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  1. Doopliss2008

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I also find that it is much easier to unlock challengers if you play like a scrub, like spamming attacks, whiffing moves, not dashing at all, etc, it seems to make the computer go way easier on you.
  2. it was taiwan to be precise, back when I lived there, it was, especially with kindergarten/1st grader humor levels.
  3. Thats nothing, my Chinese name is a few strokes off from another common character, and if that happens, my name almost sounds like "asparagus" .
  4. Doopliss2008

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Man, the new AI/CPU in smashU is much better than before, I used to roll them in smash4, but they bodied me this time around. also if you are having trouble with items ruining your fight with a incoming opponent, turning off items in rules then fighting them seem to help
  5. Doopliss2008

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  6. so now its literally new grounds for the tumbler refugees?
  7. Damn, I think I might have a problem compared to you guys. I can take straight whiskey/rum/etc no problem, and can polish off a fifth in about a week. on the other hand, I rarely drink soda/energy drinks now, mostly water. Coffee, black, is a must, though. but yeah, I think tequila is gross as well.
  8. I mean you dont need it to be a special occasion to have turkey, only problem is the whole bird is kinda cumbersome to prepare, roast, and store. Im more of a roast ham guy myself.
  9. Doopliss2008

    TF2 general

    courtesy of reddit play with sound on.
  10. Doopliss2008

    Favorite game Mosaic

    >opens thread >XYTWO post on top of the page >looks back so many people gone, and so much memories Now I feel bad Anyways here be mine with the theme of logos only
  11. 2 showed up, Turning all the visible lights off helps,, I think.
  12. Doopliss2008

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    There are still 5 more DLC characters, though, and the plant is not one of them. Rumors are 2 of the characters are someone microsoft related and something squaresoft/enix related.
  13. Doopliss2008

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Honestly, I liked how SSE was despite how some people hate on it, and it seems like the new mode in SSBU does not have platforming based/adventure maps, so im a bit bummed out. Just saying though, an online battle royale mode with the smash run map from N3DS would be kickass.
  14. Doopliss2008

    TF2 general

    in a nutshell: more unusuals and crates for more moneygrabs from volvo
  15. Doopliss2008

    TF2 general

    1 year without a major update now FeelsBadMan