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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    With Microsoft teasing this new Minecraft AR thing, it's only a matter of time until Herobrine pops out of the screen and drags some kid in.
  2. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-design-will-be-changed/ Now we wait.
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    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    MTV was once trying to shoot something at this certain beach I frequent, but they were never able to because the residents didn't like their Hollywood asses.
  4. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I wonder what the exact year was when movie directors decided that cartoon characters needed to be portrayed with realistic CGI instead of using the juxtaposition of having a stylistically-accurate cartoon character portrayed in the real world. Mark my words if they ever reboot Who Framed Roger Rabbit they will fuck it up big time.
  5. Nah, he's alright. He stays in a little corner and doesn't bother me.
  6. You left the window open at night? I keep mine closed cause there's a huge spider than lives between the glass and screen. No idea how he's lived all these years, but he must be keeping the bugs out, so thanks for that.
  7. TheOnlyGuyEver

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    Fucking masterpiece.
  8. Got it today and I'm still getting used to it and calibrating and shit so things might look a big scribbly, but I did some doodles.
  9. TheOnlyGuyEver

    Doodles on my mediocre drawing tablet

    Whoa, it's been quite a while since I've posted a drawing here, huh? Well that's because I've been busy with a BIG project. I've been redoing everyone's renders to get them up to my current level of quality and skill, in addition to making winter outfit renders and "bonus" outfit renders. I actually finished a few weeks ago, but I refuse to post anything without feedback first, and the friend of mine I go to for feedback was a bit busy with a magazine. Also, for the sake of fluidity and outfit comparison, I'll be reposting Hannah and Holly's default renders in this post even though I posted them before. They were the standard of quality for the rest of these renders. So without further ado, here's lots of good shit! ------------------------------------------------- Michael Default: Just his normal appearance. Michael's a bit of an idiot and could be called the comic relief. He's often too happily oblivious to notice how much his stupidity annoy Austin, and he's pretty lacking in common sense and inference. Michael Winter: Michael puts on a big poofy grandma sweater and adds a puffy ball (a pom?) to his hat. Michael Beach: Michael puts on his swimtrunks are dons a floaty. He also uses a different hat, with the brim being water-colored and the top being sand-colored, so that he can go underwater and pretend to be an island. Austin Default: The default coat. Austin's military appearance actually has nothing to do with his background whatsoever. It just suits him, and is honestly more of a holdover from the very first interpretation of his character. Austin's the abrasive contrast of the group, and is real practical-minded with a short temper, so you could see why Michael gets on his nerves. Austin Winter: Austin's a bit stubborn, preferring not to err too much from his regular style. He changes his shoes and puts on a big parka. Austin Formal: Austin's church/formal outfit, bluejeans with a green tartan shirt. The tartan color and pattern are actually taken from an older, scrapped character. Richard Default: Just everyone's favorite pompadour person. Richard's the more empathetic and sensible middle-man of the group, though he can often be a bit lenient and soft when putting serious things in line, as he doesn't like to cause trouble or risk exacerbating a bad situation. He's not afraid to put his foot down in Michael and Austin's petty squabbles, though. Richard Winter: Some chestnut shoes, cream-colored pants, and a salmon-y sweater. Real cozy stuff, huh? Richard Windbreaker: A stylish red and black windbreaker with red shirt, and what Richard wears when he goes out for the night. And by that I mean probably going out to eat or see a movie with Claire. Claire Default: The rad gal herself. Claire's big into rollerblading and enjoys fitness. She's all for having fun, as long as it doesn't cause trouble and no one gets hurt, which usually ends up forcing Richard a bit out of his comfort zone. She's from a poor background however, and can get a bit frustrated when she doesn't understand something mentally, but she's by no means stupid. Claire Winter: A brown jacket with some blue jeans, and she swaps her hat for a beanie. Claire's never been big on fashion and she's pretty alright with the winter clothes she has. Claire Athletic: A red croptop with some baggy gym shorts. She's drawn with visible curvature here and not her other appearances because I imagine she doesn't wear tight, form-fitting shirts. Not baggy shirts necessarily, just not tight ones. Hannah Default: Hannah's normal preppy outfit. She's the inheritor of a vast business empire spanning oil refineries, railways, hotels, and one college, following the death of her parents in a plane crash, and she's the great granddaughter of the city founder. She's elitist and knows she's worth more than everyone around her, and she makes it very clear to the rest of our main characters, maintaining a degree of elegance even in her most spiteful and angry moments. She wasn't always so mean-spirited though, until her parents died and she just kinda got angry at the world and surrounded herself in a fortress of money. Hannah Winter: The most elaborate and fancy of all the winter outfits! Only the best for her. The diamond zipper really ties it all together, huh? Hannah Sundress: A nice simple $5000 thing to throw on for when you want to glower at those middle-class peasants on a sunny day. Doctor Holly Default: Holly's outfit for when she's on the job. She may look like a kid's show doctor, and she can definitely be cheery as one, but rest assured she takes her work seriously. She's a compassionate good samaritan all the way, and she loves helping people, hence her job. Her propensity for kindness something ends up with her getting stepped all over, however. She secretly enjoys rock music. Also, her eyes are drawn uniquely like that because of how much she smiles; it makes her look more cheerful and whatnot. Doctor Holly Winter: Her winter outfit really plays into her pre-existing adorable, doll-like aspects really well, such as the hair and blush. The orange cream gloves and undershirt color coordinate so nicely with the blue and white. Doctor Holly Casual: For when she's not doctoring. Less bright and more subdued than her other outfits, a small little hint at her secret regarding rock music. Note that I draw her with a visible collar here unlike many other characters, because she just doesn't look right without some sort of thing or opening on her front. ------------------------------------------------- And that's everyone! This whole project was very good for me. Not only did it bring everyone's renders up to standard, but it taught me a lot of creative stuff, what with all the outfits I had to think of and draw. So what do y'all think? What's your favorite outfit or something?
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    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Can't wait for the epic gamer moment when they find diamonds.
  11. Linked this to my friend with only the words "Half Life 2 Strider noises" and he fucking lost it: https://youtu.be/FnjhHxfkUSo?t=238
  12. TheOnlyGuyEver

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    I chose on the basis of unlocks that stick to the core of the class while still creating new and interesting facets of play. Scout: -Soda Popper, Bonk, Sandman Soldier: -Direct Hit, Gunboats, Market Gardener Pyro: -Backburner, Detonator Axtinguisher Demoman: -Loose Cannon, Sticky Jumper, Ullapool Caber Heavy: -Brass Beast, Dalokohs Bar, Fists of Steel Engineer: -Frontier Justice, Wrangler, Gunslinger Medic: -Crusader's Crossbow, Kritzkrieg, Amputator Sniper: -Sydney Sleeper, Jarate, Bushwacka Spy: -Diamondback, Your Eternal Reward, Dead Ringer (Red Tape Recorder too if we're allowed)
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    If we only had three weapons per class....

    Only one weapon per slot, criminal.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Holy hell, completely forgot about watching the original all those years ago as a kid until I saw this. Shit came flooding back.
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    TF2 general

    No good news?
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    TF2 general

    Good artists copy, great artists steal.
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    TF2 general

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    Anime Girl Quiz

    Sakura I only recognize like two others.
  19. It's April 3rd this isn't funny anymore guys.

    1. Expresate


      You're april 3rd.

    2. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      gonna have to @ an admin to get this fixed

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    Last night I dreamt I fought a gorilla. My dream of being King K. Rool is reaching fruition. In the dream I was walking home (the area was completely different but I knew I was watching home), and there were a shit ton of monkeys behind this construction site fence, and I pointed them out, and everyone started throwing them food. I continue, minding my own business, and see this solitary gorilla. He must've been angry that everyone was feeding the monkeys and not him, because he fucking jumped the fence and charged me. I sidestepped to avoid it, but he still caught me in his grasp. So now the gorilla and I was in a mortally embracing struggle for survival, I'm trying to break out, he's biting me on the shoulder but it doesn't really hurt, eventually I bust out after a good punch to the jaw. He runs at me again but I miraculously jump over him Halo style. I don't try to fight him head on cause he's a goddamn gorilla, I'm pretty much dancing around him; everyone else is sitting outside a minivan looking at their phones not even bothering to see this shit (some metaphor for our consumerist high-tech society cause I'm an intellectual). This dance of man and ape continues for like 6 minutes until he slips on something and loses sight of me. I take this chance to jump up onto a high sign to avoid his view. It works! He doesn't see me and fucks off. What a dream.
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    The Official Random Image Thread!! SPUF style

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    TF2 general

    2:54 had me fucking rapt. Awesome editing as always; ironically never lazy.
  23. Went to Volcano Bay with my brother today for the first time. Pretty great, would recommend. I was extremely surprised by how well the TapuTapu and the "digital line" system worked; you tap your wristwatch on the pillar outside a ride, and it gives you a wait time. You can only be queued for one wait at a time, but however, during that time you're free to go do whatever the fuck you want, including going on any and all rides which are designated as "ride now" without having to lose your spot in the digital line. You can also go on "enjoy anytime" things, such as the various rivers and pools, which you can enter and exit at your own leisure. The digital line wait times were pretty brief, only being about 20-30 minutes on average, after which you go on ahead to the ride, wait in an actual like for 5-10 minutes, and go. In all, the complete wait time usually ends up being the typical 30, 40, maybe 50 or so minutes that's expected of a park, but the big difference is that for the majority of the wait, you're not actually stuck standing in a line. Even during my longest wait time, which was 80 minutes during the end of the day when we queued for the red tube on the volcano again (the one that sends you down its entirety on a straight drop after dropping the floor out from under you), "ride now" rides were very plentiful and fun, and I was able to ride about 3 of them in the span of my 80 minute wait before going to the volcano. There were also a buncha loquat trees behind some tall concealing bushes on a slope in this one secluded area so I snuck up there and got a lot. Haven't had loquats in years ever since our neighbor's big stupid oak tree starting encroaching on our loquat tree and we had to cut it down even though their tree was the problem.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Did you assume something else was happening?
  25. TheOnlyGuyEver

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I can't see Google Stadia ending up any more successful than Google Glass.