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  1. Yesterday, aabicus updated us on Medical Necessity in the seventh Dev Diary! And today, Medic takes a jab at the price of Prime Access on Warframe!
  2. Medicinal Warlock delves into why he plays Medic! Great summary on the cat and mouse excitement that comes with Medic Loved the SFM shots, particularly the header and the comic sequence for the story. And keep an eye on aabicus's article on the first Magebrawl Tournament, being held today! It'll be updated closer to the event which starts at 3pm PST.
  3. Today, valorsminion gives his thoughts on Blancanieves - A silent film rendition of Snow White. Certainly isn't your average flick, that's for sure. I'm surprised they had the guts to make it a silent film, good on them for trying something unique!
  4. Yesterday, Medic talked on the fear of death and the lengths she'll go to to avoid it! *In games... Today, Medicinal Warlock welcomes back an old friend who we thought was long gone!
  5. Today, Valorsminion peers into Pony Island and learns more about its creation by interviewing the developer! Great article, especially for your first. Nice job and welcome
  6. Medic survives the internet in Jack Box Party Pack 4, mourns the loss of her Anker Gaming mouse, and today, reviews the Black Panther movie!
  7. Medic talks about her recent purchase of the Naru Syandana and the community made Tennogen items!
  8. And here's this weeks dev diary update on Medical Necessity!
  9. Today, Medic talks on low blood sugar and the consequent effects it can have on diabetics.
  10. Today, Medic gives advice on running through two of Warframe's recurring tactical alerts!
  11. Medic covers the new gigantic enemies you can face in the Warframe Shrine of Eidolon update!
  12. Medic shows off the new and improved Specters in Warframe! Shame some frames won't work but at least they look a lot better overall
  13. Here's entry #4 of aabicus's dev diary on Medical Necessity! Adaptive AI, groundwork for the new animation system and better player feedback. Not bad for one weeks work!
  14. Today, Medicinal Warlock covers the importance of satisfaction and feedback of weapons in shooters! It's weird something so important to the experience can occasionally be overlooked. Done right, you'll remember it fondly forever. Done wrong and you'll just be left disheartened and frustrated... Like the tags btw lol