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  1. Splosion

    Fallout 4

    So today I killed a legendary raider and the RNG gods smiled upon me and it dropped an explosive hunting rifle which I modded into a fully modded sniper rifle only to find out exploding shots make my game crash. Guess it's time to switch back to the gauss rifle.
  2. Oh god I was trying to search a steam workshop and then steam started blasting awesomenauts music and I cant make it stop someone help me.
  3. Splosion

    Fallout 4

    Holy crap my current rig runs fallout 4. Just barely but it's mostly playable. I've mostly just been dicking around with the console since I don't want to transfer the save to my new rig when it finally gets here. I'm really hoping there's more weapons than just those in the test room. Even with weapon mods the batch found there doesn't offer quite as much as we were led to believe. I'm hoping we start seeing some mods towards base building soon. The size and height limitations were a big let down. I just wanted a 3000 foot tower made of turrets and jukeboxes :(
  4. ​You already have 2 crises, do you really need another?
  5. Splosion

    Building a new rig. Need advice.

    Goodbye $1000. Hello new rig. Here's what I finally ended up with. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/TLwBK8 Thanks for all the advice everyone. You guys were a huge help.
  6. Splosion

    Fallout 4

    ​Dammit I'm jealous. I want a fallout game based in atlanta. All I get are stupid walking dead games that show me how much more Macon would suck if there were zombies.
  7. ​They're in college. ​And they have knives.
  8. Splosion

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    ​Yes please.
  9. Splosion

    Building a new rig. Need advice.

    ​You need the pringles. Only thing that's unchangeable. ​Ok good because that case is huuuuuuuge. I know a larger case will help with my cooling issues a lot but making the space for it might be way too much trouble.any recomendations for something slightly smaller?
  10. Splosion

    Building a new rig. Need advice.

    ​ Do I really need the pringles? I have some sour cream lays stax here wouldn't those work? I only ate a few and they're still somewhat fresh. Or do I need original flavor? I think I have a coupon for more stax.
  11. Splosion

    The Toy Thread

    ​ I don't like when companies melt something's face for me.
  12. I have no clue how to shop for parts but with fallout 4 coming out I know that game will be what makes my current 8 year old rig spontaneously combust. I need someone to help me get a list of hardware together. The only stipulations are that my video card has to be an Nvidia powerful enough to stream to my shield and I'd like to have a fairly beefy processor. Cooling is also an issue I generally always have with my computers since they stay in a somewhat poorly ventilated room and the weather where I live is literal hellfire 10 months out of the year so I'd like a decent case / fan / heatsink to help make up for that. Edit: I'll have a budget of about $850
  13. Splosion

    I remembered my password!!!

    ​ I skimmed a few chapters of the manga and while it seems decent I'll wait until there's an english dub. I hate having to read subtitles. ​Thats a good way of putting it. It's really starting to ruin the convention scene. Hell just take a look at what happened to the san diego comic con. 8 years ago everything was fine and then Disney bought out marvel, moms and tweens flooded in to meet twilight the vampire, and the media took over. Now it's nothing but a $3000 trip you take to watch fucking commercials a week before everyone else sees them. Even Dragoncon is starting to see this happen and it is a completely fan run convention. Thursdays and Fridays are still almost as good as they always were but the second that fucking parade hits the streets of atlanta saturday morning every asshole touristy daywalker and their snot nosed kids flood the convention floors and make the convention so much worse. Even the parade itself is no longer a bunch of nerds showing off their cosplay. This year leading the parade was god damn medieval times and a slew of other bullshit goosestepping commercials. "Nerds" are now weirdly a minority in their own communities but any time anyone tries to speak up about it someone always pulls out the "Oh, you're just mad because of those so called fake geek girls you think are just wearing skimpy outfits for attention!" which is an entirely different (but also valid) argument.
  14. Splosion

    I remembered my password!!!

    ​Oh dear... I've actually started watching One Piece (Dear god it's the greatest show ever why did no one tell me?) but I'm still in this weird gray area of both loving and hating weabs and the "anime culture" in general. At least as far as it goes here in america. ​It's perfectly okay to like anime and hate the "culture" because there's some toxic shit in there. "Incest and pedophilia are awesome gimme some more of that in anime pls" But yeah One Piece is great. Moby is right and you should watch one Punch Man. Its not for those reasons though can't say I'm a fan of that spectrum of the culture. As you know I was raised as a convention baby and I have attended a handful of anime cons. On one hand there are some really terrible trends in that community and I find some of its "culture" infuriating and on the other hand I see weabs as the last bastion of true nerds and have an incredible amount of respect for them. Every con I overhear the same infuriating thing. "I'm such a NERD, I like Star Wars" "I'm such a NERD, I like video games" "I'm such a NERD, I like doctor who!" HELL NO! You are not! im almost 30 years old now. I remember what that word actually meant before the media spun it to sell our culture to a bigger audience. Those people aren't getting made fun of for their fandoms. They aren't getting prank calls to their house at 3 am. The media isn't saying their hobbies are those of serial killers, devil worshippers, and the mentally ill. They're not being socially ostracized and trying to find a little slice of acceptance in a subculture surrounding little known fandoms. Yesterday's nerd is today's weab, neckbeard, shirt lord and whatever new slur is in fashion so everyone can kiss their own ass for being so accepting of "nerds" while still having someone on the bottom rung of society to shit on. Im sure in a few years anime culture will get its mass media watering down but until then I have both a ton of respect and hatred for it. /rant
  15. Splosion

    I remembered my password!!!

    ​Oh dear... I've actually started watching One Piece (Dear god it's the greatest show ever why did no one tell me?) but I'm still in this weird gray area of both loving and hating weabs and the "anime culture" in general. At least as far as it goes here in america.