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  1. That game is a disgrace to God.
  2. TheOnlyGuyEver

    Doodles on my mediocre drawing tablet

    Back in the drawing game, now that the cartoon is done. Girl. Doesn't have a name yet, but good design. I imagine her being a smug bitch who gets super defensive: Update to space marine helmets. +5 new helmets: EDIT: Bonus quick fish(?). He's friendly, you can trust him:
  3. Stan Lee dead, holy hell.

    1. Expresate


      Dude was 95. Surprised it didn't happen earlier. 


      I guess the secret to longevity is comic books.

    2. TheOnlyGuyEver


      I mean I kinda just suspected he was immortal.

  4. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    A friend and I were talking about how hilarious it is that K. Rool owns a fucking gun, next thing you know I made this:
  5. TheOnlyGuyEver

    My New Cartoon: MARCH

    Thank you all for the feedback! I'm surprised; multiple people have said that the animation is real smooth and the lip-sync is good. I suppose it comes as a surprise to me because I always intended to put a lot of effort into this first cartoon, put my best foot forward and whatnot, and so the quality of those things just seemed kinda normal to me as I was making it. Also yeah Wicket, there are a couple animation smears that I'd've rather drawn as frame-by-frame, in retrospect.
  6. TheOnlyGuyEver

    My New Cartoon: MARCH

    I wasn't making all those characters in my doodle thread for nothing! I've been working on a short cartoon for a few months, and it's finally done. I've actually wanted to do this in some form for 7 years now. But this cartoon itself only started production in March of this year (which is actually NOT why the series is called MARCH), after scrapping an earlier, partially-finished pilot. But finally, the culmination of 7 years of conceptualization is here! You can watch the first episode "MARCH- Austin vs the Football" on Newgrounds or Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up-fE5_IMOg https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/719899 And if you want to learn the full history of this cartoon, I made a short slideshow for you all: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13aJxzY44Mx_sym9MpZX-Eo0NnANK2YDMMZwK3iQZWWo/edit?usp=sharing I hope to make more of these cartoons in the future, expanding the world as I go. This thread will be exclusively for MARCH episodes. Any drawings or non-MARCH cartoons will still go into the doodle thread.
  7. Wait I thought it was a fake Halloween scary gag spider. It is, right?
  8. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Smash Direct Mini-Meme Dump: https://twitter.com/IceSeason101/status/1058364023572439040 https://twitter.com/ViewtifulVal/status/1058523843441160192 https://twitter.com/MemoryNova/status/1058448499379986434 https://twitter.com/SonicDahMario/status/1058018862199984128
  9. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Big shit: -Post-genocide "next world" theory debunked -Deltarune's characters are completely separate from Undertale's (this may debunk the prequel theory as well, since that theory banks on the fact that Deltarune Sans and Undertale Sans are one in the same. He's either an exception, or he's just a lame, possibly non-timecop Sans, we'll see) -Your choices actually do not matter; there will be no multiple endings. Kind of a letdown seeing as one of Undertale's coolest features is how detailed the endings were. Like there were 3 main ending, but lots of little sub-ending of those 3. Like he says, most games only have one ending, but in the context of Undertale, it is kind of a letdown. You might as well not even "ACT" at that point, since straight up fighting is often easier. Still really looking forward to the rest of the game. There's still a lot of unknown shit, like why Toby was even compelled to make this odd alternate-universe game parallel to making Undertale. I find it kinda strange that, given the fact that according to him, these two universes are completely separate and don't affect each other, he decided to use the same characters we know. I get that that's kinda the point of an alternate universe, but given that Deltarune is a different game entirely with a completely different premise, he could have just made new characters for a new franchise. I think that fact adds some suspicion to something going on between these two universes. It sounds more likely than him just being lazy and wanting to work with the personalities he already knew best. Either way we'll know eventually.
  10. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    SMASH DIRECT SHIT: -Spirits = Stickers but with Tamagotchi shit that I don't like -Story mode seems A-OK. Sakurai giving himself a wee suck-off with Kirby being the only fighter surviving being Thanos'd. Cinematic better've been inconsequential cause I don't want to have to start as Kirby's dumb ass. -Saw Ken, immediately thought Grinch confirmed -Saw Incineroar, immediately thought Grinch deconfirmed (both Ken and Incineroar are big yawn anyhow) -Online looking good -See Piranha Plant, immediate first thought is "THEY DIDN'T ACTUALLY PUT WALUIGI IN DID THEY!?" (cause Waluigi holds that potted piranha plant in certain art), expected Waluigi to sprint in from stage left any minute. The plant is looking pretty good, honestly. Seeing a normally stationary enemy having such a wide range of movement is weird though. Regardless, its attacks look really varied and good, and that long-ass neck-stretch attack that you can angle looks bonkers. I fucking knew that someone was gonna show up that had more range than even Simon/Richter and their long ass whips.
  11. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Stop-n-Swap shit going on here.
  12. Get-together at the old neighborhood.