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  1. Gold Standard

    Operating System Not Found

    Welp, I got the SATA cable but the damn thing wont show up under devices on my desktop. Help?
  2. Gold Standard

    Operating System Not Found

    alrught, looks like my Hard Drive is in fact borked. How would I go about restoring files?
  3. Gold Standard

    Operating System Not Found

    Thanks Ill take a look at it in a bit and get back
  4. Gold Standard

    Operating System Not Found

    So my laptop (Sony Vaio EC, just about 4 years old) has been acting really weird the last few days. Its been really slow and freezing up for short periods of time. Some days ago I had to restart it, and it started disk checking. Since it was taking too long, I restarted it again and it worked fine, though a bit slow. After that its been really slow and constantly freezing. Sometimes when I restart it I get in, sometimes it crashes on startup, sometimes it displays the message "Operating system not found," and sometimes it goes in disk check, which always ends in BSOD (though I have gotten it to work after one of those). The last time I was in, I tried to system restore, but there were no available restore points. Then it went into another BSOD, and since then, whenever I try to start it it reads "operating system not found." Ok, I get my computer is on its last legs, but is there any way I can temporarily get in/recover my files?
  5. Gold Standard

    In which America cannot be stopped

    Nothing new. Ha! I thought you knew psychology! You should know theres no such thing as freedom.
  6. Gold Standard


    Oops, I misread that "wasnt" as "was" and accidentally repped you. Go ahead and delete that rep for me, will ya?
  7. Gold Standard

    slams mc dunken: pro b-baller(Dota 2 hero)

    Blender probably
  8. Gold Standard

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    [spoiler2] [/spoiler2]
  9. Gold Standard


    The Cornballer Fire Turbo Rockets Tri barrelled Three shot burst Laser guided sight
  10. Keys are 5 refined? Glad I stopped trading months ago
  11. Gold Standard

    Experience points - How do you abbreviate it?

    HP= health (no points) EXP= experience (also no points) fuck points
  12. Gold Standard

    TF2 general

    This moment needs to be imortalized The map was fastlane. My team was red. We were down to the last point, and it was almost capped, too. But I decided to go scout. I took the second point with easy. The midpoint was protected by a lone huntsman sniper, no challenge. The 4th point, too fell to me. I rush to the last and final point. I blaze past a clueless medic. I take his needles, hoping my cap goes through before he can kill me. It didnt and we lost, but it would have been fucking awesome if that ended differently.
  13. Gold Standard

    Crazy Virus

    I'm not downloading a file called "crazy virus"