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  1. TF2 general

    Bit late from me, but winners are up. Very pleased with all the results.
  2. TF2 general

    http://www.sourcefilmmaker.com/saxxyawards2017/ Nominees are up, if y'all didn't see. Shame the training video didn't get it. Also "Toy Fortress" is a fuckin carbon copy of last year's "Food Fortress" which won a Saxxy.
  3. Makes ya feel better a turkey blew out my windshield once.
  4. TF2 general

    Watched all these a few days ago. Thoughts: -The Mann Co. Training Video is hilarious. Tipsy Duck always nails dark comedy. -Mountaineering Mercenaries is swell and funny. -Manned-Up Mannequins is an interesting idea that fits well into TF2. Well made, too. -Agent Gunn is incredibly well-made, and a welcome refresher from the usual stars of the TF2 mercs, while still having characters and environments that easily look like they could be in TF2 -Leak is a really odd idea, but ends up being really cool and really impressively made.
  5. Dreams

    I just had such a cool dream! A friend and I were playing hide and seek in the neighborhood. I had to hide. There was this big, tall house at the end of the neighborhood, that'd never been there before. I sprinted down the street while she wasn't looking and knocked on the door. A 50-something looking lady greeted me and asked me who I might be. I told her my name was Paris, and she let me in with no question of my parents or who I was related to, as if I was already a known face. The interior of the house was magnificent, it looked like something out of the Gilded Age. Mahogany floors, brass railings, a grand chandelier and staircase splitting in two directions in the center of this seemingly impossible lobby! There were many people there, and I quickly caught word of why that was the case. Everyone there was all family, holding a banquet in honor of one of the oldest family members, who was on her deathbed. I was still playing a game of hide and seek, so I looked around the house for a good spot. The house had 7 floors, and several elevators (2 large ones and ~5 single-person ones), but I opted not to use the elevators; someone might ask who I was exactly. I explored several rooms of the labyrinth: an orchestra room, a chorus room, a dining hall, someone's bedroom (seemingly a kid, he had Breath of the Wild on PS4???), a bathroom, and eventually I reached the top floor, where the old lady was on her deathbed. Quite an awkward situation I was put in, I decided to comfort her as she died. If anything, it would lower suspicion concerning my identity. Someone pulled me aside, and questioned whom I was related to. There were many people at this house, and I quickly pulled a name from my head, saying I was "Aunt Jill's cousin". The man could not deny nor confirm my assertion, and dismissed me. I sensed tensions were getting high at this point- I've been wandering around this house rapidly and aimlessly with little mingling, and I had a feeling that man went off to express his concerns to others down below. I decided it was time for me to leave. I excused myself, saying I needed water, and hurriedly looked for an elevator. I found a single-person elevator in a bathroom, and quickly took it. The elevator's front was glass, allowing me to see all the other floors of the house as I passed down them. As I descended, the singers in the chorus room were practicing, the orchestra members were playing, and everyone else was gathered at a giant rectangular table, feasting in the dining hall. Everyone at the table, dozens of people, instantly turned to look at me descending in the elevator; they knew I was a fraud now. I finally reached the bottom floor, where the elevator let off on the other side of the lobby. The door was all the way opposite me, and I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I bolted for the front door, not wanting to get arrested today. I sprinted outside, but so did the man chasing me. I was faster however, and he gave up chase. Out of breath, I returned home down the street, and saw my friend as I did. I told her what had happened and she didn't even bother tagging me.
  6. TIAM: General Gaming edition

  7. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    "Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch: Ridley for Real This Time."
  8. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Alright this is great and all but when's the Waluigi main-series game?
  9. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Nintendo don't you dare fucking add a 3rd Link.
  10. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

  11. It's on the wiki though.
  12. *Status update relating to death*

  13. I have a fig tree. So fuck y'all who don't have fig trees.