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  1. Ah. I see the Americans of SubFSPF are finally biting back against bigotry. Can't argue with that. Just don't overdo it, or you'll end up like we did; Political Correctness abound.
  2. TheKigYarGamer

    Turns Out There Are Sandy Hook "Truthers"

    Is it odd that the first thing that caught my attention about this is that 'truther' doesn't make any grammatical sense?
  3. TheKigYarGamer

    Fallout TV Series?

    Sounds interesting to me. As long as they don't randomly make it an anime like they did with Halo, more power to them.
  4. He won't. We both know this. But hey, I don't care. And if he ever talks about cleaning, I actively encourage him to use the word 'scrubbing' instead. It sounds more interesting.
  5. TheKigYarGamer

    Senior Prom Users Forums

    I'm going to imagine the doorbell literally went 'Ding dong'.
  6. TheKigYarGamer


    I doubt it. I can only hope the regular Pokemon are badass enough to redeem them. Maybe there'll finally be a Poison/Dragon type, or some other unusual combination done well.
  7. TheKigYarGamer


    Well, your images appear to have given me the opposite impression. My hopes remain low.
  8. TheKigYarGamer

    Yer 1007

    Dishonoured. That'd be terrific if my Xbox wasn't on the verge of total breakdown.
  9. TheKigYarGamer


    I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the legendaries. If your description is correct, well... let's just say my current impression of it is not good at all.
  10. TheKigYarGamer


    You're kidding, right?
  11. TheKigYarGamer


    Are X and Y the actual titles or are they just placeholders, as they are in mathematics?
  12. TheKigYarGamer


    More Pokemon? I think we have enough at the moment, to be honest. And they probably will make RSE remakes eventually. I guess they just decided not to do it now since they already used up their second double-game slot for this generation. The only thing they could possibly do now is remake Emerald, and ONLY Emerald, and nobody wants that (except me of course. It'd be mighty convenient not to have to do trading and all that bull just to get certain 'version-exclusives').
  13. TheKigYarGamer

    Left 4 Dead 2

    I think it would work very well if you had the original Molotov at your disposal. Seriously though, this statement is very much correct, provided the fire can harm you and your teammates as well. Can it?
  14. TheKigYarGamer

    Psudo-Hypothetical: SPUF game.

    When you say 'empty sprite sheets', does that basically mean you want someone to make you a whole sprite?
  15. TheKigYarGamer

    Psudo-Hypothetical: SPUF game.

    I have an idea. How about we all simultaneously (or as simultaneous as possible) post our first instinctual ideas for a story, and the best one gets to develop it and write it?