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  1. Submit your design ideas for SPUF's virtual YouTuber design below

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    2. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      "Sup nerds~"

    3. TheOnlyGuyEver


      Opening line should be "g'day mates" because new people will think that she is Australian for half a second.

    4. Gyokuyoutama


      But really the Vtuber will be from New Zealand.

  2. :stopsound:

    1. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      You cannot use cheat commands online.

    2. Idiot Cube
  3. if i hear greta van fleet on the radio one more time im gonna saw my own arm off

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    2. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      Whatever fag I'm gonna keep crushin' it

    3. General DeGroot

      General DeGroot

      Man, come on. I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man.

    4. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      in the same vein as my original thought, the past seven out of eight times I got in my car this fucking song was playing 



      I hate it HATE IT HATE IT

  4. 300 years into moonwatching and chill and they give you this look

    what do

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    2. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      It's post apocalyptic, it's got pretty gems, and has a strange but cool world that always makes you wonder what the hell is really going on

    3. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      Shit man, I love me some weird post-apocalyptic worlds!

    4. TheOnlyGuyEver


      I don't like post-apocalypse, but I like mysteries and mystery books. And if by pretty gems you mean literal gemstones then that's okay. So that's a 1.3/3 points.

  5. I'm not trapped in here with you you're trapped in here with me
  6. A 1970 Corvette

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    Yeah, THAT'S the surreal thing about that video.
  7. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    PlanetSide's DX11, Spawn System Revamp, and (members only) Robot Faction are coming... tomorrow! This update is huge. I suspect things will be hilariously buggy, but the DX11 performance improvements are pretty legit, if the test server is anything to go by. I figured I'd shill things since this update does address the issues of performance that many people have out there. And
  8. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I know I shouldn't be surprised but I still am
  9. A 1970 Corvette

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    Where's the love for the ambassador?!
  10. A 1970 Corvette

    Anime Girl Quiz

    Recognized five but only could name two Beat that, nerds
  11. A 1970 Corvette

    Anime General Discussion

    Like I said, I dropped it after Kaban appeared, so I really dunno what happens afterward but I assume it's more of the same (the discussions I've seen seem to confirm that) She literally does nothing. There was a microscopic tease that Serval was the same Serval as Season 1 who lost her memories, but literally nothing happens with it when Kaban shows up, her blandness almost seems like she's just given up on the world. It's just a complete insult to everything before it. Kaban also seems to have no attachment to Serval at all. Why the hell did they even connect it to season 1 at all? It always kinda tried to clumsily hint at something, but it anticlimaxes it every single time. The episode before the Kaban episode ends with a dramatic reveal that it's a grown up Kaban, and she saves the original party from a wild Friend (called Beast, which I assume becomes the final antagonist since it is more or less following the party around since the start) by throwing a paper airplane, and it's all pretty cool seeming. But then the next episode, all she does is sit in a lab with the two owls (who also lost all their fun character bits) and spouts some exposition for the plot that anyone could have already guessed. Then the "conflict" of the episode doesn't even really concern her at all, and the end is just her waving with dead eyes like she's probably a few bottles of whisky away from just staying in bed 'till she dies. None of the cool inventive Kaban that was in S1, or even the image of "the charismatic human that can control or befriend animals" that seemed to be an overarching theme for the second season. She was just some girl in a labcoat. If it were in a vacuum the show would have been brushed aside as a kinda airheaded kids show about animal girls but the fact that it makes so many callbacks to season 1, yet faceplants every single time it does, makes it seem almost mean spirited. Not to mention that the animation quality is almost worse than season 1's irodori brand animation, and the character models look much more awkward despite being more smoothed and clean. to summarize, it's the soul-soulless meme but pretty much true
  12. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    If any of you are fans of seeing serious, like amazingly bad game-breaking bugs, check out the PlanetSide 2 Test Server, where the first iteration of the DX11 engine upgrade is up. There's... some issues.
  13. A 1970 Corvette

    Anime General Discussion

    To continue with the trend of shitting on KemoFure 2, its 12th episode officially beat out Yugioh Arc-V for "least liked episode of a show on niconico" Considering the effect both had of having awesome parts then slamming into the ground, I'm not super surprised, but damn. The amount of ratings for KemoFure 2 is waaay higher than Arc-V's as well.
  14. A 1970 Corvette

    Anime General Discussion

    Nobody here is watching seasonal stuff, but I'm gonna rank Winter 2019 anyway: Kemurikusa and Kotobuki are hard to choose between the two for AotS, but I think Kemurikusa edges Kotobuki out by a little margin. Both shows are 3DCG; coincidence??! Both of them started out simple and built up the world and intrigue, with Kemurikusa being weirder and Kotobuki being more conventional. I think Kemurikusa handled characters better (I pity the poor fools that dropped it because of Wakaba in the first three episodes) while Kotobuki's action was better. Of course you can make gripes about the art directions and CG in both. I could look past it all easily in Kemurikusa save for a few scenes (sadly at the last episode is where things kinda get messy) but Kotobuki gets a little weirder because of a switch between 2D and 3D that looks strange at times - but still perfectly functional. The planes are obviously CG but they make it look good and they use sounds and music well. And they don't have someone chattering during the entire goddamn dogfighting segments explaining everything which is a huge bonus for me since I'm tired of that shit in every single show Other than that, there were some other ones (from good to bad) -WataTen: Good but totally destroyed suspension of disbelief on last episode because the elementary school play wasn't a disaster. It's "that show that people watch solely to make reaction faces"-core for sure, but enjoyable if you like cutesy comedy -Endro: JRPG Hero Party story with a distinct brand of Namori's yuruyuri artstyle and everyone in it is a dummy. It was pretty funny, though no Milky Holmes. -Ueno-san: The premise is that Ueno is a brilliant inventor who wants to get with a neutron star-dense guy. The first six minutes of the first episode is her trying to get him to drink her urine. I think anyone will know if they like the show within those first six minutes. -Gotoubun no Hanayome: Pretty standard adaption, though there's QUALITY here and there it was fine. Probably not worth picking over the manga? Still enjoyable -Magical Spec-Ops Asuka: I kept watching, hoping it would be a trainwreck, but it was more like a train that never could leave the station because the wheels were made of bad art quality and fights and generally just everything. There were a few moments that were okay. Maybe one every two episodes. -KemoFure 2: I dropped it after Kaban's episode because it was clear that they were just unaware of what made the first season fun. Don't mean to be a tatsukifag but it was kinda jarring watching this and Kemurikusa in the same season. Wasn't fun at all. All in all this season was a surprise because I thought it would be garbage and it turned out to have two really strong shows and a bunch of good ones. 8.5/10