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  1. Batty Batterson

    Payday General

    ​Here's a pretty good guide to skills from /pdg/. Endurance, Transporter, Sprinter, and Fast Hands are the core skills that you should always get before anything else.
  2. Batty Batterson

    Smache Brothers

    Ryu is $6 because he comes with a stage.
  3. Batty Batterson

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    You just get the cards at random from playing, which you don't even have to be actively doing. It doesn't let you join games that are at too high levels which is every game at this point so just wait a couple of hours for it to reset and then try joining one.
  4. Batty Batterson

    Steam Refunds

    If you play a game offline it doesn't track your time played. I have a few games that I played while I didn't have any internet access and as far as steam knows I haven't played them at all.
  5. Batty Batterson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    ​none of the dlc it doesn't include is actually necessary to have fun and you can always use the dlc unlocker.
  6. Batty Batterson


    I cut it off when it narrowed it down to two pokemon I didn't really care about.
  7. Batty Batterson

    Monster Hunter General

    The next main series game was revealed last night, set to be released in winter of 2015 for Japan.
  8. Batty Batterson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Gameplay videos of Hatred are starting to pop up. Looks pretty good, the violence is also pretty tame, I don't know how it got an Ao rating.
  9. Batty Batterson


  10. Batty Batterson

    Payday General

    The problem with driving is that they're just going to shoehorn it into everything now. Meltdown made pretty good use of it, other than the part where you drive for three miles while getting shot by snipers from every side and then drive back because the car can't fit infinite bags inside like the DeLorean.
  11. Batty Batterson


    Fucking doors.
  12. Batty Batterson

    The IT thread.

    I'm looking to buy a new monitor. How does this look?
  13. I was going to post the picture he posted of himself but apparently it's FUCKING GONE. Thanks, Ikea boy. Nevermind, here it is, but tiny.
  14. Batty Batterson

    Payday General

    Loud Shadow Raid is finally here. >cars nevermind it's going to be shit
  15. Batty Batterson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    What are some good multiplayer games I can pump 500 hours of my life into?