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  1. Got a Scottish man staying at my place so the topic's not been brought up.
  2. Warframe

    Yeah the scarf alert is fixed. I did it but didn't check to see if you got two. They added it alongside the dojo decoration update last night.
  3. Warframe

    Free Excalibur skin and Dex weapons right now. Worth getting even if you already have them.
  4. TF2 general

    Icecream Mann is amazing. Emergency and Chicken Strike in the Comedy section were fun as well. Extraction in the Action section is super nice as well.
  5. I'd say he had a good life, but he spent a large chunk of it completely immobile. Didn't believe in an afterlife either.
  6. Warframe

    Waiting patiently for the next hotfix. Not because of any bugs or anything, but it means we get our new clan emblem.
  7. TF2 general

    Holy fuck the custom content in Agent Gunn. That's amazing.
  8. Fingers crossed the insurance pays out properly.
  9. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    The only time Special Edition is worth it is when you get it for free for already owning Legendary Edition. The base game, as it is, is still prone to the 10 billion bugs the original Skyrim had and still needs a ton of mods to make it playable.
  10. There's mandatory military service here, recently reduced to 14 months (from 21 months). Brother did 10 months because of various reasons, mostly because dad was ill at the time. Women do 'Civil Defense', you take classes informing you what to do in an emergency. I got a first aid certificate from that.
  11. Well she laughs like someone who sucks a lot of cock. [USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST] -PLEASE do not insult rich bitch
  12. The thing that sticks out for me is that people INSIDE the development team were also unhappy. I'm glad that you are slowly getting your game back though. It always sucks when a developer sticks their head in the sand and stands by universally unwanted decisions.
  13. My grandparents have like 5 fig trees and are constantly trying to give us figs they can't sell.
  14. 100% of people who drink water die.

    1. hugthebed2


      but it can't be proven since some people who have drank some water are still alive?

      What if one is a statistical anomaly

    2. ToasterToastin'


      You know who else drank water?




      Thanks Obama.

    3. Medic


      We haven't found someone yet who drank water and has lived for more than 125-130 years so I think we can make some assumptions for now.