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  1. After discovering grilled watermelon, I have been grilling other fruits all day. Status report:


    Grilled watermelon- Good

    Grilled cherries- Bad

    Grilled banana- Very good

    Grilled apple- Decent, depends on apple type

    Grilled mango- Good

    Grilled orange- Very bad

    Grilled blueberries- Decent

    Grilled grapes- Bad

    Grilled pineapple- Bad


    Wow, I have a lot of fruit.

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    2. TheOnlyGuyEver


      I don't really like warm pineapple in general so it was a no-go for me.

    3. LordAIDS Monkey

      LordAIDS Monkey

      Grilled pineapple great. Reported for bullying.

      Also, grilled grapes sound nasty.

    4. TheOnlyGuyEver
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