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  1. WILY





    1. TheOnlyGuyEver


      Thundercats Hoooooooooo

    2. Kraszu


      I expect the flood of furry art after release.

  2. Gyokuyoutama

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    Kumamon is just making a guest appearance, which adds to the surreal feel. The band itself is Funasshi (vocals) Akkuma (guitar) Kaparu (Bass) and Nyango Star (drums).
  3. Gyokuyoutama

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    My guess is this is a combination of studio execs trying to cash in on a fad way past its sell date (without understanding the fad at all), together with an attempt to copy the last Jumanji movie.
  4. Gyokuyoutama

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    This feels like either some sort of summoning ritual, or the result of a previous summoning ritual:
  5. Gyokuyoutama

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

  6. Gyokuyoutama

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I recently picked up the Space Quest series on a sale and started playing them. Like all old Sierra games it will fuck you over for the most petty of reasons. But there's something refreshing in how much glee it takes in fucking you over.
  7. Gyokuyoutama

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    Honestly it's been so long that I've played spy that I got the names for the enforcer and ambassador mixed up. Yeah I'd include that one since it's the only gun that really adds a new playstyle, other than maybe the L'etranger.
  8. Gyokuyoutama

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    I chose this way: Unlocks should enable new play styles. Didn't consider balance at all; presumably if we only had one set of unlocks they'd be better balanced. Scout: Force-A-Nature/Bonk!/Boston Basher Soldier: Beggar's Bazooka/Buff Banner/Gunboats Pyro: Thruster/Flare Gun/Axestinguisher Demoman: Sticky Jumper/Splendid Screen/Eyelander Heavy: Honestly I dunno. Sandvich is kind of essential for the class, but it would work better as a stock replacement. Engineer: Rescue Ranger/Widowmaker/Gunslinger Medic: Crossbow/Kritzkrieg/Quickfix Sniper: Huntsman/Razorback/Jarate Spy: Enforcer/Dead Ringer/Eternal Reward
  9. Gyokuyoutama


    Went over to the website in like the first time in five years. This is about the first thing I see: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape, The Economy, Xenophobia, Pregnancy, Alternate Universe, Mind Control, Non-Con, Breastfeeding, Misogyny, Sexism, Transphobia, Misgendering, Canon Compliant, Canon Divergent, Redemption, Dubious Consent, Mind Break, World War, Political Intrigue, Robots, Child Abuse, Rough Sex, Child Neglect, Alcohol Use, Breastmilk, Death, Incestuous Undertones, Mental Illness, Suicide, Polyamory, Clown Dynamics, Meta, Abuse, Fridging, Genocide, Diapers, Murder, Honk, Children, Gender Transition, Depression, Toxic Masculinity, Sexual Abuse, Friends to Lovers, Speciesism, Babies, Manipulation, Gore, Infidelity, Marriage, Nonbinary Character(s), Milking, Identity Questioning, Feet, Political Rebellion, Fascism, Rapping, Drug Use, Funerals, Religion, Eating, Food, Aliens, Possession, Light BDSM, Theft, Furry, Anthropomorphic Characters, Power Imbalances, Blood, Trickster Mode, Body Horror, Gerrymandering, Starvation, Cuckolding, Interspecies Relationships, Guns, Vore, Assassination, Alien Biology, Detransitioning, Chronic Illness, Vomit, Drugging, Cannibalism, Unhealthy Relationships, Capitalism, Eggs, Slut Shaming, Black Romance, Kidnapping, Faygo, Bimboification, Poisoning, Teenagers, Domestic Abuse, Reality Television, Ovipositioning, Ghosts, Revolutionary Rhetoric, Self-Sacrifice, Propaganda, Super PACs, Pica, Early 20th Century Dance Movements, Prison Camps, Existential Crisis, Xenophilia, Daddy Issues, Bad Parenting, Addiction, Clown
  10. Gyokuyoutama


    Hussie only knew what he was doing through Act 4. Act 5 was ambitious but it quickly got out of control, and showed several major weaknesses in Hussie's style (such as how he can't write more than maybe eight different characters, meaning that when the cast expanded he was forced to define everyone by a dumb gimmick or plot role rather than actually designing a new personality). However Act 5 wrapped up okay and he did a pretty good Hail Mary pass at the end that paid off. But then Act 6 came and all the existing problems just got more and more magnified. I'm still somewhat skeptical about whether anyone actually got through Act 6. I mean, I know that there were still fans, but they were largely just mining the story for fanfiction material and probably just skimmed that act.
  11. Gyokuyoutama

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    Gog is having a sale on pretty much all Japanese games to celebrate adding yet more Yuri visual novels to their catalog. Basically anything by Falcom is worth it.
  12. Gyokuyoutama

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Genesis games have had good PC ports for ages so it doesn't really matter. A Saturn Classic or Dreamcast Classic would have been better. But then you aren't tapping into as much of a nostalgia mine.