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  1. Napkin Dust


    I finally got around to finishing Undertale. At least, I finished it in the sense I got my True Pacifist ending and I'm happy.(I may replay it at some point to try and get all the monster names in yellow/see different dialogue for certain things, but that guilt trip, man.) My standards for video games have reached levels that should not exist. 10/10 would erase memory to replay again.
  2. Napkin Dust

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Since my golden Rubick staff from ESL finally sold, I decided to pick up a few games I had my eye on.(And hoard the rest of the money until the eventual troll set, please Valve) Undertale. After hearing much hype and counter hype I decided to get it. Did a bit of the beginning, fought Toriel, felt bad and closed the game. Haven't gone back to it yet, because.. Blood Bowl 2. How did I not notice Chaos was an available team. Who cares about the ball, bash them down the pitch. I took a break from some awful rng(why are there so many double skulls being rolled, please) and played.. Darkest Dungeon. Why is this game so stressful, jesus christ. At least bad luck loses the ball/turnover in Blood Bowl, in DD someone just dies. Week 6/7 and already have about 7 in the graveyard.
  3. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    I don't think I mentioned it, but I went to ESL One New York! One good thing to come from living in Jersey. Only Saturday though, as New York two days in a row is a bit much. Despite the stream apparently being full #productionvalue and awful, the event was really fun in person! The crowd was huge and very hype. The wait in the Secret Shop line was longer than respawning after getting Reaper's Scythe'd after buying back, but I got a golden Bloodseeker Demihero out of it.(and some other cool stuff) Went to the pubstomp as well, and the food was great, the drinks were good, and the bit of Smash I saw was salty. 10/10 would New York during horrid weather again.
  4. Napkin Dust

    subSPUF 10v10

    1.6k hours, no solo because I'm a kitten(my unranked are starting to get High Skill though), 3k party. Disgusting Troll picker. If you guys still need another nerd.
  5. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    Lvl 61 Compendium, opened my two chests. First one, got the Disruptor immortal. Not bad, I love that hero. Second chest, I got the Void Immortal(alright I guess), the bonus SF Immortal(I don't play this hero but man is it sexy), and the Golden Basher Blades. With Inscribed Buildings Killed. Time to learn how to play AM.(Better than I already do, at least) I traded the SF immortal with a close friend for the Sven one(I'm no trading guru), so I can start my Wall cosplay.
  6. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    In one of my games last night I was playing Troll(we were stacked with a new friend trying a new hero, so we had to make sure to carry hard and I love that hero) and I was: Nether Striked, Aghs Echo Salamied, and Refresher double Ravaged. I felt the hate. I deserved the hate. I made sure to taunt after my rampage. (I had aegis and their team was lacking in disables aside from ES.)
  7. Oh hey, the Compendium awards are out, wonder if- holy shit a comic.

    1. Grobag


      Enigma's scary as fuck

    2. <Witty Name>

      <Witty Name>


      don't be racist towards the black hole guy

  8. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    I've had the pleasure of doing 5v5 mid Kunkka. Highlights included someone yelling "I'M DROWNING" once we all reached level 2 and had skilled torrent. One poor pirate gets hit by one, then another, and another, while his allies try and defensive torrent. The amount of water flying around was too damn high.
  9. Napkin Dust

    we media now

    TryMike's music choice for his videos are always amazing.
  10. Napkin Dust

    Dota Scoreshot thread

    Is that the Randy Butternubs(of Draskyl stream), or just an imposter? considering they played clockwerk, it might be the real deal
  11. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    At first I only wanted to buy the compendium for the inevitable and wonderful desert map. Then I saw the Immortals and the dream(of my wallet) was dead. I got the Luna(ew), Pugna(eh), SB(YES), and Mag(alright) Immortals. I'll happily give away one of them(sans SB) once they're tradeable for that Huskar helm. Kreygasm But with the prizepool going at mach speed, who are the heroes you hope get Immortals in chests II and III? I'm hoping for Abba, Bristle, WK, and Silencer. Troll too.
  12. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    6.84 is out in main client. First Game: We lost, but tons of new items were bought. Our pugna who bought Guardian Greaves Kreygasm'd in the mic every time he used them. As we huddled in the fountain, everyone bought mangos and dropped them to admire the adorable model. Second Game: We won! Our Alch farmed aghs for the whole team(SS,WK(me),Tiny, Ench was the order he gave them out) Lotus Orb is very good vs Tinker and the cancer that is Adaptive Strike Morph. WK's aghs also affects him, so you get an extra 5 seconds after your 2nd(or 3rd or 4th) death. It let me get a nice stun on the enemy phoenix that contributed greatly to winning the game. Third Game: I picked Kotl. We had a PL. I felt dirty. Not much else to say. we of course won I can't wait to be a filthy Ursa spammer
  13. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    http://gfycat.com/UnfinishedTatteredAplomadofalcon Who needs Pit Lord when you have this? I'm ready for people to be yelling "Eat me! Eat me!" whenever i play Lifestealer with aghs.
  14. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    http://www.dota2.com/684/ *heavy breathing* Looks like I'm buying some Alchemist items. Kappa
  15. Napkin Dust

    Dota General

    I tried the spooky lifestealer build. While the game wasn't the best out-of-the gate 4th position jungle lifestealer(I was more of a pos 3), it was rather amusing. Got 4 kills out of it total, and would have gotten a double kill at one point if there wasn't an axe nearby. The enemy team had a Clinkz, so it was even better. 1.Bring dust 2.Clinkz has like 400 hp because no ult buff 3.He ults your creep 4.Spook mode engaged 5. > Nice The bonus lifesteal from HotD(at least I think it stacks) actually saved me from being bashed to death by their Spirit Breaker(and I killed him because LS still destroys strength heroes). All in all, would try again.