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  1. fellas, did oldSPUF ever have an Archmage MC as one of its posters? I ran into a dude named that in a 2fort server the other day and it sounded familiar + he carried a lot of the bizarre cynical elitism a lot of the old SPUFians carried

    1. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      Yeah I definitely remember a name like that from SPUF.

    2. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      I remember... Billymage? Was a real elitist even then. Mighta been him. I definitely remember some guy with mage and MC in his name that was like that, though.


      Out of curiosity, what exactly did he say that made you say that?

    3. General DeGroot

      General DeGroot

      you're thinking of BLK_mage_ctype I think, apparently he watches DSP because i saw his name in a donation once
      it wasn't particularly one thing, it was his overall vocabulary, the choice of words matched up real well

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