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  1. This reminds me that I should probably ask my Grandma tomorrow if I can use her Prime account and buy it through there.
  2. hugthebed2

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    It infuriates me that Valve took the time with today's patch to CS:GO to remove the ability to mod what character you see on the main menu of the game. They wasted some 20 minutes changing/adding lines of code so that you can't mod something that has no way of giving any advantage at all. What happened to the Valve that spent months revamping L4D2's moddability multiple times so that you can essentially do anything you want with it now? The only reason tf2 still has custom HUDs is because it's probably the one thing that would never get shut up about mod-wise if it were to be removed.
  3. hugthebed2

    Anime General Discussion

    Serial Experiments Lain is 20 years old today. Shoutouts to @Wulff for the fauux share back then.
  4. hugthebed2

    Non-Magic CCGs

  5. @A 1970 Corvette smells
























  6. hugthebed2

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Are you sure Sabrina the Teenage Witch isn't accurate?
  7. hugthebed2

    TF2 general

    thx for your support
  8. hugthebed2

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm not really planning on getting any games that require internet yet and my main person to battle in smash lives one street away from me so eh, don't really need it.
  9. hugthebed2

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I own Splatoon 2 but all I've done with it is 2 salmon run games for 4 turf war matches. Get Halibut and make the SPUFu 4 stack ...unless the online requires money now. Most likely not going to get it.
  10. hugthebed2

    TF2 general

  11. hugthebed2

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I've just always been in the beta because sometimes some cool stuff is made. This chat made me migrate back until they at least add a compact mode. There's so many small things about it that bug me that even just a little bit of time with the old chat is worth it.
  12. hugthebed2

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    I think it was one of those things where they plan on going Free to Play after their "early access" ends and this is just a way for people to get early access early while also giving them a huge publicity boost.
  13. hugthebed2

    TF2 general

    Not actually, was just testing out map exploit ideas I had on a local server. Mann Up someday but getting people to fork over a few bucks may not happen.