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  1. owels

    Jungle Inferno Update Thread

    I'm conflicted on this glitch, one one hand it's kind of game breaking and need hotfixing. On the other hand, it's really fun to use.
  2. owels

    Jungle Inferno Update Thread

    Rainblower no longer shoots rainbows. That makes me said.
  3. owels


    Hello everyone! I'm from old spuf before it got shut down, you may or may not remember me since I didn't post lots. I like watching anime, with Love Live being my favourite right now (with Nicomaki being my favourite ship, and Nico being my best girl). I write fanfiction, and occasionally contribute to the Daily SPUF, although it's been quite a while since I've contributed. Not much else I can think of, guess I'm a boring person? (I stole this from majer63's introduction because it's mostly the same and I'm too lazy to think of making it original)