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  1. Natcesni

    Random Image Thread: Animu Edition

    They are dying
  2. Natcesni

    The IT thread.

    Can we put cryptocurrency cunts to the sword already? I'm tired of seeing GPU prices skyrocket.
  3. Natcesni

    TF2 general

    Any nigga's wanna RP in Thunder Bluff?
  4. Natcesni

    E3 2017

    Smash is for children lel, real men play JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.
  5. Natcesni

    The IT thread.

    Instructions unclear, threw backup SanDisk HDDs on the fire.
  6. Natcesni

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Anyone here touched The Surge? I've sunk a few hours into it and I can't really figure out if I like it, the gameplay is real meaty and combat is great but the absolute balls to the wall hard difficulty is offputting, especially if it ramps up towards the endgame.
  7. Natcesni

    The IT thread.

    Anyone got any tips for putting out eletrical fires?
  8. Natcesni

    The Official Random Image Thread!! SPUF style

    I keep screaming but god doesn't answer.
  9. Natcesni

    Battlestation/Living Space Thread

    I am the most powerful human being alive.
  10. Natcesni

    Battlestation/Living Space Thread

  11. Natcesni

    SPUF Refuge Thread

    I thought they did it for free?
  12. Natcesni

    SPUF Refuge Thread

    I just hope you guys have a long term economic plan in place.