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  1. Medic

    Destiny General

    It's basically a more serious Borderlands with a completely irredeemable bad guy.
  2. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Thoughts on the whole Diablo Immortal thing? Bad reception or not, it'll still make a fuckton of money because mobile games always do.
  3. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Maybe it' worth hiring some help when it comes to making DELTARUNE. So that there's still a fan base to play it when it's finished.
  4. Literally nowhere was doing anything Halloween-y this year because it was Wednesday.
  5. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I got nothing but fireworks, Latron blueprints and Smoke palettes. And the idiot I was, I sold all of my Latron blueprints before realising that the Latron is a crafting ingredient in the Tiberon.
  6. I still don't get all the hate toward what people jerk off to. If you don't like furry porn, then don't go looking for furry porn.
  7. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Only reason I joined the discord server was because they mentioned Nitain Extract as rewards for something or other. Normally I'd pass, but fricking Nitain Extract, if I can get that for zero effort, why not?
  8. But elves are REALLY FUCKING BORING. They're just humanoids with pointy ears and an affinity for magic and occasionally archery. There's a reason there's very, very few actual humans in my writings. Because humans are pricks and elves take all the stuck up shit humans do and pump it up to eleven. Sure, other stories try to do their own spins on these things, but so often we end up falling back to the same elf tropes. In the mean time, I'm quite happy with my lizardwomen, Bohrok rip-offs, rubber-skinned creatures with organic plastic armour and 3m tall horned carnivorous kangaroos.
  9. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    This Fortuna Discord Server thing is annoying me more than it's hyping me up. Either do an actual ARG or do actual teasers or shut up and just release the damn thing.
  10. Every time I write about deities and ultra powerful beings, they end up going all Greek God-like, having very human characteristics and, in several cases, wanting to fuck everything. I mean that's essentially Yisini's job, to fuck everything, since she's the goddess of life, fertility and birth, but that's not the point.
  11. Medic

    TF2 general

    Yeah, fuck them. Let the Spies have their fun.
  12. Medic

    TF2 general

    No damn update page though.
  13. Medic


    My last dream involved me and Mewtwo trying to stop a dam from blowing up. The perpetrator? Mew.
  14. Where has 2018 gone in general?
  15. Medic

    It's Time to Place Your Bets

    And piss off all the people who wanted to say "it's been 365 days since the last major update".