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  1. Today, Medicinal Warlock talks on the topic of representation in games.
  2. Simply DPS, really. The range weakness is rarely there since the majority of the map is cramped and enemies that lose sight of you will chase you down, closing that gap even further and making the pistol even more negligible. I just found (At least in C.A.G.E.D., I loved the pistol in HL1.) that the range advantage of the pistol wasn't worth it since the time to kill is MASSIVELY increased compared to the SMG. Over the course of a fight using the pistol, even against a single opponent, I'd often lose around half my health. Cover would of lessened that if the A.I. didn't seem to automatically fire off an SMG grenade (or throw a normal grenade) the instant you hid behind something. Due to said grenade, you were either instakilled, badly wounded or flushed out of cover and took damage from bullets instead, which is what you would have been taking in the first place if you hadn't run to cover. So it seemed more health effective to intentionally get shot in the face at close range but kill them quickly than to fight at medium range but kill them slowly. Unless you had ammo for the crossbow or grenades, of course. In which case you'd take little to no damage at all. The revolver is decent too but I forgot to mention it in the article... Whoops.
  3. Half and half. First part was the lack of polish on release but they fixed a lot of things in the Spit'n'Polish update. Second was when JonTron was going to guest voice a character and he said something the developers disagreed with on social media so they dropped him. Some people took that as "virtue signalling" and boycotted the game, even though a ) they'd already payed for it and b ) the devs had every right to do so. People just like to be part of a mob for some reason, even over something so small and insignificant.
  4. Funny thing about that is that it was only slightly altered after the community showed off the ridiculous problems having forced values caused, most infamously with Drogoz. The card Lung Capacity made his Fire Spit projectile move faster. Most players would put it on 1/4 power as that increased the speed by 50%, so it moved fast enough to reach the enemy quickly but not so fast it was nigh impossible to hit. With the forced values that meant it now moved at 150% speed. Which meant you could only detonate it point blank, as if you let it fly, your rocket would be too slow to catch up to it. Quality. So instead they just changed the default value to always be 50% faster which is a needless buff they added just to make their stupid system look like it was working. Every card is now just a one trick pony since they can't be altered. (In competitive that is, which is where anyone wanting a half-balanced match will be forced to go.) What's even the point in them having a numeric value in that case?? The split between casual and ranked just grew even more, pros or high ranked players can no longer warm up in casual as they're fundamentally different games now, your highest rated card in casual is now just objectively the best choice which only further kills customisation and play styles, whoever has the higher numbers is just objectively better than their teammates or enemies even if less skilled... I imagine if I sat here long enough I could list everything wrong with the system but it's probably better if I just accept it's dead. What a waste of a great game... Also, yeah I'm going to miss a fair few champions for both their kits and personalities... It's weird thinking that the hilarious, fun-loving, passionate developers who made me fall in love with the game work under the same roof as the gits that forced this change. I bet they're angrier than we are.
  5. Edit: Forgot to link the first part, sorry! - Medicinal Warlock breaks down the system that broke down Paladins. Medicinal Warlock covers the death of Paladins via the introduction of infinite grind. This shit is really depressing. The fact they say they're "committed" to this new Cards Unbound bollocks is ridiculous. Paladins was getting better and better over time but in the most typical Hi-Rez way, they didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they chainsawed their own legs off. Some people are saying "Yeah, but it's only the PTS right now." but they clearly don't want to drop it. I'll be uninstalling even if only a smidgen of this tripe gets through and goes live. Most of the community is reacting the same way we are and are ditching Paladins altogether and instead are jumping over to Battlerite. People say they actually respect their players too so that'll be a nice change at least. I'll give it a shot shortly and see what I think of it... Tribes: Ascend was murdered. Paladins is in the process of being murdered. The only game Hi-Rez hasn't sent to the graveyard yet is SMITE. How much longer I wonder?
  6. In today's article, Medic talks about the hassle of gifting digital games (or their DLC ) in 2017! *sighs* I miss the ease of trading. I still rarely bring up a trade with a friend and then remember at the last second the 15 day crap or the "You haven't been friends long with this person" block. What fun. Also, if you happen to be feeling peckish, Medic's got you covered there as well!
  7. Medic reviews the starter weapons in Warframe! I'd pretty much use nothing but the bow. I only started using another weapon when I could afford the Lex. I feel kinda bad for my skana, it was just decoration for the most part as I always forgot to use it.
  8. Typical it had to happen just as you were turning the tide :/ Why do connection issues always spring up at the pinnacle moment? I know there's no "good" time to have internet issues but sod's law comes to mind.
  9. Medic takes a look at Volt's new fancy skin in Warframe!
  10. Today, Medic touches on one of the most basic fundamentals of writing: spelling. tudays. mdeiks articcle on is spoling,,, sory i hod 2
  11. Today's article is about Ringo the cat and the importance of caring for pets! Glad he's in a good home
  12. *Takes deep breath* Medic: Covers Missing the Bandwagon and generally not being too fussed about the next big thing! Gives advice On Hunting Eidolons in Warframe! Talks about the many music genres she likes! You do you! ...And gives her opinion on the new Justice League film!
  13. Having beaten the Ratchet and Clank remake VERY recently (Six days ago according to the achievement time stamp) I can say that it was fun, but not engaging or interesting. Not only by comparison to the PS2 original but on its own too. I'll probably wind up watching the playthroughs that were suggested since I'm now curious as to what I missed out on... I always wanted my own copy as a kid but only managed to play it in 5 minute random chunks on other peoples consoles. Sad they butchered the soundtrack too, it's just whimsical white noise now. I honestly can't remember a SINGLE track from the reboot. Also (and I'm getting very used to saying this when it comes to Hi-Rez), what now?
  14. Medicinal Warlock takes a shot at the alpha for Apocryph! More fast-paced shooters can't be a bad thing! Hopefully it gets more options down the line like you mentioned. The fog makes it look worse and the slow-mo should be an unlockable cheat or something.
  15. I still can't believe the stats on that thing... I remember when going through the Jungle Update patch notes I read it about three times just to be sure. As soon as I've got my own, the sandvich is gone. Sorry, sandvich, you had a good run.