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  1. A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    >suicide silence What were you expecting lmao
  2. A 1970 Corvette

    What do you look for in a game?

    Like, in the sense of any type of game, or multiplayer games only, or? Also linear singleplayer a best. Yahtzee said it best when it feels like the open world "choose your own path" is more of an excuse to not thoughtfully design encounters rather than for any actual fun factor. Maybe I've been playing too much Far Cry.
  3. A 1970 Corvette

    What do you look for in a game?

    What's the things you seek out in games? What kind of gameplay or story or visuals or cute gun grills will make you have more than a passing interest in a new release? I'll start off with a yuge wall of text that I didn't initially mean to write out. It's gotta be fun solo. I can't stand games that are only really fun with a party stack. Having to wrangle four other people just to play the game without rolling the dice on randos defeats the purpose of a video game for me. Video games are better than other types of games because you DON'T need to get a group together and play, goddammit! I guess they're popular but I personally would rather just play a game that doesn't have bad solo experiences. I love games with wide-open objectives/achievements that just drops you in and lets you decide how important they will be. One of my favourite things about Call of Duty games was building a class around some gimmick or weapon and then getting all the challenges available for it cleared. I spent a long time mastering every release weapon in Advanced Warfare because the challenge was there, and it seemed like something very few people had ever done. PS2 is no exception with its metric tonne of directives across three factions. Games with lots of playstyles (and progression, though it's technically not really that much of a good thing compared to just unlocking everything from the start) are also super appealing to me. I loved TF2's nine classes, but you could even go further and divide the classes further with unlocks. PS2 has three factions with different weapons, ground, air, lots of classes with (somewhat) varied arsenals... I feel like I'm only halfway through it all and I have almost 2k hours in the game. Games where the items/weapons feel good to use. The gravity hammer in Halo 3, the Gauss SAW in PS2, the Magnum in Halo 1, Home Run Bat in Smash, etc. It sounds minor but I'll play the FPS with good sounding guns every time over one with Mattel toys. Games that don't remind you that you're in a game. 24/7 Hightower: no match ends, nothing breaking up your gameplay saying HEY we're gonna switch maps because this is a GAME and you probably could be doing something more important than playing a GAME. PS2 only breaks up a fight when the entire continent has been conquered, and the sky turns dark and death beams come from giant spaceships. A continent lock in PS2 feels like a good end to a session because they don't come up often. This is also a thing for singleplayer games, but definitely way more common in multiplayer games. It's not even really an "immersion" thing, just that I don't want my fun game to have to end and wait for the next round unless something really big happened. There's some other stuff but this wall of text is big enough already. TL:DR I want a big game with lots of stuff to do, with stuff that feels appropriately powerful, and doesn't suck you out of the fun to look over stats and let the other nerds get doritos or something. If you can't think of anything, maybe you have some red flags that will ensure that you don't pay much attention to a game?
  4. I want to now and then, but I realized that PlanetSide's voice command button is the same as taunt and I can't unbreak the voice line spam muscle memory
  5. A 1970 Corvette

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    If spellslinger EDH wasn't boring enough, here's another big mana enchantment for you to cheat out turn 3 and then ruin the game!
  6. Okay that's another thing that sounds like it could be good in theory, but that image just looks wrong
  7. A 1970 Corvette

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    One feature at a time. So in another four years we'll get ratings, then comments after another four years.
  8. Peas are weird and sliced ham is a little out there but all the rest of that is fine.
  9. Are eggs on burgers even good? It doesn't seem like a useful addition
  10. A 1970 Corvette

    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    I said read it not google it!!
  11. A 1970 Corvette

    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    watch/read houseki no kuni to figure it out
  12. A 1970 Corvette

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I was hoping just a little bit that Boros wouldn't get shafted but I realize now that was silly ;~;
  13. A 1970 Corvette

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    There are some pretty neat cards here and there. The Dimir lineup seems pretty okay, especially with the guy who gets deathtouch and curiosity when you surveil (and the incredibly pushed mythic demon). But Mentor just seems like a bad mechanic. Plus Legion Guildmage is trash compared to almost all of the other guildmages. Nu-Aurelia is cool and is actually a design that supports Mentor but I'm not optimistic about Boros's playability outside of a few strong cards.
  14. A 1970 Corvette

    Anime General Discussion

    Twintails/Red Eyes/Tsundere is practically a gold standard nowadays. I don't think Noire was the trend setter in that department.