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  1. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    I'm not entirely sure what that says about me that I know exactly who you're talking about.
  2. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    I just miss Win7, going to 10 was a goddamn mistake when I upgraded my PC.
  3. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    I hate Windows 10. Updated yesterday and whatever is in the update doesn't play well with my 1TB HD and it becomes inaccessible. Disk Manager says it's uninitialized and trying to initialize it does nothing, ChkDsk does nothing, updating drivers does nothing, restarting does nothing. The only solution I have is to revert back to the previous version of Windows, which means it wants to update again. Since I can't tell Win10 to just not fucking update I'm having to move all my shit over onto other drives and then look into replacing the 1TB drive.
  4. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I didn't even know you could mod it, but I'm not surprised someone has.
  5. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    Yeah, it does. Most of 'em kinda sorta keep within the Frames "theme", but DeLimbo feels like it's lost the "magic" theme and gone to something completely different. To me, it looks closer to something Sentient related in some aspects. I like it, but it definitely doesn't feel like Limbo. I'm not sure what I'd suggest for him instead, but it sure as hell ain't that.
  6. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    I really just wanted the extra slot. Although I don't think I've even claimed my Ash Prime yet, so if he's already potato'd even that's another bonus. I don't dislike Limbo Deluxe's design, but personally I just think it'd be better off as a new Frame instead of a skin.
  7. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    No Ash Prime for me, at least I already have him.
  8. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    Also Chroma Prime better not require other prime parts for his construction That'd suck hardcore if it did.
  9. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    This is honestly the only problem I've ever had with Win10 so far. It's not the first time one of my HDs has suddenly dropped off my list, and I managed to do something to get it back last time, I just forgot what I did. Trying to initialize the drive Disk Management was talking about was throwing Cyclic redundancy errors, and it was 2:04am so I just said fuck it and undid the update. Unfortunately, I can't just roll back to Win7, 'cause I totally would. But this was a bought copy of Win10 I got when my computer got upgraded and I'm boned as a result.
  10. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    Nezha Deluxe WANT finally got a male frame with some booty. Booban Deluxe is... meh. Nidus Deluxe is badass Titania Deluxe is not bad, but I'm personally not feeling it. Nyx Deluxe is gorgeous Limbo Deluxe is... confusion.
  11. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    I hate Windows 10. Finally let the fucking thing update (my biggest mistake) and suddenly one of my HDs isn't showing up at all, Disk Management was talking about initializing a drive, chkdsk did nothing, so I just rolled back to a previous version and I gotta just.. not let Windows update. Ever. Oy vey.
  12. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    I tried the Relic Pack method when Birb Prime came out, my RNG was utter shite
  13. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    A shame Paragon didn't last, I was pretty interested in it but couldn't play because of my ancient GPU.
  14. Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    Nope! It's just a signifier of what path you took in that quest. It shows up as a badge on your Profile, you can see those badges on other peoples' profile as well. EDIT: Now do Saya's Vigil on Cetus and then talk to Quill Onkko. You'll get your first Operator Amp which makes your Starchild much more useful, Amps act as separate energy pools for your Starchild's attack, so it doesn't consume energy you'd use for Void Mode/Dash or Void Blast. Even the Amp you get for free is a vast improvement over not having an Amp at all. You'll need to have done at least 1 Bounty from Konzu before you can start it, and upon completion will give you the BP for Gara. Then you can pretty much do as you like. The Quills faction will help you get new Amps, but you need to get Sentient Cores to trade in for standing with them. But just having the Mote Amp will make fighting against Sentients and the Shadow Stalker a breeze. Simply getting the Mote Amp is the most important part of finishing War Within because otherwise fighting with Starchild is a pain in the ass due to energy management.
  15. Stackbabbin' Bumscags

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    Wait seriously? Jesus christ