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  1. They did surgery to remove the blood clot and there were no complications with the surgery. I know they removed parts of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain, but I don't really know much else other than that.
  2. He'll absolutely be back. Animals are weird, they remember people who feed them. He'll remember that you fed him. You can call the humane society and get a humane trap, which you load and set with food. And as soon as it steps on the little lever thing (think of it like a mouse trap, but it doesn't snap their neck.), the door closes behind them and traps them. It'll be difficult, because you have to know he's around and kind of lure him in. Otherwise, you'll get wild animals like raccoons and shit. Or, you could go out at the same time every night and see if he's out there. Animals also know how to adapt to things around them, so he should have a chance of survival.
  3. I scrolled through this very quickly, so forgive me if I missed things. One. Are you doing it by hand? holy shit. Two. Have you considered selling things on etsy?
  4. Is it full of women, like I said? Also one of my favorite people came back into my life again. However, she is a flight risk and she will give up in about two days. Oh, Danielle. I can't help but love you.
  5. So, uh.. Life update, I guess; I'm dating a huge weeb. His name is Epi. He lives in Texas. I currently live in New Hampshire with my mom and my grandmother, because we are homeless for a second time. My grandmother hates me. It's fun. I graduated high school. I went to beauty school for a few months, and then gave up and decided I wanted to pursue a career in Forensic Psychology. I start sometime next year. Meh.
  6. What's up with the pixelated picture? Hey, Huff!
  7. aaaaaye, I'm back. I need friends right now, so I figured I'd come haunt you guys for a bit. I don't even know what to update you guys on. So, yeah. Yo.
  8. I actually start it Thursday. I have to go in and do all that shit. YAYYY
  9. My longest relationship is actually two years, so shaddup. My shortest was two and a half hours (Ram, i give you two guesses) but, in terms of the last year or so - yeah. its my longest. Hes irritating sometimes, but I couldnt ask for anyone better.
  10. UPDATE: Oh, boy. Where do I begin? Things have been pretty awesome lately. I started school. I go to a beauty school not that far from me, and it's draining, but amazing. I've been with my boyfriend, Michael (LOLOLOLOLOLOL Brammite is still not a thing), for a month and fifteen days. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He's the best. We don't fight, he doesnt get mad at me, blahblah. AND I GOT A MOTHERFUCKING WIFI EXTENDER. GUESS WHO'S BACK, BITCHES?! i mean it this time, i promise. I miss you guys. Definitely playing xyzzy soon.
  11. ​Not completely. They're like, tasteful nudes now. It's gonna be like, "HEY IM NAKED BUT MY HANDS COVERING MY NIPPLE"
  12. I was told I should start posting again. I'll think about it. I'm going to school full time, plus I'm trying to find another job because I decided to get fired from the other one. blahblahblah yay.
  13. Ayyyyye. It's Brittany, Bitch. I graduate next week. This is really fucking weird.
  14. ​How can you have more than one best friend? ​I have Michael and Danielle. Danielle is the love of my life and no one can take her away from me.
  15. To add onto my drinking, I just tried to contact the kid I lost my virginity to. For the second time this week. I'm crying. I want to scream. I really wanna cut. My mom's in new hampshire. My best friend is no where to be found. My other best friend is in rehab. Im so done.