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  1. Teddster

    SPUF is dead, this time for real

    man, i spent so much time on spuf back in the day. rip.
  2. Teddster

    TF2 general

    tf comics #5 released
  3. Teddster

    TF2 general

  4. Teddster

    Payday General

    if you use HE rounds or a trip mine on the turret it crashes the game gg overkill
  5. Teddster

    Payday General

    another new character who no one else will have lines for, hooray
  6. Teddster

    Payday General

    they probably only released the OVK packs now because people were requesting refunds and they STILL haven't revealed what their bullshit "secret items!" are. fucking hell, overkill
  7. I'm pretty sure I joined early on as well and I remember Guy is the one that gave me the link here thanks guy
  8. Teddster

    Payday General

    http://www.overkillsoftware.com/games/hotlinemiami2/ Jacket confirmed!
  9. Teddster

    Payday General

    You can already do that with Houston.
  10. Teddster

    Payday General

    a minigun, rocket launcher, 20 dollar DLC and basically a shittier version of crimefest 10/10 will complain on reddit and still buy
  11. Teddster

    Payday General

    just got cloak and dagger (kill a cloaker with a knife achievement) be meleeing a cloaker with the shillelagh/clover's stick thing gg ovk
  12. Teddster

    Payday General

    anyone else notice that ghost person haunting the trailer? he's behind Hitler when he shoots himself, in the newspaper's picture of the crowd and in the Diamond's reflection just before Dallas gets shot
  13. Teddster

    TF2 general

    Wow. I expected this update to be disappointing... but this is fucking awful. The video itself was decent, but the update is just terrible. So glad I uninstalled this game now.
  14. Teddster

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    hey fox is the one that gifted me bad rats in the first place, blame him!
  15. Teddster


    you wanna fight, mate