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  1. 2017??????

    Same, also really want to watch Girls Last Tour, it looks like it'll have a very neat atmosphere. But I love Serval too! Good friend
  2. 2017??????

    pwease no derail my thread! I personally don't feel defined by my sexuality but it's okay to be proud of yours! And though I wasn't asking, it's good to hear you're comfortable enough with it!
  3. 2017??????

    I just looked at my phone and realised that if I posted this a few minutes earlier it would be 20:17, so I'm sorry for missing that opportunity. Otherwise I'm a little earlier this year, wanted to finish some great shows from the fall season such as Blend S. Ben pestered me to do this again since he is excited to share, so here I am, with another big jpeg. How did we like 2017? Can a year without any Jojo (except for an OVA that I think came out in september?) really be worth looking into? Can any girls be considered 'cute' nowadays when you're probably just going to find out way too late that they have a penis? Most importantly, can anything even come close to Kemono Friends? Winter Spring Summer Fall Chart Template So this was my original draft for the chart, but after realising, through some severe cognitive dissonance, that my friends and I watched Your Name a full year after its release, I have had to edit the chart slightly. See below.
  4. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    pretty similar
  5. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I still can't believe I got every single question right throughout the whole game without looking anything up. I had no idea the consequence for answering incorrectly so yeah, it was a huge relief on the last one considering the reward.
  6. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    That's an excellent idea actually, I have seen gameplay from Thumper and it seemed interesting. It's more that it feels very strange to me going back to playing an FPS on a console. And I love the idea of splatoon, there is just something about it that makes it awkward to play. I probably just need to put more time into it.
  7. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    The switch is the first console I've bought in about ten years and I'm having mixed feelings about it since while Mario and Zelda are two of the best games I've ever played, that's about it for switch games that I'm interested in until maybe the Pokemon RPG comes out? The Octopath demo was also fun. I tried Splatoon but the controls felt clunky to me and I couldn't get invested in it. I'm sure the re-releases like Rocket League, Doom and Stardew Valley play very well but I can't justify buying them again to myself, especially when their prices are all over the place, like £35 for TBoI, what the actual fuck. The console does what it says on the tin brilliantly, the seamless docking thing works great and everything, but there's two games. I've never played Xenoblade or any Metroid so I can't get excited for them.
  8. long time no post

    It's all about rick and morty now, welcome to the wubba lubba club bro
  9. Battlestation/Living Space Thread

    good movie good new living space
  10. "Good game"

    I tend to only say 'gg' in the wild if it seemed like it was actually enjoyable for both sides, or occasionally the sarcastic one if me/my team are getting BM'd and manage to turn a game around. There are those ggs and there are the 'polite', mandatory ggs in scrims/tournaments that don't really bother me that much, it's less about the meaning of the phrase. Just a nicer way of saying thanks for the game. The funniest part to me is that the phrases it gets filtered to have the exact same impact
  11. SilvaGunner

    I want to hear an entire cascade rip now.
  12. Overwatch

    Don't worry about it, we typically play mystery heroes FFA so everyone has a shot, even those of us who aren't professional players
  13. Overwatch

    Yeah playing the new FFA deathmatch mode with friends and voice chat really captures that nostalgia I have for splitscreen/lan games of Halo and CoD that I've been missing for the last 10 years. We should have another game night since more people have the game and it's easier to set up than a team game as far as player requirements go.
  14. Homestuck

    look at this naive little boy, backing the kickstarter of a game that would take 5 years to get a release date I have zero attatchment left to homestuck and zero expectations for this game (aside from the ost if toby fox is involved) so it might be a good thing all my hype has died; it might surprise me. if HS has one thing going for it, that is its super interesting universe and game mechanics so I am hoping some of them surface in the game, despite it not involving sburb directly. acts 1-5 are great, anything past that is not worth reading imo