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  1. Huff

    Favorite game Mosaic

    Rude to wait till I’m asleep to post Sunshine is kind of a representative for a bunch of Mario games but it’s definitely one of the big boys. It has that good GameCube feel, it’s probably the smoothest feeling platformer I’ve played, and big comfy. I replay it every summer. Undertale is a masterpiece, and my second favorite game. I think I’ve written how it makes me feel somewhere around here, but I just absolutely adore it and am currently feeling Emotions about Deltarune. Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is a rep for the entire AA franchise and probably the best one I’ve played. Still gotta finish SoJ and Ivestigations 2. There’s nothing else like these games. Hey, Chibi-Robo!! I like this game a lot and it’s weird as hell! It’s surprisingly rich in stuff to do and story to tell and I wish the sequels were interesting. Ghost Trick is my favorite game of all time. I’ve probably gushed about it somewhere. Please play it even though like half of you guys who have responded have already? Hotline Miami is my third favorite game! The fever dream feel and the gameplay are both really solid and the story is told very well (not so much in the sequel). Don’t even have the mention the soundtrack. Dishonored was a game that earned a spot in my favorites years after I initially played it. Dishonored knows how to make you feel powerful, like a competent agent in its world. Dishonored walks up to you, looks you in the eye, and calls you “sir” before getting down to business. It respects you and expects respect back. The morality system is really good, the characters are all enjoyable except Piero, and the gameplay and level design is varied and complicated and excellent. I really need to play Dishonored 2. Furi’s a good game with a bopping soundtrack. I think I’ve gushed about this one somewhere too. Has some issues but the feeling that some of the swells in the battle gave me still send chills down my spine. The Witness is a bit of an odd duck here for some reason I can’t articulate. Maybe because of its bare-bones story? It’s puzzles are a lot more abstract than those of the other puzzle games on this chart? Well regardless, the main reason The Witness is here is because it has the most masterfully crafted game world I have ever had the pleasure of traversing. Sure, most of the panel puzzles were fun to figure out, but the hidden perspective Easter eggs, aesthetics, and environmental puzzles are nothing short of genius. It boggles my mind to try to comprehend how much foresight and logistical planning was put into the island to have all these puzzles fit and still look comfy and beautiful as hell. uhh here are some other games I’m probably forgetting some? A Hat in Time The Binding of Isaac Payday 2 (I’m feeling sad after last night’s update) Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario World Pokemon RSE, Platinum, HGSS/GS, XD Luigi’s Mansion Elite Beat Agents Rhythm Heaven What Remains of Edith Finch Portal 2 I don’t care for TF2 at all any more but I can’t deny the effect it had on me Super Smash Bros Brawl and Melee Stardew Valley DOOM 2016 fuck how did I forget Yoshi’s Island??? I also forgot Punch-Out!! Wii. That is a good game and a great example of a competent reboot. Also the characters are underrated. probably more might update this tonight?
  2. Huff

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Local man thinks he’s above the consequences
  3. if someone consumes or draws inflation porn they have given up their humanity
  4. mine are descended from a seagull and some of them are chill stoners and others are merry paintings given flesh
  5. dude I just made santa claus a cute waifu elf girl and called it a day
  6. Christmas light aesthetic is the best; it’s so comfy.
  7. Huff

    Anime General Discussion

    Zombieland saga had me excited for exactly the three seconds I somehow believed it was a tie-in to the 2009 movie before realizing that that wouldn’t happen and also it was idols :(
  8. Huff

    Random Image Thread: Animu Edition

    ^ probably likes math girl or something
  9. Huff

    Random Image Thread: Animu Edition

    just saw this gotta say not a bad choice wicket underrated girl
  10. Huff

    Anime General Discussion

    Strong recommendation for Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan since we just finished it and it’s on Netflix now for any worries about watching legally. Don’t let the artstyle and vore turn you off, it’s a great show.
  11. Huff

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm only sad that TWAU S2 isn't happening.
  12. I went back for a week and a half ironically a few months ago. It feels so fucking clunky now. i did have a guy say that I was cheating because I was level one and kicking ass
  13. Huff

    What do you look for in a game?

    I find that atmosphere, environment, setting, and story are what make me love a game even if other parts are technically more important
  14. how tae fuck have people not had a banzai burger? It's fucking good mix some teriyaki into the burg put a grilled pineapple slice on boom goodburg