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  1. I miss my skype statuses where I could just put in a stupid quote every few days with no context.

    1. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      What do you think status updates are for?

    2. TheOnlyGuyEver


      ...You know this site has those, right?

    3. hugthebed2


      it's not the SAME

  2. It's annoying that youtube tries to recommend you videos for weeks from someone you just unsubscribed from. I unsubbed for a reason - stop trying to bring me back!
  3. hugthebed2

    apex legends

    My friend and I enjoyed it a lot when people sucked at building so you could easily win off of aim alone but as soon as the game shifted to everyone building a 1x1x20 tower as soon as you shot them it got pretty bland and annoying (plus we got burned out grinding out the first ever battlepass). Apex took me like 10 games to get into before I felt like I was actually being useful. Once you learn to live without lifeline it's pretty fun considering my friend loves to just go in on people - which a composition or Pathfinder and Wraith can do. I still suck without singleshot weapons though. dubs 4 days
  4. hugthebed2

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Kind of crazy that when Apex Legends silently dropped everyone immediately bashed on it but now a week later it is widely regarded as being an incredible example of how game companies can improve upon a formula and make it refreshing and fun. Seriously, Blackout feels so soulless compared to this.
  5. It might interest you that the answer was related to google+ but you might get uninterested when you learn it was because I put in my real age and they immediately blackmailed me into sending proof I was older than 13 or else they'd delete my account. oops no proof
  6. Damn, my minecraft account got stolen 15 days ago. Never migrated to a mojang account because the original email I used got banned from google. Checked some old stuff and couldn't find the transaction, ughhh. I wouldn't really care if I lost my Roblox account but my minecraft account still gets some use, so I want to get it back but I barely have any proof. How annoying.
  7. hugthebed2

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    mario kart looks different
  8. hugthebed2

    Random Image Thread: Animu Edition

    rip above huevo A wild Gyoku appears
  9. Aw man, RIP. My dog is approaching 11 years old soon and if she ends up getting sick another time it might be her last sickness she ever has because it's getting pretty expensive.
  10. hugthebed2


    I can never do charts for these because I will often just not watch any shows from a season for no particular reason. Will I watch more than four seasonal shows this year?!? Hopefully, but I've got an entire year to figure that out. I know I've got Monogatari in the next two months, Non Non Biyori Vacation in probably three months, as well as the Psycho Pass movies later on. My figure collection has grown two-fold since last year - I just hope that doesn't keep up.
  11. hugthebed2

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    You can't watch this video after January 15th rip annotations
  12. I know "cursed" and "toxic" don't have the same connotation but there was a short period a few months ago where people tried to emulate the original "cursed images" by just putting beans in random places but now just any picture or video that is slightly weird is labeled as being cursed. I guess "this is cursed" technically replaced "this is a cringeworthy thing" but the word I remember being spouted all the time before this was definitely toxic.
  13. When did "cursed" overtake "toxic" as the most overused word online?