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  1. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    It's technically good for the real PS2, because we're sniping anything that they do since the codebases are similar - people are theorizing that PS2's DX11 conversion may have been a joint effort between PS2's team and the people dev-ing PSA. But I still don't like it; the type of game it's trying to be is antithetical to what PlanetSide is. It's like if you modded Halo Reach and removed the high jumps, made Sprint the only armor ability, cranked the damage up on all weapons, removed respawns, removed melee and gave a knife slot instead and made it a bomb defusal gamemode only. And also added crates that had rare knives that russian mafiosos would use to launder money. One of the strengths of PS2 is that per server, all PS2 players can provide gameplay for one another because they're all on the same game instance. If PSA doesn't get really good numbers I wonder how common the "500 player battle royale" and "250v250 TDM" that they want really will be. I imagine that a lot of lobby merging will have to happen before a game gets going. One of the things PS2 players whined about a LOT was ping issues for people playing abroad (mainly Chinese players flooding the US West server with high-ping players); PS2 team fixed that by adding a new Asia server. If or when PSA starts getting low player count, it's going to be aggregating people from all across the world into their "large matches". The ping issues will be awful, and even worse than other games because of PS2's engine having lots of quirks that make ping issues worse. Maybe it'll be fine. PS2's shooting is pretty solid once you get used to the mechanics, and the maps should be nice and expansive. But it seems a little... wrong.
  2. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Joking aside, PS Arena is essentially PlanetSide Lite. It's going to have the shooting mechanics and physics of PS, but in a lobby shooter game. Currently slated to have big team deathmatch (devs saying 250 v 250?) and a Battle Royale mode with up to a thousand players. Maps are big, supposedly only one map on launch that is similar to PS2's Amerish map. Pretty much all art assets are from PS2 except for a few armor and weapons. It will feature vehicles but it seems like they're fixed-loadout vehicles without customization. So far the Flash, Vanguard, Sunderer have been shown as well as a hoverbike. No word on air vehicles. It's going to have a "season" set of development where they add new things like a CTF mode periodically. Buy the season pass! So if you liked PlanetSide but didn't like all the things that made it PlanetSide (somehow) then this is the game for you! Trying to not get angry.
  3. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    PlanetSide Arena - Exciting Science Fiction Battle Royale Game Coming Soon! Preorder now!
  4. It's what all the hip dudes do, man.
  5. Kind of unrelated but has anyone EVER heard someone say "It's time for a conversation" without the implied "(on why I'm right and you're wrong)?"
  7. A 1970 Corvette

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I like Foglio art. It's weird. I prefer weird to boring.
  8. It's been a trend that advertisers don't wanna put their stuff on sites that have porn, or really anything "unsavory" and that's why pretty much every popular site has been purging people and/or banning significant tracts of their users Pretty soon there's going to be a strict line between "advertiserland" and "pornland" and a few of the non-porn but also non-advertiser-friendly types of content will just be strongarmed off the internet entirely
  9. Jesus christ how horrifying
  10. A 1970 Corvette

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    God damn is the only thing I can say to that
  11. Alcohol if I feel like it and nothing important has to happen after this Water for most other situations Soda for a treat now and then Monster™ Energy for GAMER TIME
  12. Hey man, if it was Tequila you'd feel like absolute garbage the next day.
  13. We must all agree that Tequila is fucking vile
  14. I've been trying wines whenever I can and I think some of them are interesting, but not really anything worth going out of your way for. But that's kind of my experience with all alcohol. I think I still like shots the most. Most of the drinks I've had are just spreading the grossness of a shot over a longer period. I'd rather just take it and be done. Maybe I've not had a good one yet?
  15. Not really a fan of thanksgiving food except for mashed potatoes and biscuits honestly. But the dinner is fun and I love the rest of the holiday so it can't be helped.