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  1. I sure hope it isn't me.... (User was banned for this post( Being a wizard -Ian))
  2. TheDeadBread

    We need post ratings, like facepunch.

    I disagree. As a FacePunch lurker, I enjoy watching all the posts and rating them accordingly. And I never rate someone dumb if they aren't. (Posting in the wrong section, being douche's, saying that the pyro is overpowered, etc) I think a system like this would be fantastic, and not to mention useful. Re: Trolls "Trolls gonna troll"
  3. TheDeadBread

    Suggest A Forum

    Had a feeling someone would go there....
  4. TheDeadBread

    Suggest A Forum

    Art & Videos Weapon Discussion Subforum People with more than 1000 rep forum.
  5. TheDeadBread

    How the...

    Now would be a good time, they're at war with East Germany.
  6. TheDeadBread

    The Reaction Pictures Thread

  7. TheDeadBread

    How the...

    Let's take over a small country or something.
  8. TheDeadBread

    How the...

    There's only 60 of us? What? Damn.
  9. TheDeadBread

    Any games that you hate that everybody else seems to love?

    *Bread takes a deep breath, holds it in...* [RANT] World of Warcraft: I really don't know why I don't like this game. I think part of me hates it because I'm a Lord of the Rings fan and it just bothers me that it's not Lord of the Rings. Stupid right? So I went to go play Lord of the Rings Online, which was meh. :c Perhaps it was the cartoony artstyle that annoyed me; the super huge guys and the super slutty girls wielding giant swords the size of New York. Yes. I think it was that. I hate overcompensation. Another thing that really turns me off anygame, 'cept TF2, is the community. WoW has the worlds biggest gaming community, as far as I know, and the assholes really tend to stand out...not to mention the weirdos that were having "sex" on this one server. But that's a whole different cup of tea. Sadly, I'll probably play WoW when it goes free to play or I have enough money to commit to a subscription. League of Legends: Again, it's all about the community here. LoL is full of tryhards and people who get pissed at the slightest thing. It's pretty sad actually. It's a decent game within it's self and it does the F2P thing pretty well, but I can't stand it's lore and sometimes the gameplay. I suppose it really just isn't for me. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-3: Admittedly I loved MW2. MW2 had some pretty fun times if you played it with a friend, but solo it just isn't all that fun. Call of Duty 4 however did pretty much everything right. Rhythm Games: Eh. I'm not so good at playing tiny guitars. Real guitars, yes. But tiny plastic ones....not so much. [/RANT]
  10. TheDeadBread

    The Reaction Pictures Thread

    My face when I entered the thread.
  11. TheDeadBread

    Should we get more admins?

    I'll double that. And I'll toss in a jar of dirt.
  12. TheDeadBread

    Should we get more admins?

    As long as I get a cheap unusual, I think we could work something out.
  13. TheDeadBread

    Who wants pew pew weapons for scout/medic? VOTE NOW!

    Medics obviously going to win, but I wonder what the new type of uber we will get?
  14. TheDeadBread

    Other Valve Games

    I had an idea...Perhaps we could have a sub-forum for Valve Games like Left4Dead and....well, Left4Dead2? maybe Garry's Mod?....since I'm a gmodder and all...
  15. TheDeadBread


    This is going to be an interesting forum to lurk.