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  1. John Caveson

    TF2 general

    Legendary achieved,I'm on the home stretch.
  2. I'm more or less just farming to get my G. Pan to Hales Own (currently >200 kills to Legendary), after that I might drop off a bit. But I do still occasionally play with Captain Blades* and his gang, as well as old buddies from FastCo. when the opportunity presents itself. Still a fun game though. *He goes by "General Kaiga" now What did you just say to me you little bitch!? I- Oh, ok no wor- ......
  3. John Caveson

    TF2 general

    Wait, what about Poker Night 1? Can you still get that one?
  4. John Caveson

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation Thread

    First Mario Kart 8, now Smash. Is Isabelle becoming the Koopalings of Animal Crossing? Anywho, not really surprised, half-expected more like. I'm beginning to wonder if the Skull Kid rumors are legit now. Still kind of disappointed in the smash content though, Was hoping to find out about the blurred out game-mode from the last direct. Hopefully there will be one more in November or something. Along with of course a new fighter or two. I really don't like the idea of the last reveal being a half-clone. Dec. 7th me dude.
  5. >tfw you are delayed to get to work from two accidents, yet it didn't matter anyway because your company's systems were down so you couldn't service anyone anyway for a good half day wondering if you'll be sent home early or not from lack of available tasks for you to do
  6. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  7. John Caveson


    I love the comments on this one. God I can't wait until Doom Eternal.
  8. John Caveson

    Anime General Discussion

  9. Well, I thought it was wedged pretty good between my leg and the seat, but we got to a slow corkscrew, so centrifugal force lost out to gravity and well, you know the rest. I just cracked up when I saw it just all nice and safe on the netting. The guys working the ride managed to push it out into a tray. All in all, I got extremely lucky there.
  10. >TFW your phone slips from your pocket on a roller coaster... >....but somehow lands on a safety net right at the exit completely unharmed
  11. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Aaaand there are already Konky Dong memes from the trailer. Just as I predicted.
  12. John Caveson

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation Thread

    So I suppose we can let go of the idea that this is a Sm4sh port now, finally? I already pre-ordered after seeing E3, but goddamn Sakurai, you just want me to suck you off or something. The only thing left they could announce that would hype me up anymore than I already am would be a story mode sort, at the very least a Melee style Adventure Mode. It doesn't have to be on the scale of SE, any sort of story-like mode, I'd be happy with that. Oh and as far as fighters go: Ken (Ryu echo) Goku (even though he's already in Drangonball FighterZ and Jump Force, but fuck it) Rayman (Remember the fake leak for Sm4sh? Let's actually make it happen for this game) Banjo Kazooie If they announce that in the final Direct, it will be the perfect 11/10 smash game for me hands down.
  13. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    They went down along with Refined metal after people kept on jacking up Key prices (and still kinda are). I too am just tempted to throw a couple bucks for em just to wear. Hell, might as well go full ye olde trader look and get Bills Hat and a Gentlemann's Service badge.
  14. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Hehe, yea, twice..... >.> <.<
  15. John Caveson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Same here. > Gets added by [INSERT GURL GAMER BOT NAME HERE] > Looks back at golden pixels > Me: