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  1. [TRS]Janobi

    SPUF is turning 10!

    whoooo 10 years of whining!
  2. [TRS]Janobi

    SPUF Highlander Thread

    That last upward game was fun. Since its in playoffs and all, you guys wanna do a practice sometime in the week? The next map is ashville a KOTH map.PM me on SPUF or IM me if you guy are interested
  3. [TRS]Janobi

    SPUF Highlander Thread

    That was fun, folks actually played and communicated, how come we couldn't do that before? :/I guess the current record is 3-5 SPUF with 2 more week left, till finals. Just 2 more wins!
  4. [TRS]Janobi

    Mods are OP

    no you smell
  5. [TRS]Janobi

    TF2 Celebrity Mix-Up

    Wanna chance to play with robin, notch and other famous celebs?http://tf2mixup.com/page/DonateIt is donation to enter, but all proceedings go to child's play (organization to help children in hospitals) :)
  6. [TRS]Janobi

    OH SNAP GUYS, I just realized...

    Lies your gonna get beat with soap bars and socks now!
  7. [TRS]Janobi

    How can I improve myself (seriously)

    I can ban you and end your miserable SPUF existence
  8. [TRS]Janobi

    Ma Nigga Tyrone

    LOL you guys crack me up.
  9. [TRS]Janobi

    Comm vs. Pros III

    Communities vs Pros III9 community members from TF2 all over vs 6 pro TF2 players. This was a great match! I suggest you guys check it out. Recording:http://www.twitch.tv/extvesports/b/308297434I think SPUF might enter this for next season ;)
  10. Facebook PageSCOUTRocketboy pack for ScoutMEDICMan of Science pack for Medic
  11. [TRS]Janobi

    Guess who's back!

    doooo eett!
  12. [TRS]Janobi

    Ballsiest tf2 thing you've ever done?

    moderate SPUF TF2 forums
  13. [TRS]Janobi

    This forum...

    who let this guy??? >:(
  14. [TRS]Janobi

    Computer is broken

    Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu computer!!!
  15. [TRS]Janobi


    Son of a bitch ship!