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  1. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Since I never seem to have any socks ever, I'll go with socks. I've wanted to switch to Skyrim Special Edition for a while, but most of the (more used) mods I like use SKSE, and with Bethesda updating SE every few weeks, that means you have to update SKSE64 as well and then possibly wait for some mods to update as well, and it's just, ugh, not worth it. I don't play Skyrim often enough to want to troubleshoot the game every time I play, and apparently Mod Organizer 2 is a bit crashy and buggy as well. It's all made worse by the fact that my normal Skyrim setup works fine.
  2. Well, they don't HAVE to buy these things. You need some sort of competition.
  3. Star Wars Thread

    I saw The Last Jedi on Thursday. Was pretty good. Too much failure and incompetence, and Rey is a fucking awful Mary Sue, but it was a good movie.
  4. Honestly Disney buying all this stuff is kinda worrying. Monopolies are worrying.
  5. Warframe

    I got Mirage Prime, don't care about Akbolto Prime, Kogake Prime is being a cunt and not dropping.
  6. TF2 general

    Scream Fortress is kinda special for me, that was when I started playing. But the content we got was so small, it was the same size as or even less than a Scream Fortress update.
  7. Well, I got Mirage Prime already. Just waiting for her to bake.

    1. A 1970 Corvette
    2. Medic


      What? I farmed my relics and made sure to keep my 900 void traces handy.

  8. Net Neutrality guff

    Ajit Pai's dick is probably more punchable. Would hurt way more too.
  9. TF2 general

    Wasn't worth losing a real Scream Fortress update over.
  10. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    God that looks like every other piece of teenage action drivel, oh hey random poor person down on their luck suddenly ends up doing great things and there's a rebellion too.
  11. Warframe

    Warframe specters revive fallen defense targets in Sortie Defense as well.
  12. Yeah but surviving would be worse than just dying in the initial event because I would guaranteed die of ketoacidosis and that's a slow, not at all fun way to go.
  13. Apocalyptic scenarios bother me because I know that, even if I survive the initial world-damaging event, I'll be dead within six months once I run out of medication.