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  1. Silent

    Anime Girl Quiz

    idk, idk but nice gun, Kinomoto? Sakura, what looks to be a gup idk, a naruto character, is that the girl from welcome to the nhk?, idk idk, Kawajiri?(not sure if she took his name) Shinobu, Izumi Sakurai, idk, idk, idk, idk, idk but she's familiar Now, round 2, anime boys:
  2. Silent

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I thought they were going to push windows 10 with this release and it's crazy to me that it's going to be on Steam. Are there any games on steam at the moment that require Windows 10?
  3. Silent


    thoughts + reviews now
  4. Silent


    ive barely watched enought to make a chart but i'll try tomorrow
  5. Silent

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    if you constantly bounce on the ropes it fucks with his AI a bit. projectile characters probably work well with this
  6. Silent

    Anime General Discussion

    ZLS has a weird disconnect between a slapstick comedy opening half and a character-driven, idol drama later half, but I like both of those things and the way things were played straighter and straighter towards the end were kind of charming. Okabe's seiyuu's performance was great (oh, and sailor moon's) and I think it's worth watching, unless you think it's going to completely avoid all traditional idol show tropes like the first few episodes would make you believe.
  7. Silent

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I think I got lucky with ho-oh because I just kited it, and it ran into the stage hazards and died. The funky kong one though? Fuck off
  8. Silent

    Favorite game Mosaic

    Unsolicited opinions and queries: Solid picks, decent balance of old and new. 3/3 on the left ones but I've never played any of the others save for a little of Fallout and GTASA. What makes you pick Dragon Quest 8? I've been sort of interested in this series but, as with FF, sequels that go into the double digits make for an intimidating challenge to find an entry point to the series. I know extremely little about the Dragon Quest games apart from the little slime dudes. -100 points for lack of effort, but 5 points for putting names down, since this is one of the few 3x3s I can actually look up all the games from. Again, decent choices that align with my own tastes but really man? I apologise if you misunderstood, but not a single choice from 2013 carries over...? Maybe I'm on the wrong side of things here, thinking nostalgia counts towards what makes a game your 'favourite', but jeez. I do see that all of these are recent, and maybe that's what you were going for. But putting TF2 there if that's the case? Just confuses me. But yeah, great indie choices. Nice to see Celeste in particular. Doom, SMO and BoTW are three indisputable big boys that I can't really argue against. You're absolutely right about trap link too. Still haven't played superhot because I have NEVER seen it drop below £7 in a sale, which is usually the tipping point for me in terms of 'huh, gameplay looks interesting, worth a shot'. The only time I played it is in VR at a friends house and it was probably the coolest game we ended up playing. I just have the feeling the game will get old extremely quickly. I have heard great things about Yakuza 0, and I will probably snap it up during the next sale. 200 points for the theme, 20 points for smug hatgirl, 69 points for gerudo link, 1 point for DS2 (brave!!!), -100 points for lack of loyalty and all those games that you've cast to the gutter without a second thought Hmmm alright, not my cup of tea anywhere across the board here, and what you lack seemingly in platform variety you make up for in genres. Literally 8 games I've never played and TF2. Interesting middle pick, though. Not because I know the slightest bit about it, it just intrigues me from the image alone. Looks like it would be more trouble than it's worth to get into, however. 200 points for telling me to go fuck myself on the theme, 50 points for the game name being visible in every square but TF2, 6 points for describing your love/hate relationships with some of these games, making it clear your heart was involved in picking them, -500 points for the etf2l heavy Fuck you buddy, your fault for not posting before bed in the first place. HMM I wonder if there's anything on this list I like, HUH? Maybe, I don't know, over half of the fucking games??? Interesting changes in taste since 2012 and 2015 (oddly specific time gaps between these three). Nothing carrying over from the former...but 4 isn't bad for a 3 year gap. Still can't break my way into sunshine, despite it being lent to me for several months. Maybe I'll wait until I can come over to Germany one sweet summer when you're not on a boat and we can play it through together. I will be playing AA soon, and I don't see any reason why I won't grab the witness if it ever goes on sale. 300 points for the flawless theme, 100 points for excellent taste and likemindedness, 1 point because you're my best bud, 10 points for game titles, but -20 points because you didnt highlight them with opposing coloured backing like me!!!!! and -50 points for betraying hamtaro Good criteria. Again, lots of games I'm unfamiliar with, probably due to not owning a Gamecube or dreamcast. Lots of multiplayer games though, which is neat, I wish there was that many I would consider to be among my faves that I still played, so it's nice that you're still having fun with all of those, I'm a little envious. Quick rundown on the modding scene of OoT? I have no idea how that would even work. 50 points for the cute girl, 20 points for the abundance of colour, 30 points for your nice written experiences for each game, -1000 points for a MOBA REEEEEE Again that's understandable. I might not want to go back and replay Minish Cap, as an example, right this second, but I still get the itching for it and would recommend it to someone who was interested in playing that sort of game. I think that's what makes them my favourites. Not the fact that they're better than other games (like I said, gen 2 pokemon kinda sucks objectively) but they still mean the most to me out of the hundreds of vidya I've played through. Maybe they just hit me at the right time in my life and when I was feeling just the right emotions, but they still manage to hit those notes even today, even if I have my grips with them from an objective point of view. Anyway, decent choices with a lack of variety but they are all good games, so you do you! Despite my inability to enjoy planetside it's cool to see that it has the depth to keep you invested for that long. And yeah, BoTW is so fundamentally different to the others that I can understand why someone who doesn't like the series could play it for hours on end. Both you and my friend Josh talking about odst has made me really want to go back and play it again, because honestly I don't remember the slightest thing about it except the horde mode multiplayer. I will have to dig out the disc from the pile of old games in my closet. Actually I just went and did that and found it...but maybe I should just watch a longplay of it.... -100 points for laziness!!!! 101 points for contributing and giving your opinions!!!! Haven't played many of these but they are probably good!! I don't know what a few of them are but I like that little worm dude!!!! 10 points for games i know, 10 points for games i've never played 20 points for HMM3 because I've heard that's good! -20 points for uh...no gushing. i like gushing. wanna hear you gush about worms. I kinda just made mine from scratch in gimp, it let me drag stuff around easily under a top grid layer. Good ass top line babey, anyone with HGSS in their top 10 is a supreme taste overlord in my books, and I agree that Furi showing up is a good thing. Man I love that game. You seem to be the forefront on metroid around here so is there any recomendations for getting into it, considering the jpg shown at last years e3 might give me a third reason to validate my switch purchase? I assume that's Prime, I am completely clueless on the series apart from the GDQ memes. Also does Black Mesa have any cool alien environments considering you say Xen is missing? Seems like a bummer to me if not, but yeah I haven't kept up with that since it was announces. I have no idea who that dude on the throne is. 100 bonus points for being the thread creator, 500 points for heart gold, 100 points for retaining a decent number of your original mosaic, -50 points for no psychonauts...what happened man.... :( 50 points if the throne dude is from psychonauts. I actually have no idea. I recognise...two? And I haven't played them? INtrigued by the cat though. 90 points for obscurity, 150 points for the cat, -200 points for SNOOTINESS, INJOKES, OBSCURITY, AND LACK OF TITLES is for the ANIME mosaics, wheres your GUSHING???? WHO IS THE CAT???
  9. Silent

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  10. Silent

    Favorite game Mosaic

    Reviving this thread because I'm genuinely a little curious as to how tastes change over time, and also Ben jumped the gun on me in actually making a new one. Tried to shoehorn in a theme rather than make it look nice because I'm not smart, but at least it didnt take me very long. Hope theres some more dogs in undertale 2ch2 In order of least likely to get removed from this list to most: Honourable mentions/series I didn't want to put in twice:
  11. Silent

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Now that the dust has settled, The direct was also disappointing, if not primarily for all of the horrid gacha shit. the stickers thing is somewhat interesting but comes off as tacky to me. It does have a world map, as long as it has a couple of cutscenes (like the badass infinity war thing which rounded off the direct) and a few boss battles it should be enjoyable. I just dont want to have to spend too much time fiddling around with these dumb ass stickers. Also hot take but another non-humanoid fighter is refreshing imo. PP looked fun to play despite coming way out of left field.
  12. Silent

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    https://twitter.com/tobyfox/status/1057256452316901376 https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/11-01-2018/ Should be a fun week
  13. ^ me @ anything with eyelashes regardless of gender or species, honestly
  14. Silent

    Random Image Thread: Animu Edition

    swap the snails and monkey, swap the egg sisters and move bat a good number of places up and you might be on to something