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    1. TheOnlyGuyEver


      Pi Day AND Albert Einstein's birthday. My going theory is that Elon Musk sucked out Steven Hawking's life force on this day specifically to maximize its power.

    2. John Caveson

      John Caveson

      Let's hope they can extract his brain and put in a jar. I for one, welcome our new Mecha-Hawking overlord.

  1. Did a closer look today, Drivetrain + engine seems alright, but needs 2 airbags, and front end bumper/hood/maybe the body panels. Probably totaled, but my shop is friends with a good bodyshop that may do it for me.
  2. new model lexus van vs older model toyota van, new model wins. Im pretty sure car is toast, though.
  3. Pretty much, this was the extent of damage. She lived a long life, now who knows what will happen to her. From my mechanics experience, good chunk of the wiring is dead, cooling system is dead, new lines and shit for AC system, maybe some physical engine damage too. no idea if there is body damage/driveline issues.
  4. Yeah, once I get more information from insurance, I will go see one.
  5. Head on collision (About 50MPH) against dumbass trying to make a left turn at a yellow light, when they can see me oncoming. My knee hurts a bit, looks like bruising, but nothing else.
  6. So, today, I almost died in a car crash. Car is totalled, but I somehow walked away without a scratch.
  7. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    This, please
  8. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Ice climbers pls return. inb4 they introduce someone so broken it makes bayo seem balanced accidentally.
  9. He may be gone but gachiGASM and gachiBASS will be forever in our hearts.
  10. My coworker was seriously writing a program via pen and paper the other day because he was bored.,
  11. Speaking of which, who else is hyped that iowa is returning in KC?
  12. Pony Discussion

    Necroing the thread, since the game is coming out in 7 days. http://store.steampowered.com/app/574980/Thems_Fightin_Herds/
  13. Star Wars Thread

    Do they even have bird like hawks/falcons in the star wars universe?