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  1. Magickus

    Smache Brothers

    can any gif even come close to topping that one?
  2. Magickus

    Smache Brothers

    Mewtwo Struck Back
  3. Magickus

    Smache Brothers

    Another con would be the online, it can get really horrendous at times. But hey, at least it's not Brawl online.
  4. Magickus


    Anybody interested in trading Vivillons? Mine is modern, if you're interested.
  5. Magickus


    Am I the only one here disappointed by Zygarde? He seems so weak for a 3rd legendary. :/
  6. Magickus


    I've been thinking about speedrunning a Pokemon game. Which one should I do first?
  7. Magickus

    Dota General

    If only Eathshaker looked this cool :grumble:
  8. Magickus

    Dota General

    That pun made me cluckle
  9. Magickus

    Teen titans!

    Nope, haven't seen it and I'm not planning to.
  10. Magickus

    Dota General

    Dunno if this is real or not, I hope it is
  11. Magickus


    So about Victini... is there any Pokemon that remains unharmed by it's V-Create in the sun? Because at the very least a Pokemon loses about half of it's health with a 4x resist to fire.
  12. Magickus

    Dota General

    why valve
  13. Magickus

    Dota General

    HoN was actually kind of nice before S2 made their own original heroes.