you just need to keep on suggesting therapy. Or something similar. Because therapy isn't for everyone. I should know. All therapy did was make me a better liar.
  5. Thing is I liked the simplicity of Minecraft but now it all feels so crowded. Kinda wish I could just pick and choose what I want. Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders and Creepers rather than all the dumb reskin mobs, keep the corals because oceans were boring but get rid of the billion food types, potions and stupid enemies. And the End is still super shitty.
  6. I kinda want to play Minecraft now but I don't want to get fucked over by the 1/10 chance of a Drowned spawning with 3-hit-kill weapons on normal difficulty.
  7. It's one of those days where I'm kinda just waiting on people to get back to me. Also someone told me they'd spoken to their website host and they'd gotten an SSL certificate for their website and please could I make sure everything works right. I grabbed my favourite plugin Really Simple SSL and... it didn't detect the certificate. So I looked up the certificate and the certificate was for some completely different website and I've got no idea what's going on.
  8. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Looks cool. No way I'll ever be able to run it though.
  9. Holiday's over. I have so much horrible work to get back to tomorrow.
  10. I one day want to make a really over the top dragon costume. Probably of Alduin.
  11. Wow I remembered my password.
  12. Hey that's my line. But yeah that sucks. Phone sounds totally dead.
  13. I had 19k posts with one expired infraction, I think I would have been fine.
  14. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    There's always some drama in the Skyrim modding community where people just take their mods and go home, removing them from the Nexus and whatever because they can't be bothered to deal with people and/or crappy code any more, or because someone pissed them off or gave a bad review or something.
  15. Well technically everyone's banned from SPUF now.