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  1. l3o2828saturday

    SPUF fun for people with trade bans!

    Hahaha.I actually got Reputation from that thread.
  2. l3o2828saturday

    It's here

    I just posted SOME of the Medic weapons upgrades.I shall keep posting more tomorrow
  3. I got nothing.and i own both Portal games. :/
  4. l3o2828saturday

    It's here

    This sounds okay.:)
  5. l3o2828saturday

    It's here

    This is Most reasonable, Gentlemen.
  6. l3o2828saturday

    It's here

    I paraphrase myself as i posted WAAAY back in the SPUF forums: "I sincerely hope they don't rework the entire system so that you have to pay to get cosmetics, That's perhaps going too far" Curse my stinking mouth...
  7. l3o2828saturday

    Frozen Synapse

    I have that game. I never actually downloaded it though, Too Busy with Hats and shit.
  8. l3o2828saturday

    Do you wear glasses?

    Yes, Yes i do.People tell me how they make me look interesting, but otherwise i prefer to not wear them.
  9. l3o2828saturday

    Thomas Was Alone

    Bloimey,That was an interesting demo ._.
  10. l3o2828saturday

    The How-you-got-your-name Thread

    I guess it's a mash-up of my birthdate...and some nicknames my friends have given me...It's pretty boring altogheter.