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  1. So, I've noticed recently that there's been quite a few screenshots showing up on SPUF and elsewhere in which players are wearing items that are not for the class that they are playing. Here's an example. However, nobody has come forward with information on how to recreate this wonderful glitch. As a community of (mostly) intelligent, (mostly) TF2-loving people, I think that we should try to figure it out. Its discovery will bring joy to cosmetic wearers everywhere. So, does anyone have any idea what could trigger this, or any thoughts on how to find out? I've already tried to find the player that appears in the screenshot linked above, but with no luck. Feel free to just throw ideas out there.
  2. Kozmo

    Tomorrow we need to Mann Up

    I would be glad to help, but I also have no real disposable income at the moment.
  3. Kozmo

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    This video is best experienced with no context whatsoever.
  4. Kozmo

    The new map has a theme song.

    You're all wrong.
  5. Kozmo

    Smache Brothers

    EDIT: Ignore this post.
  6. Kozmo

    I'm going to Valve HQ soon!

    If you get to talk to Robin or only of the other major TF2 people, ask them if they remember an incident shortly after the Mannconomy update involving someone editing items_game.txt to essentially get free keys.I'm just curious.
  7. Kozmo

    GoldenEye: Source

    After an article on Cracked reminded me of this wonderful Source Mod's existence, I (re)downloaded it last night. As the title would suggest, it's a remake of GoldenEye on the Source engine. It's a bit low on players, but you can usually find a server that has at least 3 or 4 other people in it. Has anyone else played it? http://www.moddb.com/mods/goldeneye-source
  8. Kozmo


    This thread has gotten me all nostalgia-y. I think I'm going to go install Pokemon Online now.
  9. Kozmo

    Garfield Minus Garfield

    Old but still great. I love how Jon comes across as almost schizophrenic in most strips.
  10. Kozmo

    Games in dire need of a good remake.

    Timesplitters. Any of them. All of them. Hell, just give Future Perfect some HD graphics, release it on the PC, and add some good online multiplayer features. I would spend the full $60 on a good Timesplitters remake the second I heard one was coming out.
  11. Kozmo

    Half-Life 2: Synergy

    I'd be up for this.
  12. Kozmo

    Realm of the Mad God

    Does anyone else play this game? I've gotten a bit addicted to it recently. In case you haven't heard of it, it's a free Bullet Hell MMORPG, and unlike most free MMOs, it isn't Pay-to-Win. I highly recommend trying it.Also, if anyone here does play it regularly, I recently started a guild that I would gladly invite any regular players to.
  13. Kozmo

    The Replay sharing thread!

    This video isn't mine, but it features me:
  14. Kozmo

    Vidya Game Music

    Why yes, I have been playing Hitman recently. How did you guess?
  15. Kozmo

    My Saxxy Idea this year (wanna help?)

    I would be willing to do any part you still need, even if it's just something like a Spycrab or gang member.