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  1. I went back for a week and a half ironically a few months ago. It feels so fucking clunky now. i did have a guy say that I was cheating because I was level one and kicking ass
  2. Huff

    What do you look for in a game?

    I find that atmosphere, environment, setting, and story are what make me love a game even if other parts are technically more important
  3. how tae fuck have people not had a banzai burger? It's fucking good mix some teriyaki into the burg put a grilled pineapple slice on boom goodburg
  4. Supper Mario Broth is a certified good boy
  5. Yeah tbqhwy there’s not much you can do aside from suggest things. Trying to play therapist or babysitter is, needless to say, healthy for neither party. You can only really hope and be a supportive friend within the boundaries of your own health. I had that problem with Nitzan towards the end of when he was online and it was hard to do anything but say “chin up”. Thankfully last we heard he’s safe and sound, just totally removed from the internet.
  6. my mind jumped to the macro Fox/Falco guy
  7. Huff

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I present the worst form of difficulty in videogames:
  8. Huff

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    yes this was discussed to death about a year and a half ago
  9. Huff

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    This is still a fuckin bop
  10. zach has the drinking started already?
  11. Huff

    Anime General Discussion

    Osmosis Jones anime good it turns out
  12. I have made some more shameless traceovers
  13. Huff

    Anime General Discussion

    Rock this This Town and It Makes no Difference are top tier too. we can all agree that Survivor is the worst though right.
  14. Huff

    Anime General Discussion

    Best song behind JJF tbh