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  1. The Knight of Rage

    Take a Cautionary Sip. I'm Hot.

    ...and he makes the best brownies in town!
  2. The Knight of Rage


    I wrote a poem. From rust and darkness the one shall rise, In a mound of true despair and feeble lies The First Noble shall take up the title But one shall strike a blow that is vital The Page shall fall A traitor to all The Prince shall pay But sadly, not today The group in separated and broken The threat of Derse awoken The Heir shall claim his right The group shall show their might The Twelve shall unite one final time To stop the Black Queen's crime And finally the Twelve shall end her reign And the land shall be peaceful again
  3. The Knight of Rage


    ...Good job accepting your role, Witch.
  4. The Knight of Rage

    The SPUF Civil War: Rewrite

  5. >Get your dastardly sword
  6. Is there a villain to this story? If so... >Be the villain
  7. >Grab your noble weapon and slay some beasts
  8. The Knight of Rage

    The SPUF Civil War: Rewrite

    Thief. I am not represented realistically in this story. I should be slaying hundreds of otherworldy beasts with my bare hands. Let us start with an army of Orcs, yes?
  9. The Knight of Rage

    Happy valentines day subspuf.

    Yes, SPUF, Happy Heart Lust Day!
  10. The Knight of Rage


    Buddha the Bard - Land of Wood and Tea Corvette the Mage - Land of Meadows and Rain Binary the Heir - Land of Rust and Darkness Raison the Rogue - Land of Bone and Fire Ted the Thief - Land of Caves and Shadows Magickus the Seer - Land of Storm and Knowledge Rammite the Sylph - Land of Sand and Shields Commander the Maid - Land of Leaves and Fruit Cube the Witch - Land of Clouds and Clockwork Knight of Rage - Land of Violence and Violins Prince of Blood - Land of Heat and Statues Page of Heart - Land of Cards and Coins
  11. The Knight of Rage


    Hold on. I shall post all the lands.
  12. The Knight of Rage


    The La - Hold on Let me get the Text Fancifier Land of Violence and Violins I was using a different font but it looked terrible.
  13. The Knight of Rage


    I am not "heavy", as you may imply, but yes, you called?
  14. The Knight of Rage

    The SPUF Civil War: Rewrite

    I am not educated in the way of spirits. Hello, Ico! How are you today? I was once a man of the red text! It is nice to see another proper... Another proper colored text user! Yes!
  15. The Knight of Rage

    The SPUF Civil War: Rewrite

    Thief, where am I in this story? And who is this noble "Ico" you people speak of? I am not familiar with this man. Is he a wise and old magician?