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  1. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    PUBG being one of the nominees for GOTY was stupid as fuck compared to all the other nominees. I mean, it was sitting next to giants like BotW, Odyssey, P5, and Horizon. PUBG has no story to it, just "A whole bunch of people are dropped into this free for all battle royale because reasons" with nothing really groundbreaking, not even visually appealing, not even being the first of its kind. And yet, just because a ton of people play it, it got up there as a nominee for Game of the Year. Also I kinda figured Overwatch was gonna win some award, but it was hilarious to see all the people in chat from Warframe upset about it - to be fair, though, Warframe has been ongoing for a lot longer than Overwatch has, but never had the hype or media attention surrounding it, so it was doomed to lose out to Overwatch.
  2. TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    It is currently 31, but feels like 24, and is supposed to get as low as 21. Georgia's not supposed to get this cold dammit. I mean, Georgia has a winter, unlike 97% of Florida that just has "Not Summer", but even then it usually doesn't get this cold and we've never gotten this much snow in a single day.
  3. TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    Welp, we've had around 8-11 inches of snow. That's all the snow we typically have in a single season in one day. The power went out again at 4am and came back at 7:22, only for it to go out 15 minutes later.
  4. TIAM IV: Guydiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cockmongler

    God damn, we just got like 4 and a half inches of snow here in North Georgia. Knocked the power out for a good 3 and a half hours. Nothing 's frozen just yet.
  5. Warframe

    I don't use Specters much, but I probably should. A friend used an Ancient Healer Specter during a Survival mission and it was pretty nice to have around, sturdy as hell.
  6. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    And to nobody's surprise, Breath of the Wild won this year's Game of the Year award.
  7. TIAM: General Gaming edition

  8. Warframe

    Still an hour until the Game Awards stream, and the Twitch chat has been spammed by Warframe players for at least an hour so far. Opened it in a tab at around 6:30 just in case I didn't get back to my pc, and it was all CLEM, now it's spamming Vor's speech about the keys. I expected nothing and am still disappointed.
  9. Warframe

    I take it you've gotta buy the pack that's got the Volt/Tigris Skin? Blargh.
  10. Warframe

    Was dicking about in Lua to help some friends get Octavia's Chassis, and we found the Agility test (pipe organ room), which we proceeded to fail at for a while until we broke the damn test. Somehow, the first pipe you open after getting launched out of the starting pipes got stuck open, but when you shot the button that was supposed to open that pipe, the pipe closed. While the pipe was open, it wouldn't launch you, though. The Endurance and Agility tests are the only ones I haven't been able to complete yet. :v Maybe I should finally get around to doing the Silver Grove so I can just fly through it.
  11. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    For the most part I think Witty's been playing Warframe lately, haven't seen him play Factorio in a while.
  12. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Didn't Stamda get semi-YouTube popular or something?
  13. Net Neutrality guff

    While most likely well-meaning, Caveson's posts come off as extremely arrogant because he makes a number of assumptions about my life and my family that he claims is from a position of understanding when he doesn't truly understand me or my family. The most egregious of that being the "my parents made almost all the right choices, your parents made almost all the wrong choices", trying to attribute the decisions my mother has made in order to simply keep a roof over our heads and food in the kitchen as "right" or "wrong" without actually understanding and knowing the events that led us to our present situation is insulting and arrogant. His comments comes off as ignorant and arrogant because it seems like he's just willfully ignoring the fact that the economic landscape of the US has changed significantly to the point where it's not that simple to just "work hard" to escape poverty. You can work hard 'till your heart gives out, but there are so many other outside factors beyond your control that will influence whether or not you'll actually be able to make a living for yourself. The article he cited was amazingly arrogant, and the author is just another old white man who honestly thinks that work and marriage are all you need to "join" the middle class. But at this point the damage is done and I'm not interested in keeping this topic afloat any longer. I'm off to go murder a bunch of things in various universes.
  14. Net Neutrality guff

    Wow, Caveson. Just.. wow. The sheer amount of arrogance in your post is absolutely astounding, you honestly think with a post like that I'm ever going to consider for even a fraction of a second confiding in you for anything, or be interested in discussing anything with you? All I can say is congratulations on your blind delusion, I'm sure all those child-less high-school and college graduates with full-time jobs that are still stuck in poverty would love to hear such an inspiring talk.
  15. Net Neutrality guff

    Well, first off, my mother chose to keep me instead of aborting, since she got pregnant at 18, accidents are fun - but I wouldn't really call that something done to "give me a better future", especially since - in a way - keeping me negatively impacted her future. My father is from a family of nurses and doctors - your typical Asian family - so he didn't grow up even remotely poor. My mother was never "poor" but was most certainly not well off either, I think she was squarely in the lower-middle class, not quite poor, but still not enough to sustain a family, especially in today's economy. My parents divorced when I was around 7 or 8 because they weren't happy with their marriage, my mom got custody of me. My father's side of the family kicked the two of us out of the townhome we were living in shortly after, forcing us to move in with my grandparents. It was their townhome, they were certainly within their rights to evict us. My father didn't do much to try and maintain a relationship with me, nor did I actively seek one out when I disliked how he sometimes would treat his then-girlfriend's daughter better than me, eventually I told him I didn't want to see him anymore. I have cut off my father's side of the family entirely, so he's done nothing to "give me a better future" except not be a dick when we needed to file papers allowing me to move out of state as I was still under 16 at the time. My mother's side of the family wasn't particularly there for us much either, aside from when we had to live with my grandparents. I only ever saw my cousins, aunts, and uncles during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and after we moved out of my grandparent's home, that list included my grandparents as well. My mother's side of the family has pretty much let us go since we moved states. The only thing my mother has done to "give me a better future" has been to provide for me as best as she can as she always has, even though it was difficult then, and difficult now that she's providing for me and her disabled fiance, as well as two cats. We have always just gotten by in life, we've never had the opportunity to make any kind of investment into our future. Seeing how I have a possibility of requiring disability in the potentially near future - I am at risk for two kinds of arthritis, and I may already be exhibiting early onset - my prospects for jobs has diminished severely as I cannot be on my feet for more than 2 hours at a time before I need to sit down for a while. These questions aren't hard to swallow, they're just simply the facts of my life, and none of this can be attributed to simple laziness or being unwilling to work. Don't project your family's success story on anyone else, for every anecdote of someone making it big, there are more than plenty to match of someone struggling or just barely getting by in life even though they too work hard and are just as determined, maybe even more.