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  1. John Caveson

    TF2 general

  2. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm upset he faked his death, but I'm also impressed he got away with it for 3 whole years. Longest respawn time ever. I actually never noticed this before, huh. >tfw you fake your death to get the Axtinguisher buffed 9000 IQ plays. Next, Stabby fakes his death to get the DR and Amby buffed. Seems like a winning strategy.
  3. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    It's my headcanon that he died, went to hell, the devil watched his YT vids and went "Nope.avi" and brought him back.
  4. Just roll with it and embrace your inner Patrick Stewart.
  5. Sakurai Thanos. It just goes with everything.
  6. Heretic! We all know Kwanza is the most wonderful time of the year.
  7. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I guess ol' Gabe is getting a lil senile. Wily is bullshit, that is, until you realize it's made trivially easy with Lucas. Since Megaman is essentially Projectiles: The Fighter, you just spam Down B, heal all your damage, find an opening to attack, gain your FS, repeat until all of the Megas are dead, then btfo "Wily" like the bitch he is, just like the games. Honestly, I found more of the Ace level fights to me more bullshit than the Legend fights, (though this could be because of bias since there a lot more Ace fights than Legends). For example, the one where you fight 1v3 against a team of beam sword wielders on the Kalos Region stage was hair-pulling for me. To me, something like that one was harder than the fight against "The Boss", a Legend Spirit. Because while The Boss was super tough, it was a lot more fair than most. The only hazard being a poison floor, and her defense going up early in the fight. other than that it was just a straight up 1v1 Stamina FD fight. Took every trick I could think of, but finally managed to spike her with Kirby's Up B. Generally speaking I find that if it's 1v3+ on a Legend or Ace class, you're going to have a bad time.
  8. I only drink water and juice, really. I hate the taste of alcohol no matter how much you try to sweeten it, and I don't like the feel of carbonation going down my throat so soda its out of the question.
  9. John Caveson

    TF2 general

    That trailer is a gift from God.
  10. John Caveson

    TF2 general

    Guys, I think I have officially beaten TF2.
  11. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Guys, I found the new tier list.
  12. Well let's just say I deal with nuts and bolts all day. So I thought this year it would be rather fitting something more...mechanical-themed.