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  1. Medic


    See I'm the other way around. Most Archwing stuff is pretty neat, but the submersible stuff is dreadful because it's so small and claustrophobic. The open space Grineer maps are awesome. The Corpus maps are often too small and without a functional waypoint system and a proper 3d map, it's hellish.
  2. Medic


    I admittedly haven't even done the Pursuit mission. There's no actual need to do it except for a tiny bit of Mastery and to access a Defection mission.
  3. Medic

    TF2 general

    Captain Blades does a lot of stuff for that. Once asked me if I'd consider doing a website design for them. I said no because I'm shit at making websites.
  4. It's June and it's fucking raining, wtf.
  5. Medic


    Mag's the best if you want to do Hijack. If not, I've got a Capacitance Volt ready to give you a hand. But Europa IS a step up in difficulty. To the point that they removed Namaah, the Raptor Boss Fight, from the requirements for Saturn. More importantly though: Start maxing your Serration, Hornet Strike and Pressure Point mods. Intensify, Vitality and maybe Steel Fiber too if you can.
  6. Medic


    All we did was calm down an angry Excalibur and fight some Sentients. Basically the New Strange but with more anger.
  7. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I haven't tried it, but 4/4 of the people on my friends list who have all said they hated it.
  8. Medic

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    This game is currently free on GoG.
  9. Medic

    E3 2018

    Elswyr and Black Marsh would both be amazing, but it's almost guaranteed to be somewhere with humans or mer, simply because they're more relatable to a casual audience. I'm going with Hammerfell or High Rock. Some people have suggested the white city in the snippet trailer is a close match to a city called Rihad. I noticed there were not one but two games both involving solving mysteries as a taxi driver.
  10. Medic

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm surprised Evolve hadn't already died. It's a shame that free to play could have saved it if they'd done it earlier on. Or not made it $60 with an extra $60 in DLCs from the start.
  11. If it exists, people will do dumb things with it.
  12. Medic


    Free Warframe thing: scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for the news letter. The code you get needs to be inserted on the Promo Code page of your Warframe account, either in the In-Game Market or via the Warframe website. 200k credits (or 20 Seimeni Runs or 1 and a half Index Runs), a Syandana and some affinity boosters. Also I hit MR22. I am a DRAGON now.
  13. Getting my F for Respects in early as I have a big exam tomorrow.
  14. Medic

    TF2 general

    You guys were playing MvM? I fucking love MvM. An MvM update is the one thing that might actually drag me back to TF2.