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  1. scree

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      i do not remember


      but I remember being "oh it must be from that friend group since his twitter was private"

    3. Idiot Cube
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      hope you're doing well

      of all the people who my dumbass knowitall teenager phase pushed away, you deserved it the least

  2. hoo boy comey testimony tomorrow. i'm sure that'll be something else
  3. Guy923

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Japan had two versions, Nier Gestalt, and Nier Replicant, the only difference between those two was the protagonist was either Rugged Old Guy who wants to save his daughter or Young Dude who wants to save his sister. The US only got the papa nier version though. Also, not quite a futa, but Kaine is canonically intersex. Also Emil is gay. Yoko Taro's great.
  4. Guy923

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I've been running through Tarantino movies with a buddy of mine, we're almost done. Just need to watch the hateful 8 next week and boom, that's all of Tarantino. Note that I had never actually seen a Tarantino movie before embarking on this journey. So thoughts so far: Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction Jackie Brown Kill Bill Kill Bill Volume 2: Inglorious Basterds Django Unchained
  5. Guy923

    share your worst jokes

    congress won't ever impeach trump
  6. Guy923

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    watched a nier LP, that game looks like complete garbage to actually play but fun to watch. am now running through nier automata and it's really fun. adam and eve are hot
  7. Guy923

    Random Image Thread: Animu Edition

    maybe some day i'll get someone to watch aikatsu or aistars.
  8. spuf is dead, long live new spuf

    1. Expresate


      Guy! You're alive!

    2. Guy923


      for 20 years now actually

    3. Expresate
  9. Guy923

    SPUF is dead, this time for real

    rest in peace old friend.
  10. And here we are back to square one. Just because they overlook racism and sexism, and keep company with racists and sexists, and have been praised by other racists and sexists, doesn't make them racist or sexist. He's racist. "You have an individual, Mr Bannon, who’s basically creating the ideological aspects of where we’re going." - The former Imperial Wizard of the KKK. It's really not that hard.
  11. Regardless I don't think anyone who's penned articles like these should be given a fuckin' chance
  12. I am pleased to announce I will be running for president of the Spufpowered states in 2020.

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    2. Guy923


      subspuf will never vote for someone who should be behind bars! crooked verumae


      why did you delete all those posts

    3. Verumae


      I have nothing further to say about the posts. The moderators have finished reviewing them, they took the appropriate action and I was not banned. No rules were violated and I won't be vilified in front of the people of subSPUF.

    4. John Caveson

      John Caveson

      You guys got it all wrong, the real problem is all these uninvited guests leeching on our posts with their greedy eyes, not contributing anything to the forum. We need to build a firewall, deport all illegal guests and make Guy pay for it! We also need to fight back against SCUD. They are killing us in our reputation trade deals. If elected I will make sure to renegotiate our trade deals and make sure we win like we used to. Thirdly, as much as our alliance with SPUF is strong, we've been carrying the most weight when it comes to dealing terrorist organizations like Anonymous. I say they need to help with their fair share of shitposting, or else, I don't see the alliance working.


      And so, I am proud to announce my candidacy for Spufpowered president in 2020. And together, we will make SubSPUF Great Again!

  13. Guy923

    Anime General Discussion

    Jojolion is fucking dumb I love it. I can't believe Jo2uke having 4 balls is a plot point. Aikatsu Stars is still really good, it started off very weak but it's shown itself to be going for a different thing and doing a pretty good job at it than Aikatsu, but the last episode is kind of concerning in that they're shipping off characters to who knows where very quickly to do units. Drifters has been particularly enjoyable, as someone who really enjoyed Hellsing Ultimate. It hasn't been as exaggerated as Hellsing I feel but it's still been pretty fantastic. Also learning a little bit about historical shit I'm too lazy to look up ww I hate myself for still watching Keijo!!!!!!!! Shirobako's was far better than I expected it to be with how many friggin characters it had, it still did a pretty stellar job of having a really varied and interesting cast. It also made me want to buy Donuts. Doremi is also very good. Bit of a dated show but I've heard a lot of good things about it, and for a children's show it supposedly gets pretty dark later on (touching topics like suicide (briefly, but still)). I'm getting sucked into the pit that is known as Japanese Children's Shows and it's pretty good. Got Aikatsu, Doremi, Fairilu, & Aistars under my belt so far, all pretty good. Hoping to add Sailor Moon, Pripara, and Precure(s) to that list. Probably going to watch Pretty Cure Smile after I finish the first season of Doremi. Also please read Steel Ball Run.
  14. The last thing I'll say is, well yeah. Maybe for you. But I guarantee you there are people who have already lost their lives indirectly just because of this guy becoming president. Hate crimes went up by 80% when Brexit happened. It'll be worse here. Already read about 3 shootouts in the last 2 days, one half an hour from where I live. People are dying and will die as a result of a racist president emboldening the other racists in the country. They have their initiative and people will suffer. But it's okay, because life'll go on for you I guess. It's not the end of the world for you maybe, but a lot of LGBT people, and minorities in general are terrified out of their fucking minds. The only reason I'm not afraid to leave my own god damn house is because I live in an extremely Hispanic dense area. If I were in any bible belt state I would not step out of my god damn house out of fear. So there you go. We'll keep moving forward, but at what cost. There is no world where people should have to fear for their lives because a presidential candidate has been elected. Also I'm just gonna go ahead and also mention Mike Pence is a human being who probably shouldn't exist. That's all I got.