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  1. tfw redhead on St. Patrick's Day
  2. TF2 general

    Fucking gold.
  3. TIAM: General Gaming edition

  4. TIAM: General Gaming edition

  5. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    It's still fun as always. In other Valve news: Top 10 Anime Crossovers
  6. TF2 general

    Hey man, sometimes the President just walks in on niggas playin' the virtual realities to give them medals. What's a brotha to do?
  7. ITT Post Virtual Youtubers

    I, for one, welcome our new 2D waifuu AI overlords.
  8. TF2 general

    *cough* *cough*
  9. Damn shitposters. They probably have no life. They're all alike.
  10. Official happy new year 2018 thread

    Happy (belated) New Year! Spent my weekend at my cousins and did the Polar Bear Dip, so I wasn't around a network at the time. As far as New Year's Resolutions go, I may be crazy, but cut down on gaming. Specifically, games that are huge time-sinks (a.k.a. most multiplayer-only games) and use that time to become more productive with my life. I might have to sacrifice more things along with that, but baby steps.
  11. ITT We Appreciate Good Video Game Music

    I like the little animation in this one.
  12. TF2 general

    Was completing a contract when I got into a game with this guy: The dropped weapon swapping mechanic finally paid off.
  13. Eh, someone's gotta support our local stores. Especially this time of year.