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  1. Cheese did the whole "If you won't ban me, I'll be an asshole so you have to ban me" Which I never understood because going to a forum is a voluntary thing. I think he just loved the attention and once we got used to his antics, the attention was no longer there.
  2. In my experience, Windows 10 is fine after you use this: https://github.com/10se1ucgo/DisableWinTracking/releases Deletes a lot of the fluff and junk that's tacked on. New updates will usually undo that, though. They really want to be sure you have the Game Bar on and are using Cortana.
  3. Rammite

    SPUF Refuge Thread

    I think you'd be hardpressed to find anyone here that actively plays TF2 anymore. Still, good to have ya.
  4. Rammite

    SPUF is dead, this time for real

    Got this from Evilbrain: Whoa. I can't believe they finally did it. Huh. So, what do we think of letting them in here? It's pretty darn evident that this place is crazy stagnant - Heck, I don't think I've posted anything in almost a year. Maybe some new blood might help out?
  5. Rammite

    Dota General

    BOSTON MAJOR HYPE AAAAAAA I've been following the Elimination Mode 2.0, some good games. Teams really like bloodseeker, and Sunsfan noted that every team that DC scrimmed against in the past few months has tried Bloodseeker. BS solo safelane, mid, pos 4 jungle roamer, every sort of role. He genuinely thinks it'll be part of the flavor-of-the-tournament.
  6. Man there's just way too many things dying/having health problems this year. Fuck 2016.
  7. And on this day, Caveson learned about vocal minorities and the fact that a political side is composed of more than a dozen people.
  8. I'm more on that boat. The DNC did everything in thier power to get people to like Trump, thinking he would be an easy opponent to beat, and oush off Sanders, because he'd change too much. Debbie Schultz accepted bribe after bribe to ensure that Clinton would win. Untold amounts of voter suppression, media control. Sanders even said he was getting blackmailed. Schultz quit her job as the head of the DNC to be in Clinton's cabinet. She was bought and paid for from the beginning. Trump did what he did and it worked and I'm pissed about that. But I'm equally pissed that there was such deep corruption from the Democrats. It's just truly insane.
  9. Are we all ready for this bullshit to end and for even worse bullshit to begin? AMERICA FUCK YEAaahhh
  10. I'm not a gun nut at all but I still wish Hickock45 was my grandfather or something because he's actually the best.
  11. Rammite

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  12. Rammite

    share your worst jokes

    Thanks for explaining the word "many" to me.
  13. Rammite

    Join our discord server!

    We have quite a lot of people, but we want more! With any luck this will be bustling with activity. https://discord.gg/nSfFVZh If you aren't familiar with discord, it is the chat room we've always wanted, along with a voice channel if the need arises. You can download the desktop client and have it log in on start up and be surrounded by nerds all of the time. That's obviously everyone's favorite thing right The problem with having a community over a forum is how lethargic and slow communications are, so everything is so slow and disconnected. Make an account, join us, and talk about random shit. Anything that comes to mind. I want to hear about your commute or your favorite hard beverage.